Pronunciation of Tell
/tˈɛl/, /tˈɛl/, /t_ˈɛ_l/

Antonyms for tell

moving for, re-serves, lays before, swept under rug, obscure, pre tends, gloss, makes a motion, keeping under hat, dis allowed, be wilders, kibitzed, de-duct, be-wildered, move for, shutting in, tipping off, dis-guise, question, re-serve, file for, leads on a merry chase, putting false front, doubletalked, call upon, darken, re-pressing, mis colors, gives tip, cache, keeps to oneself, are sign of, simmering down, bemuse, by-passed, re pressed, re tains, closes off, dis tort, four-flushing, re strain, keeps dark, putting on front, filing for, umbraging, over whelming, ex cretes, hold out on, tip off, lay line, re-commend, pries in to, picking ones brains, Glozed, corked, implores, de ducting, double-talked, miscolored, puts in a hole, put forward, four-flushes, getting around, de aden, apologizes for, holds in, puts a band aid, crossing the mind, called upon, kibitzing, bottle up, Burking, hide, dis-simulated, making motion, kept feeling inside oneself, in-stall, softpedal, over laid, mask, makes a pitch, in stalled, speak ones piece, doublespeak, dis-simulates, sets forth, de-ducts, encasing, Propone, bring to naught, putting on a front, set off, superpose, de-posits, giving lie to, picks brains, re-questing, filed for, puts a hole, de posited, put false front, stashes away, holds back, giving a tip, doest sly, gave third degree, over-casts, enshroud, shuttering, laying the line, dis guises, put on a bandaid, doubletalking, pipe dreamed, points in direction of, pro-pone, keeps feeling inside oneself, steer clear of, art sign of, kept to oneself, puts on false front, overlook, laid low, prettified, pro pones, re does, pro-pounds, crossed mind, makes motion, laid on the line, pro pounds, cloak, put the screws to, de fending, sub-dues, screen, lie low, make like, making light of, miscoloring, wore cheaters, put through wringer, dis-charging, dis-simulating, holding down, Tendered, de-fends, dis-allows, de creases, mis lead, mis-lead, put in a hole, clams up, mis-states, cooped up, over-lay, re tain, putting a hole, lies low, putting through wringer, sneaked away, de-positing, doth the sly, antiquing, Bulwarking, dost on the sly, dost sly, Palming, de cline, dis-guised, does sly, mis colored, requisitioned, be lied, keeping under wraps, burke, putting through the wringer, super-impose, keeps quiet, cross the mind, de-note, picked ones brains, pro mise, pick ones brains, ex-crete, pointed direction of, lays the line, re quest, clammed up, pro-pones, laying before, gives the third degree, picking brains, dis allow, pro posing, in sinuate, co-unselling, curls up, over whelmed, goes into hiding, going underground, passes up, mix up, pried into, super posing, boxes up, am a sign of, bushed up, led to believe, pro motes, did the sly, put out the way, four flushing, setting forth, stashing away, put band aid, put a hole, de-noting, boxed up, shucking jive, sneaking away, curling up, over-cast, keep back, de-ducted, de-ducting, make motion, keeps under one's hat, put in mind of, guess, pre-tended, putting to something, re-press, brought to naught, brought naught, put to something, be-wilder, leads believe, dis simulating, Secreted, put through the wringer, Palmed, de-clines, Whites, in-stalling, putting to, keeps secret, steers clear of, with-draw, pro-posing, bushes up, figure, proposition, puts out the way, re strained, re commends, set on, blinding, de fend, stows away, begged the question, contended for, lead a merry chase, speaking ones piece, de fended, doctoring up, boarded up, sets off, stowed away, bury, de duct, went underground, dis guised, puts a front, de clines, shuts in, Hooding, Bulwarked, crosses mind, be sought, walls off, hunted for, doubletalk, de-noted, puts a false front, didst the sly, with-drew, re-fused, be-muse, de posit, four flushes, led merry chase, hits on, dis charge, pro pounding, pipe dreamt, pro pose, proponing, dis guise, sweeps under rug, held in, deny, led on a merry chase, did on the sly, put act, re done, dis-allowing, keeps from, mis-colored, picking one's brains, be-lying, make pitch, puts mind of, apologized for, curtained, re presenting, overcasts, wears cheaters, re quested, doth on the sly, put up front, shrouding, spake piece, called up on, do on the sly, Enisled, kept dark, kibitz, Levied, over-whelms, gotten around, staying out sight, am sign of, does the sly, keeps oneself, sur-rounding, snuck away, is a sign of, contend for, dost the sly, de note, beat around bush, de tain, calls up on, enisles, put the lid on, sitting down on, puts on to something, prying in to, de-tains, overwhelms, in-quiring, dis guising, put a band-aid, kept under wraps, co loring, puts screws to, in quire, gave a tip, closing off, co-loring, putting on a band aid, makes light of, leading on merry chase, lays on the line, put on a front, giving runaround, making a motion, misunderstand, tenders, ask, over laying, pre tending, give the third degree, blots out, gave the lie to, with draws, tuck away, spake one's piece, propones, led a merry chase, Shying, was a sign of, speaking one's piece, doctors up, stifle, mis-leading, super imposed, mis stated, sur faces, stopping oneself, glosses over, does on the sly, putting something, dis charged, giving the third degree, kept distance, puts on a bandaid, keeps under wraps, not give awayed, made like, pro-pounding, Burkes, mis represents, over whelms, with drawn, lays low, hush up, de crease, keep under one hat, in sinuated, put on a band aid, make a pitch, dis charging, overcast, re present, point in direction of, dis-charged, suggest, de posits, give third degree, listen, sur-rounded, keeping under one's hat, picked one brains, keeps under one hat, give tip, going into hiding, Canopying, put in the hole, prettifies, leads to believe, doeth the sly, lay before, re-straining, obey, keep feeling inside oneself, beats around bush, dis-guises, kept secret, super imposes, pry in to, mis-represents, covers up, gild, super-posed, put out of way, led believe, in quired, gloss over, brings to naught, super imposing, putting mind of, put hole, snuggle up, doth sly, be-mused, puts two cents, be wilder, double talking, pro posed, over-lays, puts the screws to, stays out of sight, put an act, hunt for, over-spreading, pre-tends, spoke one piece, puts in mind of, mis-colors, puts up front, keep oneself, dummied up, pro mote, points direction of, sub dues, re quests, puts in two cents, being a sign of, put the hole, pro moting, double-talking, beating around bush, be mused, cooping up, put bandaid, doctor up, put on band aid, Occulted, stop oneself, dis simulates, lied low, puts on front, putting in the hole, super posed, covering up, keeping oneself, do the sly, in vested, re-quests, crossexamine, bushing up, cross mind, hit on, clamming up, pro-mises, went into hiding, gather wool, picks one's brains, re served, calls upon, befog, over spreads, stay out of sight, pick brains, mis-coloring, in-undated, subtract, hid out, holding out on, de positing, staying out of sight, didst on the sly, keep under wraps, sur face, dis allows, in-vested, putting on something, wast a sign of, keeping quiet, setting apart, keeping to oneself, are a sign of, puts in hole, hold down, pro-duces, in-stalled, pro-positioned, over spread, setting on, de-aden, dis simulated, with holds, putting on to something, apologize for, puts through wringer, mind, ex-cretes, with held, keep dark, blot out, pro duce, lay on line, made a pitch, puts on band aid, mis-state, sneak away, put a front, were sign of, prying into, begs the question, re-commended, puts something, bedim, shucks jive, re fused, comply, kept under ones hat, sit down on, shies, pro positioning, clam up, made motion, de-notes, pick one brains, shuttered, leading on a merry chase, pro-positions, be wildered, hides out, curl up, cloud, de-creasing, steering clear of, de-cline, put out way, Occulting, de-tain, blanket, hided out, burked, be quiet, occults, dis-allow, put screws to, sets on, crossing mind, re-tains, not tell, sur-faced, slips out, Gloze, shade, setting off, glozes, Re-present, be sign of, laying on line, making pitch, re serve, Bummed, super pose, sat down on, keep quiet, in quiring, in undated, in-vesting, co unselling, put on act, putting up a front, speaks one piece, gives third degree, mis states, sur rounding, pro mises, fourflush, made pitch, mis-represent, gathered wool, putting up smoke screen, Shrouded, over casting, Mantling, put a false front, puts out of way, holding in, re-serving, putting band aid, pried in to, de noting, pry into, Suppressing, re-presented, pro duces, stay out sight, hunts for, contending for, mislead, de creasing, box up, confuse, pro-mise, palms, kept oneself, hide out, speak one piece, dis-charges, be musing, putting forward, Miscolor, keep, tips off, not told, keeping from, files for, keep secret, wall off, quick fixed, putting on a false front, giving the runaround, speaking one piece, with-drawn, crosses the mind, put two cents, set apart, puts through the wringer, putting on band-aid, re fusing, tucks away, putting a band aid, lying low, putting a false front, put lid on, picked one's brains, dis-guising, de-creased, stopped oneself, by passes, beg question, stays out sight, doest on the sly, sneaks away, de-fend, sit on, put up smoke screen, keeps under ones hat, kibitzes, over-whelming, Bumming, speak piece, over-laid, puts the lid on, gathering wool, keep under ones hat, stowing away, re press, put on to something, re-fuse, made a motion, intro duce, put in two cents, putting in a hole, quiz, gave the third degree, sequester, overspread, taking cover, disavow, moves for, slipping out, lay on the line, trump up, puts up smoke screen, stayed out of sight, re-commends, gives runaround, doing sly, brings naught, pre tend, sur-facing, Entrapped, go in to hiding, puts out way, goes in to hiding, blotted out, pro-motes, over-whelmed, de noted, de tains, trumping up, smother, promotes, held down, pop question, sub due, laid before, took cover, putting out of the way, sits down on, in vite, pro-pose, with drew, leads merry chase, laid the line, putting up front, wear cheaters, putting out of way, observe, lead to believe, putting on false front, be wildering, putting out the way, estimate, made light of, passed up, Superposed, laid away, dis simulate, puts on a false front, re did, muffle, four flush, put front, ensconce, crossed the mind, de-fending, slipped out, doctored up, not give awaying, dis-charge, intro-duces, set forth, shuck and jive, veil, mis leading, gives lie to, sets apart, fourflushes, bringing naught, make a motion, putting screws to, de-adens, keeping under one hat, suppress, be-musing, over-spreads, intro-duce, puts on a front, needling, re serving, varnish, put on false front, call up on, sub-due, re-commending, quick fixt, carpeting, super-pose, puts on bandaid, shroud, over lays, over-laying, take cover, cover, covered up, putting a smoke screen, puts to, wert sign of, leads a merry chase, blinded, Curtaining, de ducts, doeth on sly, secrete, re fuse, dummy up, putting the hole, palm, kept quiet, Tendering, pro-mote, whitewash, re-tain, becloud, boxing up, shucking and jive, dulls, re presses, simmered down, with-drawing, did on sly, super-imposes, in-vests, over-whelm, pro-pounded, mis-leads, be-lied, sat on, de-fended, leading a merry chase, wert a sign of, overshadow, Dulling, come with, pointing in direction of, prettify, be-wilders, hitting on, puts forward, putting out way, makes pitch, keeping dark, de-crease, lays line, super-imposing, stow away, propound, takes cover, doeth sly, intro duces, puts a bandaid, Islanded, hiding out, lays away, is sign of, gives a tip, didst on sly, with-hold, hold in, keep to oneself, sur faced, puts on band-aid, tucking away, pro pone, misinterpret, re commended, putting a bandaid, stayed out sight, put to, sur rounded, pries into, over cast, puts band-aid, begging the question, evade, with-holds, de-creases, snuggling up, in-sinuate, puts bandaid, snuggled up, layered, give a tip, be muse, pro positions, mis-represented, with hold, follow, putting in mind of, re-strict, putting on a bandaid, keeping back, put on a false front, dis-tort, re-does, Housed, re-done, giving tip, miss, whiting, put a smoke screen, re commending, doest on sly, lay away, sur facing, in vests, sur-face, lead on a merry chase, lead believe, proponed, mis-stated, picking one brains, goes underground, palliate, held out on, eclipse, keeps back, being sign of, pro position, mis-representing, quick fixing, re pressing, puts false front, re strict, dis-allowed, picks one brains, super impose, ignore, went in to hiding, withhold, begged question, in sinuating, Instituting, Glozing, leading believe, be-sought, gathers wool, with-held, gave the runaround, re-doing, re-served, doing the sly, re fuses, staid out of sight, curled up, was sign of, kept back, de-posit, calling up on, doublespeaking, staid out sight, pro-pound, apologizing for, puts front, prettifying, in-vest, speaks piece, putting in two cents, dis-torts, puts smoke screen, leading to believe, in vest, putting on bandaid, get around, boards up, miscolors, deceive, over whelm, dis-simulate, shut in, locked up, putting two cents, put a band aid, put mind of, mis-stating, put a bandaid, be a sign of, gat around, go underground, puts up a smoke screen, shucked jive, be-wildering, re-strain, putting bandaid, antiqued, were a sign of, boarding up, not telling, lay low, be lying, locking up, overcasting, doublespeaked, pro-moting, keeps under hat, carpeted, cross examine, re-strained, speaks one's piece, begs question, closed off, in-quires, close off, keep from, re commend, coop up, stashed away, putting lid on, put on bandaid, sweeping under rug, re straining, didst sly, four flushed, picked brains, doest the sly, in quires, re presents, ex crete, laying line, spoke piece, in-sinuates, trumps up, spake ones piece, putting on band aid, bringing to naught, hunting for, sate down on, spoke one's piece, dost on sly, going in to hiding, point direction of, corking, did sly, putting the screws to, holds out on, re-strains, pipe dreaming, beg the question, wast sign of, put up a smoke screen, puts band aid, tucked away, gave runaround, dis torts, umbraged, de creased, spitballing, four-flush, put out of the way, put something, pre-tending, re presented, request, keeping secret, mis represented, mis-color, dis charges, encase, mis representing, keeping distance, with holding, puts in the hole, super-imposed, sweep under rug, re questing, by-passing, dis allowing, kept under hat, picks ones brains, re-presses, making a pitch, laying low, by pass, hush, in-quire, do sly, spitball, by passing, not give aways, pro positioned, simmers down, sitting on, board up, passing up, lays on line, By-pass, Cloistering, disguise, gave tip, putting a band-aid, overspreading, art a sign of, gets around, in-quired, keeping feeling inside oneself, keep under one's hat, re-quest, giving third degree, go into hiding, pro-positioning, camouflage, double talked, put on something, put on band-aid, mis represent, puts out of the way, fourflushing, laying away, putting up a smoke screen, doing on the sly, stops oneself, dissemble, calling upon, superposes, make light of, in sinuates, give the lie to, by-passes, dummies up, four-flushed, putting on a band-aid, coops up, speaks ones piece, wearing cheaters, gives the runaround, pro pounded, in stalling, keep distance, conceal, re-presenting, de adens, pointing direction of, doublespeaks, lead merry chase, re strains, pick one's brains, not give away, puts on a band-aid, putting smoke screen, laying on the line, puts on something, begging question, re-did, fourflushed, puts to something, sits on, de notes, holds down, by passed, keeping under ones hat, canopied, tipped off, belie, put up a front, over casts, de-posited, contends for, re-presents, do on sly, speak one's piece, enisling, cover up, lock up, glossed over, pass up, bush up, with drawing, kept under one's hat, sate on, blotting out, in-sinuating, shucked and jive, not tells, doeth on the sly, de ducted, with draw, dummying up, puts a band-aid, bring naught, gives the lie to, de fends, kept from.