Pronunciation of Sympathetic
/sˌɪmpəθˈɛtɪk/, /sˌɪmpəθˈɛtɪk/, /s_ˌɪ_m_p_ə_θ_ˈɛ_t_ɪ_k/

Antonyms for sympathetic

de finite, un-stoppable, un social, badtempered, un compliant, nowhere, aversive, most asunder, most uncool, the lowest, more frigorific, more compacted, most splenetic, hard-as-nails, more stony-eyed, de pressing, most nipping, more hard headed, un-favorable, in effectual, un emotional, lowdown dirty, un-welcoming, ill-tempered, illdisposed, in distance, in-sentient, cruel, drafty, de-generate, more bearish, in terminate, below freezing, in-sensible, more brick-wall, Perseverant, un worried, in famous, pitiless, more frost-bound, below zero, un yielding, in-curious, in delicate, more sleeted, un compassionate, in tense, un-happy, rimier, far off, narrow-minded, un broken, hardened, selfcentered, in sensitive, more stiff-necked, Hard-hearted, unfriendly, frorer, like death taxes, most proletarian, most uncurious, hard as nails, more wind swept, more hard as nails, in sensate, more contemning, more niggard, most unashamed, un-perturbed, more ungenial, cold-shoulder, head-strong, low-down and dirty, most unloving, more partitioned, uneager, bearish, out of reach, more stony-hearted, un-ashamed, set stone, more murder, most iced, neglectful, cold hearted, more inured, most repudiating, most ironhanded, re solute, irreverent, dis-united, un-ending, more chilled, more disjoined, un friendlier, dis approving, second class, un susceptible, case hardened, most unsocial, in different, un accompanied, un-kind, un-tamed, beastlier, brick-wall, most brumal, most standoff, more standoff, snide, Wreakful, most isolate, neverending, un-worried, hard core, most spleenful, dis-honorable, un-friendliest, beastliest, un impressed, liverish, more unloving, more avenging, weather beaten, indifferent, in background, in decorous, un deviating, brutal, more aversive, algid, Oppugnant, Hard-headed, most day and night, more unabated, brutish, out of earshot, Difficile, in-elegant, disagreeable, more isolate, wanton, Interminate, Half-hearted, stonyeyed, bigoted, uncompassionate, un-bothered, most bulldogged, most casehardened, un ceasing, most bad natured, hard shell, un ruffled, most telescopic, hard boiled, in for long haul, sleetier, dont give a damn, inhumane, frostbound, out earshot, in sensible, more hard-as-nails, incessant, uncolored, vicious, greeneyed, unaroused, more siberian, unsympathetic, more took, un varnished, oppressive, inter-minable, most avenging, what hell, un-pleasant, in sticks, small-minded, in significant, most inhuman, un-refined, poker faced, un perturbed, more stony eyed, unforgiving, more coldshoulder, most disapproving, more stonyeyed, re served, separated, ungentle, more nipping, remorseless, pennypinching, dis agreeable, more wind-swept, un-populated, un submissive, immovable, ignorant, grim, un willing, laidback, more insociable, un-abated, in human, most brickwall, in-flexible, un kinder, more apart, more brutish, hang in, stuckup, un-touched, hardboiled, unsociable, locked in, most bearish, in the distance, most insociable, un-committed, most siberian, un tutored, more sequestered, monstrous, un caring, in-tenser, hawkish, most stiffnecked, most indurate, demoniac, be numbed, anti, chill, mingy, callous, middle nowhere, most scorched, most killer, single minded, more unsubmissive, hard hearted, most unwelcoming, ex-posed, un-civilized, arctic, re-vengeful, un sheltered, hardbitten, self centered, venomous, more refrigerated, in humane, couldn't care less, out range, in-human, most frost-bound, un-cultured, un ashamed, Uncompanionable, most ill disposed, antagonistic, most demoniac, more hang tough, illtempered, most hard-as-nails, more unimpassioned, more illdisposed, stony-eyed, hardshell, un-genial, more undeviating, in tolerable, most toplofty, hardnosed, more ill disposed, in tractable, un distinguished, un sympathetic, more unbroken, tyrannical, hoitytoity, more hangtough, most uncompanionable, un-accompanied, de forested, don't give a damn, more bulldogged, ill mannered, in-tractable, most hiemal, non discriminatory, more ironhanded, more stiffnecked, sleetiest, untroubled, thickskinned, most afar, cold, in-sociable, most unbothered, pre pared, de spiteful, in-sensate, most cold-shoulder, not home, with drawn, rimiest, most wolfish, more antarctic, most loosened, most aversive, un sociable, bulldogged, un natural, singleminded, abusive, antarctic, tigerish, like bad penny, de generate, most toughened, unstoppable, repugnant, chilled bone, most unimpressed, most high and mighty, more poker-faced, most hard-hearted, more hatchetjob, most cold shoulder, non-stop, wimpiest, Ferine, malevolent, un committed, more toughened, steely, de-finite, tight-fisted, un-troubled, un-happier, un troubled, re strained, untutored, un-affected, nasty, un-deviating, most hawkish, more tight-fisted, more windswept, un cultured, un-flagging, in-hospitable, hang-tough, fellest, more bureaucratic, more unrepenting, most impliable, in flexible, more case hardened, un-caring, more toplofty, most stonyeyed, more deforested, more repudiating, most indurated, dis joined, unwelcoming, un-eager, cold-blooded, in-tense, un happier, up-hill, more proletarian, most murder, most unworried, heavy handed, unkindly, antipathetic, re tired, in-solent, malignant, relentless, un touched, un feeling, unsubmissive, un-broken, hangtough, removed, out-lying, more case-hardened, most illdisposed, more grudging, be-numbed, un-concerned, un-compromising, un compromising, coldblooded, more unworried, hatchetjob, dis connected, frost bound, inharmonious, most apportioned, cut apart, un kind, up-pity, in elegant, most untutored, un concerned, most blasting, matter-of-fact, un-kindest, put airs, putting airs, formal, uphill battle, more demoniac, brickwall, more hard-headed, secondclass, more shivering, scrimpiest, scrimpy, out of it, most deforested, dont give damn, un-civil, most bureaucratic, un-appeasable, most iron fisted, Over-bearing, more unbothered, un relieved, un appeasable, in attentive, unaffectionate, non-emotional, in terminable, un responsive, most immobilized, out lying, more hard hearted, day-and-night, thick skinned, detached, un-yielding, most chilled, un merciful, more high-and-mighty, case-hardened, in curious, most badnatured, lowborn, more down at heel, more steeled, dis-inclined, stern, un-congenial, impartial, Stony-hearted, most day-and-night, more unwelcoming, bestial, un polished, unharmonious, wolfish, unimpassioned, un-pitying, most case-hardened, un-happiest, more impliable, pre-pared, top-lofty, dis courteous, more iron-fisted, anti pathetic, stiff-necked, most contemning, most brick-wall, un-shakable, most case hardened, un eager, un involved, more evil, farflung, more nonemotional, matter of fact, most consolidated, un-ruffled, more unashamed, Algific, more liverish, un-charitable, dis jointed, dis-liking, un-restrained, more sundered, most hard headed, more poker faced, most above, draggy, dis honorable, un-submissive, un civilized, un swayable, dis liking, un flinching, most nonemotional, more ill-disposed, dis interested, frost-bound, brick wall, in-tensest, more uncool, dis-passionate, most unstoppable, Insociable, un-kinder, most liverish, cold blooded, out it, most toilful, bad tempered, most unrepenting, half hearted, wimpy, un-remitting, undemonstrative, un pleasant, ill disposed, Disliking, most gelid, un juster, low down dirty, in disposed, un repenting, ravening, far flung, cool cat, more immalleable, most yonder, in-exorable, bad-natured, un pitying, most stony-hearted, un scrupulous, coldshoulder, bound determined, most brutish, one-dog night, more despising, most unaroused, more uneager, un companionable, unconcerned, un bending, more immobilized, more stony hearted, more algific, weatherbeaten, incongruous, unapproachable, most difficile, most stony-eyed, more high and mighty, most algid, dis-approving, laid back, more ferine, in-sensitive, un kindest, in-delicate, most ill-disposed, have goose bumps, two-dog night, more uncolored, hateful, inconsiderate, top lofty, poker-faced, twodog night, toucher, most despising, implacable, in-decorous, more brumal, most oppugnant, unrelenting, re vengeful, un approachable, most bulldozed, injurious, un friendly, more unaroused, in-direct, most undeviating, heavy-handed, most stony hearted, retaliatory, aloof, dis-crete, more bad-natured, deforested, in clement, most hyperborean, in-effectual, un cool, undeviating, chilled to the bone, un-approachable, stop at nothing, anti-pathetic, Unpassioned, un communicative, most apart, like death and taxes, unsocial, one dog night, un wavering, stuck up, re-strained, un-friendlier, cool, more nowhere, hurtful, Sleeted, un colored, more wolfish, unpopulated, most down-at-heel, out reach, unyielding, chilled the bone, un-distinguished, un-forgiving, most windswept, more toilful, in the sticks, evilminded, icy, more blighted, most numbing, windswept, un-impressionable, ungenial, un-couth, rough, over bearing, stony hearted, in-terminate, icebox, up hill, un-prejudiced, unfeeling, most steeled, solitary, severe, more brick wall, iced, most numbed, most divorced, ex acting, more divorced, most sequestered, un-merciful, un-impressed, de-solate, un-moved, most ironfisted, arm length, thoughtless, un abated, having killer instinct, more stiff necked, un-compliant, dis crete, un-impassioned, more difficile, illmannered, most hard hearted, draggier, un happiest, badnatured, most tigerish, toplofty, more disassociated, dis-courteous, most ravening, most sundered, in hospitable, un-responsive, ill-disposed, un aroused, hard headed, un deniable, un civil, un-demonstrative, mean machine, in temperate, most disliking, ruthless, most uneager, middle of nowhere, steeliest, most severed, most frostbound, more asunder, un-tutored, painful, don't give damn, in-tolerable, most icebox, wind-swept, in-escapable, tight fisted, evil minded, un stoppable, down-at-heel, most unswayable, raw, unthinking, killer instinct, re-served, chilly, dis-connected, two dog night, more badnatured, dis united, unperturbed, emotionless, most frigorific, calm, dead set on, wide of, hard line, no going back, un-aroused, un-flinching, dissimilar, blind to, unwilling, un-washed, frorest, un-biased, uncurious, most unpopulated, unsparing, un prejudiced, impersonal, dis-jointed, more cussed, un tamed, most tight fisted, more untutored, un genial, un washed, more indurated, most tight-fisted, hackest, un-conscious, more unpopulated, stiffnecked, most cussed, un impassioned, un ending, most unsubmissive, un faltering, more down-at-heel, un-enthusiastic, unmoved, most hatchetjob, strictly business, un bothered, dis tasteful, in-clement, un couth, un justest, impassive, savage, un-communicative, un biased, Impliable, more scouting, unworried, un-gracious, un-sheltered, un enthusiastic, low down and dirty, un-susceptible, unkind, most refrigerated, un demonstrative, re-mote, more scorched, un congenial, most blighted, stony eyed, heavyhanded, un-friendly, distant, uncharitable, inhuman, more uncompanionable, more cold shoulder, most toneless, averse, onedog night, un-cultivated, lowdown and dirty, more toneless, in-humane, hoity toity, more cold-shoulder, ill natured, Toilful, barbarous, un-justest, ironfisted, most antarctic, vindictive, un loving, un remitting, frigorific, un propitious, un-compassionate, un relenting, dis passionate, uncaring, non-partisan, un just, more iron fisted, more gelid, most iron-fisted, anesthetized, more unstoppable, iron fisted, touchest, never ending, more apportioned, mingier, un affected, most backbiting, disdainful, most disjoined, un welcoming, in-disposed, hiemal, draggiest, un-feeling, un-juster, niggard, dis inclined, unhappy, bureaucratic, non partisan, dis-agreeable, frore, in-attentive, unloving, stop nothing, low-down dirty, un sparing, most partitioned, most wind-swept, more blasting, in boonies, most wreakful, Casehardened, tough, with straight face, most brick wall, draftier, heartless, telescopic, spiteful, round the clock, constant, un interested, dis-joined, un movable, most poker-faced, most hard as nails, un-sympathetic, more afar, toneless, uncalledfor, un gracious, un-interested, in the background, un-natural, day and night, un forgiving, most hang tough, inclement, in-accessible, most anti, un-sparing, more emancipated, un-sociable, un refined, un-connected, with-drawn, far back, frigid, un-wavering, more unimpressed, hard, more disunited, put on airs, more casehardened, un-swayable, most hangtough, most coldshoulder, chilled to bone, un-scrupulous, hell bent on, re tiring, un-faltering, harder, unabated, in direct, most unimpassioned, un-willing, ironhanded, re-moved, un-relenting, harsh, most algific, more ravening, most stiff necked, un impressionable, re-solute, more unswayable, more unsocial, more indurate, in sociable, most stony eyed, un-emotional, Unrepenting, un cultivated, more perseverant, more hang-tough, having a killer instinct, most unbroken, in exorable, go for broke, down at heel, un mannerly, without pity, in-terminable, re-tiring, mean, uncool, re moved, dis associated, up pity, more disliking, un happy, most ferine, more uncurious, unenthusiastic, more killer, un-relieved, un-bending, more frostbound, merciless, ferocious, most sleeted, more anesthetized, most ungenial, un charitable, dis-embodied, more wreakful, illnatured, un-cool, more hard-hearted, unsentimental, in escapable, more severed, un sophisticated, un-deniable, stoical, steelier, dis-tasteful, un friendliest, most unpassioned, most poker faced, unswayed, hard bitten, un favorable, more ironfisted, more lowborn, more frost bound, de solate, un-loving, more compressed, more retaliatory, in-different, in solent, hard nosed, un-mannerly, most hard-headed, most unabated, most immalleable, most nowhere, un-just, dis-associated, more hawkish, more hiemal, most disassociated, most uncolored, ex posed, un-ceremonious, un-companionable, de-pressing, de-forested, numb, nondiscriminatory, un-involved, more consolidated, more loosened, in accessible, more yonder, dis-interested, arms length, stiff necked, most inured, un conscious, un-movable, more numbed, un-social, nonemotional, ex-acting, most lowborn, un interrupted, more parted, in tenser, stubborn, more anti, more tigerish, bleak, un populated, non emotional, malicious, couldnt care less, most nondiscriminatory, dis embodied, more bad natured, in-temperate, de-spiteful, more away, most anesthetized, unashamed, deaf to, unimpressed, draftiest, most hang-tough, more unpassioned, most grudging, brumal, uninterested, beyond range, having no use for, un-repenting, un-curious, most compressed, frozen over, coldhearted, a piece, de sert, hostile, set in stone, inexorable, un-varnished, more persisting, on ice, bad natured, most bad-natured, de-sert, hard-bitten, more brickwall, un curious, most stiff-necked, Iron-fisted, mingiest, most disunited.