Pronunciation of Talented
/tˈaləntɪd/, /tˈaləntɪd/, /t_ˈa_l_ə_n_t_ɪ_d/

Antonyms for talented

misinformed, more impuissant, most grovelling, shallow, uneducated, can't cut it, in adequate, in-operative, untalented, more unfitted, not equal to, more unknowledgeable, more unread, un fitted, no can do, un learned, in capable, cant hack it, menial, de-grading, in dark, cant make grade, de-meaning, more grovelling, bungling, un enlightened, not cut out for, un-knowledgeable, untaught, un schooled, more unconversant, un-mindful, un-learned, most unknowledgeable, most unlettered, blind to, un-conversant, more rusted, rusty, un-enlightened, in-effectual, mindless, inefficient, un-cultivated, Thick-headed, un-trained, not what was, in-capable, most apprenticed, incompetent, can't make the grade, more misinformed, de meaning, ignorant, un educated, in nocent, un mindful, shallower, un-witting, un-read, sidelined, unfitted, most sycophantic, un trained, more rustcovered, more hogtied, un intellectual, in-experienced, most rust-covered, foolish, unintelligent, birdbrained, un-lettered, un abler, un conscious, un-taught, grovelling, un-cultured, most hog-tied, most demeaning, most unconversant, most rust covered, un skilled, unskilled, more hog tied, in effectual, mis informed, un informed, un-ablest, more apprenticed, not able, most rusted, Impuissant, in capacitated, most hog tied, more sidelined, senseless, most hogtied, more demeaning, in operative, in experienced, un knowledgeable, un cultured, un suspecting, unknowledgeable, de grading, out commission, most misinformed, sycophantic, idiotic, un-initiated, unintellectual, most unintellectual, rust-covered, not to, cant cut it, un-fit, can't make grade, un-fitted, cant make the grade, in-competent, more unintellectual, in efficacious, in-adequate, un taught, more rust covered, apprenticed, awkward, clumsy, un-suspecting, un initiated, un-intellectual, most unfitted, in sensible, most oxidized, Unconversant, more sycophantic, most impuissant, un lettered, more hog-tied, unmindful, talentless, un conversant, witless, in-nocent, inept, un cultivated, most sidelined, not what it was, un-conscious, unconscious, un-informed, unable, in-sensible, un witting, in efficient, in competent, unlettered, un read, most cretinous, mis-informed, cretinous, no good, most unread, slow, un practiced, un-qualified, in-efficacious, fawning, stupid, not up to, dull, un-abler, un-schooled, un qualified, un ablest, un-educated, in-capacitated, most rustcovered, in-efficient, un-skilled, rustcovered.