Takes over

Pronunciation of Takes Over
/tˈe͡ɪks ˈə͡ʊvə/, /tˈe‍ɪks ˈə‍ʊvə/, /t_ˈeɪ_k_s ˈəʊ_v_ə/

Synonyms for takes over

adopt (verb)

accept, adapt, affiliate, affirm, appropriate, approve, assent, assume, borrow, embrace, endorse, espouse, follow, imitate, maintain, mimic, opt, ratify, seize, select, support, take on, take over, tap, use, utilize, take up, go in for, go down the line.

annex (verb)

adjoin, affix, append, associate, attach, connect, fasten, hitch up, hook on, hook up, link, slap on, subjoin, tack on, tag, tag on, unite, hitch on.

appropriate (verb)

annex, clap, confiscate, cop, embezzle, filch, grab, hijack, liberate, lift, misappropriate, pilfer, pocket, secure, swipe, usurp, snatch, get fingers on, get hands on, glom on to, grab hold of, moonlight requisition.

assume (verb)

acquire, arrogate, attend to, begin, commandeer, don, enter upon, expropriate, preempt, set about, Kipe, glom onto, embark upon, clap hands on.

co-opt (verb)

absorb, admit, adopt, bring in, convert, draw in, elect, encompass, enfold, homogenize, homologize, include, incorporate, take in, Connaturalize, bring into line, bring into the fold, make one's own.

command (verb)

administer, boss, charge, check, coach, coerce, compel, conduct, conquer, constrain, control, curb, determine, dictate, direct, dominate, domineer, exact, force, govern, guide, head, hinder, influence, lead, manage, officiate, oppress, overbear, override, predominate, prescribe, prevail, push, regulate, reign, repress, restrain, run, stop, subdue, superintend, supervise, sway, tyrannize, wield, hold office, preside over, reign over, exercise power, have authority.

confiscate (verb)

impound, sequester, sequestrate, take, Accroach, confisticate, possess oneself of.

cover (verb)

balance, counterbalance, insure, make good, offset, relieve, substitute, make up for, double for, take the rap for, stand in for.

displace (verb)

banish, can, cashier, deport, depose, dethrone, discard, discharge, dismiss, exile, expatriate, fire, oust, relegate, remove, replace, sack, succeed, supersede, supplant, transport, unmake, Discrown, Disenthrone, Disthrone, Uncrown, cut out, take the place of, step into shoes of.

expropriate (verb)

dispossess, requisition, deprive of property.

inherit (verb)

accede, come in for, come into, derive, get, obtain, receive, be bequeathed, be granted, be left, fall heir.

manage (verb)

advocate, call the shots, captain, care for, carry on, command, concert, counsel, designate, disburse, engineer, execute, handle, instruct, manipulate, minister, operate, oversee, pilot, ply, preside, request, rule, steer, train, watch, watch over, engage in, call upon, take care of, hold down, run the show, take the helm.

monopolize (verb)

bogart, consume, copyright, corner, devour, employ, engross, exclude, have, hog, hold, keep to oneself, lock up, own, patent, possess, syndicate, sit on, sew up, corner the market, own exclusively, exercise control.

possess (verb)

bear, carry, enjoy, get hold of, occupy, retain, be blessed with, be born with, be endowed with, have to name, latch on to, take possession.

replace (verb)

alter, back up, change, compensate, displace, give back, mend, patch, put back, reconstitute, recoup, recover, redeem, redress, reestablish, refund, regain, reimburse, reinstate, repay, restitute, restore, retrieve, ring, shift, sub, supply, take out, fill in, stand in, sit in, ring in, front for, outplace, pinch hit for, stand in lieu of, swap places, take over from.

rule (verb)

bridle, decree, hold sway, order, overrule, preponderate, rule the roost, be in power, lay down the law, crack the whip, be in authority, be in driver's seat, hold the reins, keep under one's thumb, sit on top of.

seize (verb)

ambush, apprehend, arrest, bag, bust, capture, carry off, catch, claw, clutch, gain, grasp, hook, kidnap, nab, nail, overcome, overpower, overrun, overwhelm, pounce, snag, snare, spirit away, throttle, trap, wrench, pick up, take captive, take possession of, take by storm.

spell (verb)

allow, breathe, free, lay off, release, lie by.

steer (verb)

beacon, drive, escort, helm, herd, point, route, see, shepherd, show, skipper, head for, run things, be in the driver's seat, take the reins.

substitute (verb)

alternate, answer for, commute, cover for, deputize, proxy, spell, stand for, swap, switch, act for, fill in for, be in place of, do the work of, fill one's position, go as, serve in one's stead, swap places with, take another's place.

succeed (verb)

ensue, inherit, postdate, result, supervene, be subsequent, come into possession, come next, follow after, follow in order, go next.

supersede (verb)

abandon, annul, desert, forsake, outmode, reject, repudiate, supplement, suspend, set aside.

supplant (verb)

bounce, cast out, crowd, eject, expel, force out, overthrow, transfer, undermine, unseat.