Take over

Pronunciation of Take Over
/tˈe͡ɪk ˈə͡ʊvə/, /tˈe‍ɪk ˈə‍ʊvə/, /t_ˈeɪ_k ˈəʊ_v_ə/

Antonyms for take over

feeble, repulse, signs over, mislead, precede, lazy, came across with, unwrap, indifferent, meek, folding, re-signing, detach, retain, plead, serve, throws the towel, throwing sponge, threw in the towel, not have, deeding, disconnect, share, renounce, aliening, cowardly, re signing, bequeath, re-mises, delicate, passive, forget, fail, mismanage, leave alone, dull, hire, deny, use, uncover, all owing, weak, not believe, incapable, support, disapprove, misguide, re mise, unhealthy, reverse, reveal, pass, leave, disjoin, soft, lethargic, discard, liberate, unenthused, give in, throw in towel, come across with, throws sponge, contradict, penalize, stay, throw the towel, misunderstand, accept, helpless, permit, throw in the sponge, bumble, let go, take, start, unambitious, disallow, made over, throws in sponge, help, free, drop, Unlink, moderate, threw in towel, re signs, leave out, reject, lack, lose, threw the sponge, refuse, parted with, unadventurous, take in, give up, re-mise, obey, throw in the towel, doubt, continue, aliened, abandon, comply, signed over, complete, abuse, re mises, throws in towel, re-signed, divide, aid, throwing in the sponge, all-owing, makes over, not do, impotent, eject, end, throwing the sponge, encourage, lower, dispossess, Re sign, remain, receive, throw sponge, threw in sponge, mild, finish, throw in sponge, distribute, pay, leave off, throwing in sponge, follow, throws the sponge, parting with, idle, dispirited, loosen, need, coming across with, unimaginative, Remised, unresourceful, oppose, re signed, yield, keep, easy, disown, forfeit, burden, throws in the towel, engage, all-owed, divorce, deeded, forked over, apathetic, revoke, re-sign, hold, disagree, damage, scatter, making over, gave in, sluggish, hand over, Remise, threw the towel, remises, throwing in towel, deprive, unfasten, worsen, make over, forks over, advance, unforceful, break, release, forking over, sever, Remising, forsake, parts with, repudiate, neglect, disunite, allow, threw in the sponge, throw towel, facile, part with, bestow, lay bare, consent, employ, re-signs, throw the sponge, take away, fragile, ignore, separate, dispute, not take, miss, threw towel, submit, unenthusiastic, infirm, surrender, run ragged, throwing the towel, disregard, threw sponge, return, cede, exclude, assist, ineffective, retreat, sign over, comes across with, throwing towel, offer, signing over, lay out, throws towel, abstain, welcome, conclude, throws in the sponge, all owed, recall, enervated, give, be immune, timid, hurt, let alone, countermand, inactive, shun, fork over.