Pronunciation of Tally
/tˈalɪ/, /tˈalɪ/, /t_ˈa_l_ɪ/

Synonyms for tally

Sense 1

ballot, vote.

Sense 2

conform, consist, tag.

Sense 3

chime, numerate.

Sense 4


Sense 5


Sense 11



summate, tot up, totalize, Summed, Summing, summating, summated, count up, counted up, counting up, do addition, reckon up, summates, totting up.


comport, consort, get along with, jibe, quadrate, Paralleling, Concerting, parallels, go together, go well with, fall in with, be in harmony, go hand in hand, concorded, concording, getting along with.


come to, check with, be tantamount to, be equivalent to, develop into, be coming, developing into.


count over.


multiply, size up, tell, tote up, Accounted, Valuing, dope out, keep tabs, take account of, sizing up, keeping tabs.


eventuate, identify, sync, syncs, synced, syncing, occur simultaneously, be concurrent, be the same, occurred simultaneously.


fit in, be regular, fit the pattern.


lip sync, partake of, be consistent, be similar to, be identical to, is similar to, partakes of.


companion, complement, coordinate, partner.


equalize, equipoise, equipoised, live up to, measure up, Emulated, Equiponderate, rise to, square with, be commensurate, be identical, keep pace with, rank with, be level, be tantamount, is identical, run abreast.


equate, likening, Similize, correspond to, paragoned, correspond with, corresponding to, made equal, make equal, paragoning.


calibrate, calibrated, gauge, guesstimate, sized, sizing, Gauging, quantified, quantifies, calibrates, calibrating, quantitate, metering, metered, guesstimated, have one's number, look over, looked over, looking over, quantitated, quantitating.


emblem, identification, insignia, tag.


calender, calendered, catalogued, set down, Calendering, Cataloguing, Docketed, Docketing, Invoiced, Invoicing, write down, setting down, sets down, tabbed, tabbing, put down as, put down for, button down, calenders, keep count, writing down.


count off, numbers, numerate, ran into, run into, Numbered, Taled, runs into, running into, run to, ran to, taling.


comport with.


gee, square, squared, Geed, Geeing, GEES.


beseem, Beseemed, Beseeming, fill the bill, answer a need, be proper for, be seemly, beseems, cut the mustard, cutting the mustard, made the grade, making the grade.





Other synonyms and related words:

accede, accommodate, accord, accordance, accordant, account for, accounting, acquiesce, adapt, add together, add up, addition, adhere, adjust, affinity, agree, agreeable, agreement, ally, alter ego, analogous, analogue, angel, answer, append, appointment book, archive, arrest, arrive at, arrogantly, ascertain, ask, assent, assimilate, associate, assure, atlas, badge, balance, ballot, barrack, beau, befit, belong, beloved, bend, bestow, betrothed, bill of fare, bill of lading, billet, blacklist, boastfully, bookplate, boyfriend, brand, break, brief, bring, broad arrow, brother, bulletin, bump off, cachet, calibrate, call off, canvass, card, carte, cash account, cast, catalogue, chalk up, change course, check into, check off, check out, check over, check up on, checker, checklist, chime, chink, chip, chop, chord, chorus, cipher, civil list, cognate, cohere, coherence, coherent, coincide, coincidence, coincident, coincidental, collate, collide with, colophon, come, come to, come together, come up to, companion, comparable, compare, compatibility, complement, comply, comport, compose, concert, concomitant, concord, concordance, concordant, concur, concurrent, condition, conform, conform to, conformable, conformance, conformation, conformity, congenator, congener, congeniality, congruence, congruent, congruity, congruous, consent, consist, consistency, consistent, consonance, consort, contain, contemporaneous, contribute, control account, cooperate, cooperation, coordinate, cope with, correct, correlate, correlated, correlative, correspond, correspondence, correspondent, corresponding, corroborate, corroborated, count off, count out, counter, countercheck, counterfoil, counterpart, countersign, counting, couple, criterion, curb, darling, dearest, debt, decide, delay, detain, difference, directory, discharge, discipline, dispatch, ditto, dovetail, duplicate, earned run, eminently, endure, enrol, enroll, ensure, enter, equal, equalise, equalize, equate, equip, equivalence, equivalent, even, exaggeratedly, examination, extravagantly, feel, fellow, figure out, figuring, find out, fit, fit in, fit out, flout, foliate, follow, foot race, footrace, friend, gain, gee, get, get ahead, get hold of, get off, gibe, girl, girlfriend, give the eye, go, go over, go with, grade, grandiloquently, grandly, greatly, guy, gybe, habit, hallmark, hang together, hardly, harmonise, harmonize, harmony, high, highly, hindrance, hold, hold back, hold in, hole up, homogeneous, homogenous, homologize, homologous, honey, identical, image, impanel, impart, impinge on, imprint, inamorata, inamorato, include, insure, intended, interlock, interruption, intersect, intersection, interview, investigation, itemise, jeer, jib, jibe, join, jump, label, ladder, largely, learn, lend, letter, letterhead, like, likeness, line, listing, lock, loftily, logo, logotype, long, look, look into, love, lover, lustily, magniloquently, make, make out, make sense, man, march, mark, mark off, marker, marvellously, marvelously, masthead, match, mate, meet, meeting, mesh, mightily, minutes, mistress, model, moderate, mold, moll, mop up, muster, nobly, nock, notch, numbering, numerate, numeration, observe, obverse, off, oneness, oppose, opposite number, ostentatiously, outfit, outpouring, overlap, page, paginate, pair, parallel, parallelism, paramour, peace, pendant, picture, pigeonhole, pip, pit, plate, play off, point, polish off, poll, pompously, portentously, post, powerfully, preeminently, price tag, proceedings, product, programme, prospectus, proudly, quadrate, question, rack up, rapport, ravel, reach, rebuff, rebuke, recapitulate, receipt, receive, reciprocal, recite, reconcile, recorded, rectify, release, remarkably, remove, replica, report, represent, reproduction, respond, resume, rhetorically, rill, rival, rivulet, rota, run, run into, run over, runnel, running, running game, running head, running play, running title, sample, savings account, scoff, scratch, seal, seduce, see, see to it, setback, settle, shape, shoot, sick list, signet, similar, similitude, simulacrum, simultaneous, sister, slay, sort, soul mate, square, squeeze, stamp, stand for, steeply, stick, sticker, stop, stoutly, straighten, streak, streamlet, strike, stripe, stub, stumble, sublimely, subtract, such, suchlike, suit, suitor, sum up, summarise, summate, summation, supply, survey, suspense account, Suss Out, swain, sweet, sweetheart, sweetie, symmetry, sync, synchronism, synchronize, tableau, tabulation, tag, tale, tell, tell off, terrier, tessera, test, tick, tick off, ticket, tie, timing, token, tot, tot up, totalize, tote, tote up, totem, trade name, trademark, train, transactions, trial, turn back, twin, twist, unanimous, unbelievably, uniformity, union, unison, unit, valuation account, vote, voting, voucher, watch, win, witness, woman, work out, work up, yield, young lady, young man, Algebraize, Analogon, Annal, Bigly, Billhead, Dib, Homologate, Leman, Longly, Self-consistency, Sigil, Unisonance, co-occur, Congruency, Countermark, Pontifically, Suppute, returns, figures, points, toweringly, items, lankily, DO, ACTA, HIT, PER CENT, POSSLQ, sinuously, exaltedly, agree with, answer to, comply with, comport with, count up, go together, hold together, marry off, respond to, box score, cast up, fall in with, fit together, square with, crack, pass muster, Lady-love, True-love, soaringly, retard, murder, dope, be consistent, fall together, occur simultaneously, be guided by, be regular, follow the crowd, tally with, consort with, stand together, be right, develop into, assimilate to, become one, dear one, join together, keep score, make conform, reckon up, take account of, with spirit, figure in, adjust to, second self, the whole story, trademark name, pass inspection, distinguishing mark, registered trademark, kindred spirit, live-in lover, stand on ceremony, cacher, popsy, active list, turtle-dove, ACCOUNT CURRENT, ACCOUNT RENDERED, ACCOUNT STATED, BILL OF COSTS, accommodate with, account of, adapt to, assort with, be congruous, be correct, be of one, be uniform with, bind up, book stamp, bridge pad, call over, call the roll, catalogue raisonne, census report, chime in with, register with.

entire (adjective)

all, all-embracing, all-inclusive, complete, comprehensive, conclusive, entire, exhaustive, full, full-fledged, full-grown, full-scale, global, gross, holistic, mass, sweeping, whole, sum, total.

Sense 1 (noun)

abacus, average, binomial, computational, countdown, deviation, decimal place.

Sense 2 (noun)

coincide, parallel, tale, amount to, accord with, bear/stand comparison (with), have something in common (with something).

Sense 3 (noun)

project, prove.

Sense 4 (noun)


Sense 5 (noun)


Sense 11 (noun)


account (noun)

balance, bill, book, charge, check, computation, cuff, invoice, iou, ledger, record, report, statement, books, bad news, grunt*.

add (noun)


add together (noun)

add together.

add up (noun)

add, add up.

agree (noun)


amount (noun)

allotment, allowance, amount, piece, portion, proportion, quantity, quantum, ration.

ballot (noun)

election, franchise, plebiscite, referendum, slate, ticket, Polling, plebiscites.

calculation (noun)

algebra, algorithm, appraisal, approximation, arithmetic, assessment, calculation, calculus, computation, conclusion, consideration, deduction, determination, division, enumeration, estimation, evaluation, inference, judgement, mathematics, measurement, method, multiplication, presumption, quantification, reckoning, statistics, supposition, system, thought, triangulation, valuation.

card (noun)

cardboard, fiberboard, sheet, Posters, cardboards, fiberboards.

catalog (noun)

price list, Price Lists.

chalk up (noun)

chalk, chalk up.

check (noun)


correspond (noun)


count (noun)


counterpart (noun)

companion, complement, coordinate, opposite number, partner, pendant, spitting image, pendants, spit and image, two of a kind, look alike, peas in a pod.

counting (noun)


credit (noun)

credit, draft, lien, loan, mortgage, tab, trust.

debt (noun)

encumbrance, liabilities, red ink, in the hole, in hock, below the line, dead horse, out-standing, outstandings.

decision or right to decide representation (noun)


directory (noun)


enumeration (noun)


fit (noun)


gibe (noun)


jibe (noun)


label (noun)

emblem, identification, insignia, tag.

label, ticket (noun)


list (noun)

album, annals, annual, bill, book, budget, calendar, catalog, census, check, chronicle, collection, daybook, detail, diary, dictionary, digest, docket, documentation, file, history, index, inventory, invoice, itemization, journal, ledger, lexicon, list, log, logbook, manifest, menu, notebook, novel, pad, record, recording, recount, register, registry, repertory, roll, roster, scrapbook, scroll, statement, store, summary, table, tablet, tabulate, thesaurus, treasury, waybill, workbook, yearbook, Bank book, Storybook, blank-book, cash book.

log (noun)

log, logbook, logbooks.

marker, description; brand (noun)


match (noun)


money owed to others (noun)


numeration (noun)


piece of paper, often with purposeful writing (noun)


program, agenda (noun)


rack up (noun)

rack up.

reckoning (noun)


record, tabulation (noun)


record of finances, fees, or charges (noun)


run (noun)


score (noun)

score, amount dues, final count, in juries, in jury, in justices, in-jury, in-justice, out come, out comes, out-come, out-comes, final counts.

scoring unit of sport competition (noun)


sum (noun)

sum, integrals.

summate (noun)


sum up (noun)

sum up.

tag (noun)


tally (noun)

account, add, add together, add up, agree, chalk up, check, correspond, count, counting, enumeration, fit, gibe, jibe, mark, match, numeration, poll, rack up, reckoning, run, score, sum, sum up, summate, summation, tab, tot, tot up, total, tote up, HIT, running total.

ticket (noun)


tot (noun)


total (noun)


total, points (noun)


tote up (noun)

tote up.

tot up (noun)

tot up.

vote (noun)

secret ballot, show of hands, yes or no.

voting; recording of vote (noun)


accord (verb)

affirm, agree, assent, concur, conform, correspond, fit, harmonize, jibe, match, square, suit, tally, be in tune.

add (verb)

accrue, accumulate, acquire, aggregate, annex, attain, augment, calculate, cast, count, figure, increase, increment, summate, tot, tot up, tote, count up, do addition, reckon up.

add up; evaluate (verb)


adjust (verb)

accord, allocate, arrange, clarify, conclude, coordinate, fiddle with, fine-tune, fix up, grade, modify, organize, reconcile, regulate, settle, sort, standardize, straighten, systematize, Methodize, doctor*.

agree (verb)

answer, attune, blend, click, cohere, coincide, concert, concord, consort, equal, get along with, parallel, synchronize, go together, go well with, fall in with, be in harmony, go hand in hand.

agree, complement (verb)


amount (verb)

aggregate, approach, approximate, become, come to, effect, extend, grow, mean, purport, reach, rival, touch, check with, be tantamount to, be equivalent to, develop into.

balance (verb)

adjust, audit, equate, estimate, sum up.

belong, correspond (verb)


be similar or consistent (verb)


bring into agreement or to a standard (verb)


calculate (verb)

account, add, appraise, approximate, assess, calculate, compute, conclude, consider, deduce, determine, divide, estimate, evaluate, figure, gauge, guess, infer, judge, measure, multiply, plan, plot, presume, program, quantify, quantize, rank, rate, rationalize, reckon, schedule, scheme, score, study, sum, suppose, surmise, systematize, think, total, triangulate, value, weigh.

calculate, estimate (verb)


coincide (verb)

eventuate, identify, sync, syncs, synced, syncing, occur simultaneously, be same, am concurrent, am same, am the same, are concurrent, are same, are the same, art concurrent, art same, art the same, be concurrent, be fall, be fallen, be falling, be falls, be fell, be the same, be-fall, be-fallen, be-falling, be-falls, be-fell, being concurrent, being same, being the same, is concurrent, is same, is the same, occurred simultaneously, occurring simultaneously, occurs simultaneously, was concurrent, was same, was the same, wast concurrent, wast same, wast the same, were concurrent, were same, were the same, wert concurrent, wert same, wert the same.

compute (verb)

running down, cast up, adding up, adds up, casting up, casts up, count heads, count noses, counted heads, counted noses, counting heads, counting noses, counts heads, counts noses, cut ice, cuts ice, cutting ice, figured out, figures out, take measure, take one measure, take ones measure, takes measure, takes one measure, takes one's measure, takes ones measure, taking measure, taking one's measure, taking ones measure, took measure, took one measure, took one's measure, take one's measure, figuring out, taking one measure, took ones measure.

conform (verb)

fit in, be regular, fit the pattern, am regular, are regular, art regular, being regular, fit pattern, fits in, fits pattern, fits the pattern, fitted in, fitted pattern, fitted the pattern, fitting in, fitting pattern, fitting the pattern, is regular, was regular, wast regular, were regular, wert regular.

correspond (verb)


correspond, match (verb)


count (verb)

foot, footed, tick off, ticked off, ticking off, keep tab, keeping tab, keeps tab, kept tab, ticks off.

count, calculate (verb)


dovetail (verb)

mortise, tenon, Mortised, Mortising, mortises, tenoning, tenoned, inter lock, inter locking, inter-lock, inter-locked, inter-locks, sync up, synced up, syncing up, syncs up, tenons, inter locked, inter locks, inter-locking.

enumerate (verb)

enumerate, inventorying, run off, spell out, Inventoried, quotes, ran off, running off, runs off, de tail, de tailed, de tailing, de tails, de-tail, de-tailed, de-tailing, de-tails, re capitulate, re capitulated, re capitulates, re capitulating, re cited, re cites, re citing, re counted, re counting, re counts, re hearse, re hearses, re late, re-capitulate, re-capitulated, re-capitulates, re-capitulating, re-cited, re-cites, re-counted, re-counting, re-counts, re-hearse, re-hearses, re-lated, re cite, re-cite, re-citing.

equal (verb)

equalize, equipoise, equipoised, live up to, measure up, Emulated, Equiponderate, rise to, square with, be commensurate, be identical, keep pace with, rank with, am commensurate, am identical, am level, am tantamount, are commensurate, are identical, are level, are tantamount, art commensurate, art identical, art level, art tantamount, be level, be tantamount, being commensurate, being identical, being level, being tantamount, equipoising, equiponderated, equiponderates, equiponderating, is commensurate, is identical, is level, is tantamount, keeping pace with, keeps pace with, kept pace with, live to, lived to, lived up to, lives to, lives up to, living to, living up to, measured up, measures up, measuring up, ran abreast, ranked with, ranking with, ranks with, rises to, rising to, rose to, run abreast, running abreast, runs abreast, squared with, squares with, squaring with, was commensurate, was identical, was level, was tantamount, wast commensurate, wast identical, wast level, wast tantamount, were commensurate, were identical, were level, were tantamount, wert commensurate, wert identical, wert level, wert tantamount.

equal, add up to (verb)


equate (verb)

equate, likening, Re-present, Similize, correspond to, paragoned, correspond with, corresponded to, corresponded with, corresponding to, corresponding with, corresponds to, corresponds with, made equal, make equal, makes equal, making equal, paragoning, re gards, re present, re presented, re presenting, re presents, re-gard, re-presented, re-presenting, re-presents, similized, similizes, similizing.

figure (verb)

figure, fix a price, fix price, fixed a price, fixed price, fixes a price, fixes price, fixing a price, fixing price, fixt a price, fixt price.

fit (verb)

Responding, be fitting, am apposite, am apt, am comfortable, am consonant, am keeping, are apposite, are apt, are comfortable, are consonant, are in keeping, are keeping, art apposite, art apt, art comfortable, art consonant, art in keeping, art keeping, be apposite, be apt, be comfortable, be consonant, be fit, be fits, be fitted, be in keeping, be keeping, be-fit, be-fits, be-fitted, be-fitting, being apposite, being apt, being comfortable, being consonant, being in keeping, being keeping, had its place, haddest its place, hadst its place, has its place, hath its place, have its place, having its place, is apposite, is apt, is comfortable, is consonant, is in keeping, is keeping, was apposite, was comfortable, was consonant, was in keeping, was keeping, wast apposite, wast apt, wast comfortable, wast consonant, wast in keeping, wast keeping, were apposite, were apt, were comfortable, were in keeping, were keeping, wert apposite, wert apt, wert comfortable, wert consonant, wert in keeping, wert keeping, hast its place, was apt, were consonant.

gauge (verb)

calibrate, calibrated, guesstimate, sized, sizing, Gauging, quantified, quantifies, calibrates, calibrating, quantitate, quantitates, metering, metered, guesstimated, guesstimates, guesstimating, had number, had one number, had one's number, had ones number, haddest number, haddest one number, haddest one's number, hadst number, hadst one number, hadst one's number, hadst ones number, has number, has one number, has one's number, has ones number, hast number, hast one number, hast one's number, hast ones number, hath number, hath one number, hath one's number, hath ones number, have number, have one number, have one's number, have ones number, having number, having one number, having one's number, having ones number, look over, looked over, looking over, looks over, quantitated, quantitating, haddest ones number.

go along with; coexist (verb)


itemize (verb)

circumstantiate, set out, Circumstantiated, Circumstantiating, circumstantiates, catalogged, catalogging, in stances, in-stance, in-stances, re corded, re cording, re-corded, re-cording, sets out, setting out, in stance.

keep detailed record (verb)


label (verb)

labeled, labelled, Labelling, de fine, de fined, de fines, de fining, de-fine, de-fined, de-fines, de-fining, stickered, stickering.

link, fit together (verb)


list (verb)

audit, collect, document, itemize, note, summarize, Journalize.

make equal numerically (verb)


make even, be even with (verb)


number (verb)

abound, count, enumerate, number, swarm, throng.

poll (verb)

balloting, Balloted, interviewed, inter view, inter viewed, inter viewing, inter views, inter-view, inter-viewing, inter-views, send a balloon, send balloon, send up a balloon, send up balloon, sending a balloon, sending balloon, sending up a balloon, sending up balloon, sends balloon, sends up a balloon, sends up balloon, sent a balloon, sent balloon, sent up a balloon, sent up balloon, test the waters, test waters, tested the waters, tested waters, testing the waters, testing waters, tests the waters, tests waters, inter-viewed, sends a balloon.

quadrate (verb)

comport with, comported with, comporting with, comports with.

reckon (verb)

look upon, think of, thinking of, thought of, look up on, looked up on, looked upon, looking up on, looking upon, looks up on, looks upon, sur mise, sur mises, sur-mise, sur-mises, thinks of.

score (verb)

chalk up, Scored, keep tally, keeps tally, kept tally, keeping tally.

simple arithmetical process of increase; accumulation (verb)


square (verb)

gee, square, squared, Geed, Geeing, GEES.

suit (verb)

beseem, Beseemed, Beseeming, fill the bill, am proper for, am seemly, answer a need, answer need, answered a need, answered need, answering a need, answering need, answers a need, answers need, are proper for, are seemly, art proper for, art seemly, be proper for, be seem, be seemed, be seeming, be seemly, be seems, be-seem, be-seemed, be-seeming, be-seems, being proper for, being seemly, beseems, cut mustard, cut the mustard, cuts mustard, cuts the mustard, cutting mustard, cutting the mustard, fill bill, filled bill, filled the bill, filling bill, filling the bill, fills bill, fills the bill, is proper for, is seemly, made grade, made the grade, make grade, makes grade, makes the grade, making grade, making the grade, was proper for, was seemly, wast proper for, wast seemly, were proper for, were seemly, wert proper for, wert seemly.

tag (verb)

Nicknamed, Nicknaming, Ticketing.

take census; question (verb)


tally (verb)

catalog, compute, enumerate, inventory, itemize, mark down, number, numerate, reckon, register, sum, tale, tell, write down, keep score.

tell (verb)

Told, count by one, count one by one, counted by one, counted one by one, counting by one, counting one by one, counts by one, counts one by one.

tot (verb)


Usage examples for tally

  1. Do the descriptions tally in every respect? – The Shrieking Pit by Arthur J. Rees
  2. You're not connected with- with the tally business, are you, sir? – Lady Audley's Secret by Mary Elizabeth Braddon
  3. Too many stories tally. – The Flying Saucers are Real by Donald Keyhoe
  4. And as the Tally- ho was an early coach, they had driven out to the Peacock to be on the road. – Tom Brown's School Days by Thomas Hughes
  5. But the best the red's captain could do was a clean drive into right field that was good for one base for himself and a tally for the man on second. – The New Boy at Hilltop by Ralph Henry Barbour

Idioms for tally

  1. tally with sth;
  2. tally sth up;

Rhymes for tally

  • halle, valli, galley, sallie, cally, valley, halley, raley, talley, lally, sally, bally, salley, rally, sallee, verbally, galli, vallee, hally, dally, mally;
  • alley, calley, allie, alie, cali, vitale, alli;
  • finale, vitaly, mcnally;