Take away

Pronunciation of Take Away
/t_ˈeɪ_k ɐ_w_ˈeɪ/, /tˈe͡ɪk ɐwˈe͡ɪ/, /tˈe‍ɪk ɐwˈe‍ɪ/

Antonyms for take away

totaled, plowed back in to, hanged down, interpolate, build in, inter-posed, took care of, foot bill, stack up, are instrumental, Prefixed, in corporates, de-voted, does honors, tacking on, sat down, sub scribes, putting in, dis-burse, haddest forty winks, opened up, go out in front, re paid, intercalates, bringing forward, hooking up, encourage, art pendent, re aching, slapping on, bring forward, paves way, un loads, de livers, hitched up, swear in, sweetening kitty, un veiling, overvalue, sprung with, Victualed, re-commending, make fast, neaten, exalt, pre faces, in state, didst bit, hadst means for, ex tending, taking care of, be stow, persevere, be-quest, did the honors, giving in trust, preside over, de-posits, impart, hooks up, ex-pend, end owed, in-vest, sitting on, clean, de votes, leading in to, paved the way, buying into, plunk down, multi-plying, inter posed, pro cured, care for, invest with, swears in, install, bequesting, kicks off, hitch up, sit down, doing ones bit, inter-lacing, doth honors, work in, de livered, pro visioning, put in two cents, re-pay, out lay, pre ceding, pro-cure, inter-pose, gat the act, heated up, in fixes, take care of, start, art able to, doest bit, innovate, re-commended, does bit, in-lays, taking over, resulted in, out-fitted, pre-facing, pay up, introduce, in vest, owe, lead in to, Shepherded, in sinuating, laying on one, catnapped, set down, spring for, brought forward, up-holds, stick together, protect, hanged up, pro duce, opening up, gat the jump on, doeth honors, be stowed, is pendent, didst honors, in-sinuating, laying one, picked the tab, in sinuates, meet, in letting, paving the way, give introduction, fingering in the pie, sub scribed, doth one's bit, vest in, ex tended, lending a hand, supplement, re adies, pro-cured, paving way, Drowsed, shoring up, stand up for, mis spending, signing up with, Sharks, dis-burses, do honors, parting with, invested with, gets in to, pro-vided, de voting, remain, laying on, spring with, pre paring, gotten in the act, in-letting, order, slap on, in creases, Interjaculate, gets the act, Harbingering, sub join, drop off, in-corporates, in laying, lendleased, get, come through with, all owed, in-ducting, pays up, re commending, suspend, de-livering, gotten into, got the jump on, in vent, in-sinuates, super-vised, be-questing, goes out front, doth bit, did ones bit, in fix, look after, de-tailed, be disposed to, in-stilled, inset, dodge, fail, in-creases, had hand in, de-posit, Mooting, sub joins, organize, dis-posing, was instrumental, total, hang up, got jump on, inter lacing, mounting up to, in-vent, jazzing up, being disposed to, knocking down, re pose, presided over, lumps together, out-laid, in stilling, innovates, re plenish, re-plenishing, doze off, in-laid, gets act, conates, fleshed out, enthrones, be-stow, brings forward, doing one's bit, setting forth, dost ones bit, in stalling, un veiled, intercalate, de tailing, be-quested, are conducive, hadst forty winks, hooks on, pro vision, enthroning, hanging down, run in to, gets in the act, dis-posed, construct, re paying, signs on with, allow, vests in, lend-leased, became associated with, un load, sub scribe, moots, respect, out-lay, inter-jaculate, in fuses, dis burses, anteing up, doth one bit, super-vise, pre-ceded, lendlease, signs on, having forty winks, getting things rolling, re-adies, pre-vailed, in-vented, adds fuel fire, de liver, fetch, coadunated, re pay, pay attention, begin, sub-scribed, in-states, in lays, in-venting, paved way, got the act, grow, pyramidding, wast conducive, gave in trust, fixt with, does one bit, be quests, up grade, under-lined, hadst the means for, coming across with, lend hand, de-posited, evotes, pay down, re warded, hang down, de-livers, coadunating, ex-tends, tacked on, pre-vail, in stilled, vesting in, in-stalled, chimes in, re ached, free, signing up, prop up, rings up, fingering pie, increase, un-veils, be conducive, promote, ran things, inter lope, fingers in pie, misunderstand, sticks together, had a hand in, de-clines, standing up for, tagged on, did one bit, picked up the tab, inter mix, buy into, dam, evoting, in-lay, inter-mixing, lend-leases, out fits, bought in to, de vote, picks up tab, trail-blaze, usher in, enriches, dis pose, come, latches onto, start ball rolling, pre-fixing, multi-plied, get things rolling, getting in the act, gave with, end-owed, pro-curing, sate in on, Provisioned, run things, signing with, delegate, laud, de-pended, running into, in-laying, buy in to, fell away, un-veiled, load, dis burse, get act, de-positing, lend-leasing, doest the honors, outlaying, fixes with, super vised, flesh out, in-setting, nodding off, has forty winks, un-load, unites with, putting two cents, hanging up, am disposed to, didst one bit, used up, be quest, cast away, make over, detain, de-livered, latched onto, caters to, running in to, jazzes up, punched up, end-owing, lend, de positing, becoming associated with, re posing, sign up, puts in, add, gets jump on, hast the means for, hadst a hand in, multi plying, stacks up, pro duces, is conducive, springs with, evote, sate on, raise, get in to, pave the way, soup up, doing honors, sweeten the kitty, lent a hand, gat act, cough up, conating, top off, bring, made over, laid on, springing with, gotten jump on, discontinue, sits on, mis spend, re-pays, took over, concretes, up-grading, lead off, inter-mixes, in sinuate, leading off, laying away, hold, Innovating, laid away, convey, signs up, casts away, supplying, shore up, doeth ones bit, pre-pared, hooking on, quarterback, dozing off, going in for, mounts up to, fit out, knocked down, attach, settles on, plowing back in to, souped up, stay, sign with, dost one bit, ran in to, Victualled, settled on, am able to, up-hold, go forward, intro-duce, runs to, de pend, gave trust, continue, didst one's bit, trail blazed, lead, stacked up, hast hand in, mount up to, plows back in to, pro cures, invests with, were instrumental, setting down, looking after, abet, buys into, do ones bit, sit on, employ, inter jaculates, propping up, in sinuated, pro posing, does the honors, getting in act, Shepherding, haddest hand in, signed up with, buys in to, drowses, ex pends, pro-moting, under-line, inter-laced, un-loads, cater to, filled up, stacking up, picking up the tab, agglutinate, plow back into, doest honors, be honest, in-curring, pick the tab, lent hand, lay away, Helmed, getting the jump on, inter mixing, running to, inter jaculate, insetting, lays away, pre fixed, plunked down, pick up tab, came through with, ring up, hast means for, ringed up, up hold, finger in pie, re-posed, fills up, put in, puts in two cents, give with, out-fits, complement, build, out fit, misconceive, were disposed to, leads in to, punches up, keep, in vented, having enough for, stuck together, sticking together, takes care of, hyping, come to, put aside, in-creased, ante up, paying up, Sharking, find, lays one, have forty winks, ran to, signed up, un veils, supply, dis-pose, going dutch, picks tab, de-frayed, gat into, commend, mis-spend, in-fusing, gat in to, Freighting, pro-vision, were able to, in stated, inletting, sign on with, get into, un loaded, pre cedes, sub-join, coughing up, sitting down, trail-blazed, fix up with, under lining, overestimate, putting dough, interjaculated, filling up, latching onto, catnapping, went out in front, dozed off, sits in on, got into, de tails, pick tab, unite with, toughen, de-fray, pro-mote, in laid, gotten things rolling, pro visions, have enough for, in sert, doest one bit, induct, flatter, inter-mix, summate, stop, re quite, liberate, hooked on, coughed up, sweeten kitty, built in, payed down, out-fit, in-duct, re posed, summating, pitch in, inter-jaculates, fixing up with, works in, sub joined, gat in the act, inter-jaculated, put by, ex tends, Coadunate, picks up the tab, casting away, do one's bit, all-owed, in creasing, hangs down, doeth one bit, pre sent, goes in for, sprang with, tagging on, mis spends, fingering the pie, have means for, heating up, did bit, tags on, being conducive, in-stated, re sting, do bit, wast instrumental, sit in on, in vested, lay one, conate, quarterbacks, lend leasing, hath means for, ex-pended, up grading, forge, re plenished, combine, in venting, gives introduction, gotten the jump on, sweetening the kitty, ex pending, fleshes out, de clines, inter-loping, in-state, inter pose, fingered the pie, Handing, interjaculates, stocks up, lend lease, chimed in, in-sets, gets in act, leads off, made fast, trailblazes, throw in, laid one, in duces, had means for, in-cline, pre fix, get the jump on, Riveted, settling on, in-ducted, inter jaculating, in-fuse, re-posing, get in the act, Bracketed, opens up, pre facing, in ducts, Mooted, intro duces, hook on, being instrumental, under lines, had forty winks, pro moting, kick off, looked after, inter laced, springing for, comes through with, laid on one, paves the way, disallow, hath forty winks, pre fixing, de cline, shores up, re pays, join, in-stalling, ex-pending, de-cline, face, de frayed, neglect, were conducive, in-stall, up holds, run to, refuse, was pendent, set forth, reinforce, pro viding, buys stock, run into, disenchant, spend, result in, mounting to, pro-duces, deposit, builds in, drowsing, un loading, topping off, contribute, up-grades, mark up, permit, de-tailing, leading into, do the honors, become associated with, pre-sent, slapped on, in-vents, re-paid, de fraying, under-lining, building in, un veil, all owing, in-sert, ignore, piles up, praise, pre face, applaud, dis posing, making over, de posited, fingered in pie, lump together, Intercalating, lead into, put forward, exaggerate, sweetened kitty, in-ducts, fixing with, re-plenishes, investing with, pre-cedes, fixt up with, de-liver, does ones bit, lends a hand, plunking down, haddest a hand in, in-vests, honor, pro-viding, pre pares, Earmarked, picking tab, insets, starts ball rolling, inter-posing, gave introduction, de pends, Agglutinated, pro-vides, bought into, becomes associated with, reward, Tendered, stands up for, de fray, doing the honors, fingered pie, hook up, enthrone, didst the honors, be able to, conated, plunks down, have hand in, be stowing, chip in, ex pend, wert disposed to, gotten in act, pre ceded, footed, led into, in-set, wast pendent, chime in, pre-faced, be-stowed, does one's bit, do one bit, in ducted, afford, quarterbacking, co-nates, was conducive, pro-posing, enhance, got things rolling, shored up, lendleases, super vising, am conducive, are able to, signing on with, doeth the honors, Prefixing, haddest enough for, pre fixes, in-curred, be-stowing, picks the tab, tidy, unite, hast enough for, got in act, lends hand, mis-spends, ushers in, led in to, went out front, re-quite, ex-tended, takes over, gat things rolling, attend, paid down, lending hand, buying stock, builded in, reject, put up dough, pro-vide, out-fitting, up-held, end owing, coadunates, rivetted, gives trust, giving trust, approve, signs with, stocking up, nod off, soups up, goes dutch, Harbingered, co nates, let go, pre vail, gets things rolling, gotten the act, trailblazed, trail blaze, de-fraying, up held, hitch on, puts dough, use up, bought stock, paid up, ex tend, wrought in, payed up, in-stilling, putting up dough, mis-spent, nods off, pillared, Tendering, loaned shark, up holding, stocked up, engage, part with, outlaid, avoid, in crease, in fixing, pays down, signed on with, adds fuel to fire, lose, propped up, sub scribing, Provisioning, aid, up grades, coming through with, endow, plow back in to, re-commends, puts up dough, gets into, lend leases, ex-tending, having the means for, in-sinuate, doth the honors, catering to, kicking off, pre vails, piled up, buy stock, using up, knocks down, mounted up to, conscripting, in vesting, leads into, sweetens the kitty, being pendent, tag on, pro-cures, didst ones bit, de voted, evoted, come with, pro posed, has means for, de-pending, de livering, de posits, overrate, imprison, pave way, pre-paring, repulse, pre-face, uniting with, starting ball rolling, de-pends, looks after, join forces with, out fitted, arrive, pre-fix, props up, in setting, wast able to, being able to, in set, antes up, in-duce, hitches up, sets down, went in for, heat up, hitching up, inter lace, latch onto, get the act, receive, enthroned, agglutinates, ushered in, mounted to, knock down, re commended, rivetting, append, be immune, gives with, in vests, doth ones bit, fill up, sat in on, de-pend, in-crease, art instrumental, cancel, did one's bit, wast disposed to, ponying up, anted up, had the means for, under-lines, inter-mixed, dirty, inter jaculated, runs in to, drowse, de pended, came across with, in-vesting, offer, give in trust, hast forty winks, in curred, pre-cede, stood up for, re warding, dost honors, is instrumental, stock up, hath hand in, re commend, under line, pre cede, be questing, fixed with, hast a hand in, conscripted, in stating, give, open up, working in, fingering in pie, sprang for, wert able to, ex-pends, get jump on, sits down, finger pie, be-quests, signing on, help, mounts to, sanction, going out front, chiming in, inter-jaculating, tack on, finger in the pie, pro vides, was disposed to, mis-spending, sate down, picked up tab, pro cure, re commends, be quested, has the means for, tenders, in corporate, pre-fixed, settle on, in duct, lumped together, picking up tab, art conducive, catered to, be pendent, has enough for, trans ported, assign, sub-scribing, in lay, signed with, re-aching, ran into, de-votes, lend a hand, Concreted, pro-pose, in vents, have the means for, pre-faces, inter-lope, pyramidded, remunerate, re-ached, re plenishes, swore in, feathering, lay on, hitched on, come across with, haddest means for, take over, punch up, under lined, are disposed to, handed, pre-fixes, buying in to, up-graded, dost bit, Victualing, de tail, inter mixes, pony up, re-sting, inter-lace, was able to, pre vailing, had enough for, lend leased, uses up, am pendent, fingers pie, Freighted, Concreting, out laid, springs for, going out in front, tops off, summated, pre vailed, de posit, fits out, pre faced, in-vested, trail-blazes, dost one's bit, pro-visions, come in, inter mixed, worked in, pre-sents, re-plenished, united with, feathered, punching up, coughs up, puts forward, fixed up with, putting forward, putting in two cents, nodded off, gat jump on, de tailed, presides over, giving with, went dutch, inter lopes, sub joining, advance, signs up with, wert instrumental, go in for, comes across with, in clines, super vise, hadst hand in, enter, pro visioned, anteed up, doest ones bit, cease, call shots, sweetens kitty, Helming, summates, gives in trust, in-stating, be instrumental, in-duces, forward, handed out, be stows, inter-laces, sprung for, maintain, un-veiling, getting act, picking the tab, trailblaze, intro duce, release, de-frays, did honors, compliment, un-veil, be-stows, finger the pie, joined forces with, assist, recognize, doing bit, are pendent, pro vide, sets forth, mount to, in fused, in sets, provide, running things, makes over, ex-tend, having hand in, importing, pro curing, un-loading, throws in, kicked off, bequested, re-commend, inter posing, pillaring, ex pended, de-vote, getting jump on, joins forces with, re-pose, parted with, tacks on, were pendent, pro vided, pre-pare, doing one bit, go out front, dis posed, victual, threw in, gotten act, topped off, hire, Intercalated, in fusing, got in the act, de frays, abstain, heats up, dozes off, pro-motes, inter loped, Agglutinating, has a hand in, pro-visioned, de-tails, has hand in, re plenishing, mis spent, pre-ceding, all-owing, esteem, re-warded, giving introduction, in-clines, throwing in, de-voting, de-tail, pro pose, souping up, out-laying, pile up, intro-duces, in fixed, pre-vails, pre pare, rang up, inter laces, sub-joined, getting into, re-warding, dost the honors, sticked together, in-fix, pre pared, fingers the pie, got in to, ringing up, ponies up, de pending, sub-joining, plows back into, trail blazing, in-fused, sweetened the kitty, re-paying, shark, up-holding, up graded, in duce, in cline, doeth one's bit, sub-scribes, in-corporate, in stalled, gets the jump on, out laying, falls away, fitting out, invest, Bracketing, in-fixes, out fitting.