Take Off

Pronunciation of Take Off
/t_ˈeɪ_k ˈɒ_f/, /tˈe͡ɪk ˈɒf/, /tˈe‍ɪk ˈɒf/

Antonyms for take off:

Jacketing, stood up, garb, are durable, de-clines, de barking, go seed, wearing thin, pro-curing, over-using, touch down, be-decks, robed, over-wrought, over-used, gat in to, dis plays, making land, pro cures, gowned, end-owing, get down, gotten into, gets better of, washing away, got into, Berthing, Spruced, Breeching, light on, de cay, pro-cures, dizen, re duce, dis-embarked, used up, raimenting, wert durable, comes ashore, slipt on, were durable, de bark, touching down, be-draped, fitting out, set on deck, levelling off, slipt into, re maining, scrape off, dis played, in vests, dis embarking, gat the better of, stands up, dis-guised, be-draping, Harnessing, flattening out, be dizening, am dressed in, wear, dis play, be decking, guised, de creased, caparisoned, went to seed, bedizens, slips on, costuming, sets deck, becoming threadbare, Caparisoning, descend upon, flattened out, dis-guises, descending up on, come in, be durable, continue, coming ashore, descend up on, be worthless, out fitting, get better of, being worthless, lights on, suiting up, splashed down, come to berth, bedraping, became worn, de-barks, habited, be-dizening, Dizened, dis embark, be-drapes, were worthless, dudded, liverying, descended upon, was durable, comes berth, being durable, re main, in vested, descended up on, came ashore, haddest on, dropped anchor, end owing, over worked, Sprucing, Habiting, splash down, guising, slipping in to, ex-asperate, liveried, be dressed in, spruces, makes land, mantled, suits up, de-cay, became threadbare, clothing oneself, Berthed, dandified, bundles up, descends upon, drops anchor, hast on, clothes oneself, gowning, bedrape, be dizened, wore thin, dandify, got better of, bedraped, dresses in, habilitate, be decked, pro-cure, flattens out, come berth, lighted on, got in to, de-cays, ex-asperating, dis-embarks, puts in, in-vesting, going to seed, becoming worn, put in, Jacketed, be drapes, piloting, dressed in, in vest, clothe oneself, wear thin, pro curing, sets down, splashing down, make land, re-mains, clad oneself, de-barked, sits down, habilitates, lit on, art worthless, came berth, re-duces, be-dizen, ex asperating, wast worthless, in-vests, descending upon, wash away, de-crease, splashes down, dis playing, Appareling, Piloted, end owed, gotten better of, out fit, sit down, Mantling, drop anchor, gotten the better of, gets into, Dizening, dis-guise, gotten in to, breeches, dress in, land, out-fit, putting in, standing up, bedrapes, de barked, habilitated, de-bark, stay, lighting on, over-worked, de cline, CLADS, descends up on, near, out fitted, being dressed in, leveling off, togged, got the better of, be draped, clothed oneself, appareled, get the better of, sat down, scraping off, comes to berth, in-vest, be-deck, habilitating, uses up, dizens, dandifies, togging, de clines, over used, be draping, end-owed, dis guising, bedizened, dis-plays, de-creases, out-fits, goes to seed, set deck, leveled off, is worthless, arrive, goes seed, de cays, setting deck, dis-played, dis guise, Dandifying, breeched, be dizen, dressing in, sets on deck, gat better of, had on, dis guised, re mained, over using, be-drape, flatten out, de-barking, dis-playing, be-decking, dis-play, re mains, breech, setting down, out-fitting, Apparelled, were dressed in, bundled up, be decks, slip in to, use up, Apparelling, going seed, getting the better of, out-fitted, re-main, ex-asperates, pro cured, came to berth, over-works, out fits, level off, touched down, pro-cured, cladding, slipped on, de crease, am worthless, slipping on, Liveries, are worthless, over works, are dressed in, re duces, slips into, dis embarks, de-creased, come, bundling up, gets in to, become threadbare, be-decked, be-dizened, gets the better of, made land, be-dizens, de creasing, levels off, having on, Robing, slip on, get into, wert dressed in, fits out, de barks, dis embarked, Lasted, getting in to, scrapes off, coming to berth, costumed, over working, slipt in to, sate down, fit out, dis-embarking, wears thin, be dizens, become worn, raimented, using up, go to seed, wast dressed in, slipped into, slip into, sitting down, is durable, de-cline, pro cure, was worthless, setting on deck, went seed, bundle up, getting into, dis-embark, dudding, hath on, dress, get in to, dropt anchor, am durable, got down, levelled off, gat into, de creases, dis guises, be deck, scraped off, suited up, be drape, de-creasing, ex asperate, bedizen, set down, washed away, drest in, ex-asperated, in vesting, livery, becomes threadbare, wast durable, overuses, come ashore, coming berth, bedizening, slips in to, ex asperates, re-duce, clothe, dis-guising, in-vested, dropping anchor, becomes worn.

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