Pronunciation of This
/ð_ˈɪ_s/, /ðˈɪs/, /ðˈɪs/

Antonyms for This:

opposite, other, distant, far, remoter, remote, That, farther, back, outside, further.

Usage examples for This:

  • What shall you do about this? - "Indian Summer", William D. Howells.
  • What does this girl want now? - "Red Men and White", Owen Wister.

Idioms for This:

Quotes for This:

Rhymes for This:

  • vis, dis, suisse, bliss, miss, lists, wiss, stys, gillis, kris, rys, persists, insists, bis, gris, chris, swiss, fiss, biss, kiss, remiss, kis, pris, resists, chriss, fis, cysts, liss, lis, sis, diss, hiss, kriss, cris, riss, risse, flis, wis;
  • dismiss, abyss, exists, consists, amiss, enlists, assists;
  • reminisce;

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