Pronunciation of Three
/θ_ɹ_ˈiː/, /θɹˈiː/, /θɹˈiː/

Antonyms for three


Idioms for three

  1. be three sheets to the wind;
  2. three bricks shy of a load;
  3. the three R's;
  4. didn't exchange more than three words with sm;
  5. didn't exchange more than three words with;

Quotes for three

  1. When it's three o'clock in New York, it's still 1938 in London.
  2. The Iraqi people are living better lives now than three year ago, no longer living in fear.
  3. We only did probably two, three takes on every scene we did, at the most.
  4. I've been on the road I think probably three years.
  5. If they'll have me and the show does well, I could do this another two or three years.

Rhymes for three

  • zee, conferee, flee, hee, mi, bee, ti, marquis, syp, nee, dea, tenn, glee, lea, licensee, zea, rea, disagree, fop, goatee, mt, trustee, apc, xi, trainee, b, nestle, leigh, lee, quay, internee, fee, sheree, cie, decree, marquee, potpourri, enlistee, mee, bbc, key, sie, devotee, z, draftee, appointee, blea, detainee, gyi, bt, pawnee, referee, waikiki, flea, ye, bibi, ee, qui, dundee, chablis, louie, prix, ski, guarani, ged, jessee, dee, shri, mpg, rupee, sci, snee, tyree, klee, vee, c, parolee, ab, cc, jee, henri, vi, m3, deportee, tree, ranee, sightsee, kyi, bourgeoisie, kee, curie, yi, ze, tv, escapee, tea, bui, g, the, brea, banshee, spree, valoree, repartee, whoopee, pea, ravi, nie, oversea, quai, mea, mit, ghee, lp, wee, markee, we, he, slee, mcghee, bea, ji, te, guarantee, musee, plea, sep, lxi, thierry, dupree, rb, tennessee, pattee, she, marie, lsd, foresee, cree, degree, be, dsv, qi, knee, designee, emcee, se, v, nic, cyb, ot, see, khe, pri, smee, tse, honoree, chea, vendee, sea, fi, rosalee, p, rosemarie, cat-3, brie, id, cod, atp, nominee, yee, sri, eap, gutsy, debris, crea, re, esprit, ve, me, lessee, mcgee, pree, shi, si, ip, nghi, enrollee, ree, capri, c3, franchisee, retiree, yippee, cd, jubilee, resignee, kea, tee, nabil, mc, yie, cac, fsi, bree, li, sze, jie, jaycee, cxc, thi, ne, lavie, mme, ib, free, chee, njt, ddt, xie, loree, guaranty, inductee, andree, odp, spie, ofc, thee, d, je, magee, undersea, oad, indri, gee, t, ki, yangtze, de;
  • abee, achee, alee, agree, ac, adee, albee;
  • adoree, amc, amputee, addressee, absentee, abt, adoptee;
  • irit, knbc, interviewee, geac, hnat, lapd;
  • awb;