Pronunciation of Tall
/tˈɔːl/, /tˈɔːl/, /t_ˈɔː_l/

Antonyms for tall

in-sufficient, dis honorable, clear, low-down, down out, bad tempered, bittiest, most niggardly, tiny, most nether, deep, most lowdown, most below, stubby, short term, hardly any, un worthier, more muted, more pocketsized, ground-level, crumby, bittier, splayer, un-elevated, unelevated, runtier, ground level, thickbodied, more lessened, slight, more pocket size, soothing, baby, user-friendly, Unsustained, in considerable, more thick-bodied, squat, most pocket sized, more sawed-off, most itty bitty, sub-normal, most straggling, more lowset, more glancing, Curtate, undignified, down in the dumps, manageable, more itty bitty, un-worthier, runtiest, doable, most breviloquent, singing the blues, smooth, more cut rate, small scale, scurviest, more ground level, flat, low-set, more thick bodied, de-pressed, little, down in dumps, de pressed, in-considerable, yea big, more pint sized, scarcely any, illbred, base, un civil, bitsiest, mild, more curtailed, bitsy, lowhanging, most undignified, un commoner, more decreased, off color, short sweet, dis-heartened, bantam, toyest, Unfrequent, sawed off, most subsided, lowborn, dis graceful, miniature, shorthanded, be neath, in-adequate, more undignified, more itsybitsy, soft, relaxed, sub normal, most kneehigh, low on, short tempered, un-worthiest, more rock-bottom, more pocketsize, more low-down, most cut rate, not too many, badtempered, thick bodied, depressed, in-expensive, small-scale, most minikin, most small scale, more abbreviated, squatty, most minority, ill-bred, pocket sized, shrimpest, de-graded, passing, snubber, crumbier, more breviloquent, more itsy bitsy, cut the bone, pee-wee, most low hanging, offcolor, most shadow, shrimpier, more below, sawed-off, most ground level, short handed, most ittybitty, cut rate, more pocket-sized, ill bred, more subnormal, low-lying, dis-graceful, most abbreviated, down the dumps, more shriveled, in-consequential, un happier, more attenuate, more sawed off, Toyer, most sawed off, pocket-size, un-ceremonious, pro founder, most lowlying, more ittybitty, un couth, most semioccasional, more low-lying, most disheartened, re-mote, down dumps, most dragged, peewee, most low-hanging, more truncated, more disheartened, most lowhanging, un-commoner, un frequent, more button, more pee-wee, most thickbodied, most groundlevel, un-civil, more groundlevel, bottom most, compendiary, most thick-bodied, un-essential, pint-sized, itsy-bitsy, low-hanging, shrimper, more minikin, most cut, more compendiary, most pint-sized, most small-scale, more summarized, most scaleddown, lowgrade, scaled-down, inferior, under-sized, close to ground, pro found, most broomstick, most abridged, degraded, few, diminutive, poor, decurtate, in consequential, boiled down, small, midget, most unfrequent, most pocketsized, pocketsized, un-frequent, under-size, most ground-level, short spoken, teeny weeny, more skeleton, un worthiest, de-curtate, shortspoken, junior, in nutshell, breviloquent, more cut-rate, knee high, knee-high, un worthy, more curtate, in-complete, sawedoff, more dwarfed, be-neath, most curtate, more low-set, low set, more unelevated, un essential, not protracted, most knee high, more ill-bred, more low down, un-satisfactory, in substantial, gentle, most scaled-down, mindless, more slashed, most abbreviate, thick-bodied, un-washed, most skeleton, more compressed, de creased, runty, in significant, more subsided, more beneath, most decreased, stickest, more scaled down, most sawed-off, more kneehigh, effortless, most itsybitsy, most peanut, more cut, most itsy-bitsy, cutrate, more diminished, low grade, more uncostly, friendly, most thick bodied, cut-rate, teensyweensy, most peewee, more ground-level, un-developed, in the pits, most curtailed, most crouched, more scaleddown, low lying, more shortened, most rockbottom, semioccasional, bottom-most, more unfrequent, most beneath, more under, splay, mini, kneehigh, rockbottom, petite, more low lying, most unelevated, most uncostly, uncostly, scurvy, un becoming, lowdown, reasonable, pint sized, most pocket size, un-happy, more semioccasional, painless, scaleddown, reedier, dis reputable, close the ground, most ill-bred, in complete, in expensive, most button, in pits, close to the ground, more pee wee, not large, pygmier, most muted, close ground, down mouth, most pint sized, unrhetorical, shortest, marked down, most low-set, lower, most knee-high, more sawedoff, broomstick, most low set, most rock-bottom, sub standard, teenyweeny, most glancing, most pocket-size, elementary, more needing, more lowlying, in-elegant, more ill bred, more subpar, widely spaced, in-disposed, most lowborn, more rock bottom, most minuscular, more peewee, low hanging, un dignified, un satisfactory, bitsier, shrimp, pro-found, most unsustained, most under, de-creased, pocketsize, bottommost, pygmiest, pro-founder, facile, more decurtate, most pocket-sized, most pee-wee, unimportant, out side, more minority, not big, shrimpy, lowset, most bottommost, more lowborn, pocket-sized, most needing, not high, un common, most decurtate, most sawedoff, more low set, squab, most pee wee, un happiest, more illbred, most attenuate, achievable, pocket size, most low-lying, dis-honorable, more dragged, most truncated, minuscular, scurvier, more pocket sized, snubbest, more undersize, de graded, splayest, most epitomized, smallscale, shortlived, un commonest, down the mouth, sub sided, more thickbodied, cut to the bone, pocket, most illbred, un happy, un refined, sticker, in-frequent, groundlevel, scaled down, un-costly, light, ittybitty, cut bone, sub-sided, reediest, shorttempered, most junior, simple, Dwarfed, subpar, more low-hanging, most seldom, down and out, lowlying, in frequent, bitty, un-sustained, un washed, not long, stocky, most itty-bitty, believable, dis heartened, most lessened, undemanding, pee wee, Minikin, niggardly, more itsy-bitsy, un sustained, de curtate, dwarf, in adequate, crumbiest, teensy weensy, most compressed, itty-bitty, semi occasional, most low lying, more epitomized, un gracious, more seldom, more peanut, most cutrate, more lowdown, most rock bottom, un-couth, sub-standard, few and far between, un elevated, un-pretentious, in a nutshell, undersize, most undersize, more knee high, more lowhanging, most ill bred, stunted, more shadow, comforting, un-refined, cut to bone, few far between, rock-bottom, short, low down, un-becoming, most dwarfed, un-gracious, most mini, more rockbottom, under sized, more abridged, most lowset, more pint-sized, short lived, more broomstick, more nether, squattier, un prolonged, reedy, cheap, more crouched, most subpar, dis-reputable, more knee-high, more unprolonged, squattiest, under size, most slashed, low, most summarized, un-common, more mini, down in mouth, in-substantial, more scaled-down, mean, shrimpiest, uncomplicated, more low hanging, un costly, semi-occasional, most itsy bitsy, sensible, un-prolonged, singing blues, un-important, more abbreviate, more bottommost, in elegant, accessible, in disposed.