Thought about

Pronunciation of Thought About
/θˈɔːt ɐbˈa͡ʊt/, /θˈɔːt ɐbˈa‍ʊt/, /θ_ˈɔː_t ɐ_b_ˈaʊ_t/

Synonyms for thought about

considered (adjective)

advised, aforethought, designed, express, intentional, mediated, premeditated, studied, studious, treated, voluntary, willful, Designful, Examined, Investigated, Weighed, Contemplated, Prepense, gone into, given due consideration, thought-about, thought-through, well advised, well chosen.

studied (adjective)

affected, calculated, conscious, considered, planned, plotted, prepared, purposeful, thoughtful, willing, reviewed, thought-out, well-considered.

bat around (verb)


brood (verb)

bleed, consider, deliberate, despond, dream, fret, gloom, grieve, lament, languish, meditate, mope, mull over, muse, ponder, reflect, repine, ruminate, sigh, speculate, sulk, think about, worry, daydream, sweat out, be in brown study, chafe inwardly, dwell upon, eat one's heart out, stew over, sweat over, think upon.

chew the cud (verb)

converse, digest, chew the fat, mull something over, ponder over.

digest (verb)

absorb, analyze, assimilate, contemplate, grasp, master, study, think over, take in.

have (verb)

allow, become, enjoy, entertain, experience, feel, know, leave, let, must, need, ought, permit, see, should, suffer, sustain, tolerate, undergo, put up with, fall on, meet with, rest with, be compelled to, be forced to, be one's duty to, be up to.

heeded (verb)

attended, minded, studied, Heeded, Scrutinized, Watched, cared about, concentrated on, paid attention to, taken notice of, taken seriously, took notice of, took seriously.

hesitate (verb)

alternate, balance, balk, dally, debate, defer, delay, demur, dillydally, dither, doubt, equivocate, falter, flounder, fluctuate, fumble, hang, hang back, hedge, hem and haw, hold back, hold off, hover, linger, oscillate, pause, pull back, pussyfoot, scruple, seesaw, shift, shrink, stammer, stop, straddle, stumble, stutter, swerve, tergiversate, think twice, vacillate, waffle, waver, weigh, shy away, be reluctant, be irresolute, blow hot and cold, be unwilling, sit on fence.

puzzle (verb)

brood, cudgel, marvel, ask oneself, rack one's brains, think hard.

take into account (verb)

allow for, bear in mind, include, take into consideration.

view (verb)

account, deem, judge, look on, reckon, regard.

weigh (verb)

appraise, brainstorm, estimate, evaluate, examine, excogitate, hash over, mind, rate, rehash, sort out, sweat, think out, track, Perpend, give thought to, reflect upon.


thought over or through.

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