Throws Together

Pronunciation of Throws Together
/θɹˈə͡ʊz təɡˈɛðə/, /θɹˈə‍ʊz təɡˈɛðə/, /θ_ɹ_ˈəʊ_z t_ə_ɡ_ˈɛ_ð_ə/

Synonyms for throws together:

associate (verb)

accompany, amalgamate, bunch up, come together, confederate, consort, fraternize, gang up, get into, get together, hang around, hang out, hobnob, join, mingle, mix, pal up, pool, team up, tie in, tie up, go along with, take up with, get in on, get in with, run around with, be friends, be in cahoots, buddy up, go partners, hang out with, join up with, line up with, play footsie with, run with, string along with, swing with, throw in together, truck with, work with.

build (verb)

assemble, bring about, carpenter, cast, compile, compose, contrive, engineer, erect, evolve, fabricate, fashion, forge, form, frame, make, manufacture, model, prefabricate, produce, put together, raise, rear, reconstruct, sculpture, set up, synthesize, throw together, throw up, put up, Superstruct, knock together, fit together, jerry-build.

collaborate (verb)

coact, collude, concert, concur, conspire, cooperate, hook on, hook up, interface, join forces, participate, cofunction, coproduce, do business with, glue oneself to, join together, throw in with.

combine (verb)

associate, band, bind, blend, bond, bracket, coalesce, commingle, compound, conjoin, couple, dub, fuse, incorporate, league, link, marry, merge, network, relate, slap on, tack on, tag on, unify, unite, wed, team up with, plug into, tie up with, coadjute, hitch on, stand in with.

concoct (verb)

batch, brew, cook up, create, design, devise, discover, dream up, envisage, envision, hatch, invent, mature, originate, plan, plot, prefab, prepare, project, scheme, slap together, vamp, make up, ad lib.

consolidate (verb)

add to, amass, build up, cement, centralize, compact, concatenate, concentrate, condense, connect, develop, federate, fortify, harden, hitch, hook up with, mass, meld, reinforce, secure, set, solidify, stabilize, strengthen, thicken, densen, render solid.

construct (verb)

cobble up, constitute, elevate, establish, formulate, found, fudge together, hammer out, imagine, organize, put out, shape, trump up, whip up, Uprear, hoke up.

contrive (verb)

concoct, construct, handle, improvise, manipulate, move, rig, wangle, come up with.

devise (verb)

arrange, blueprint, brainstorm, chart, cogitate, craft, get off, intrigue, machinate, mastermind, play it by ear, spark, think up, work out, head trip, dope out, ad-lib, fake it.

erect (verb)

effect, heighten, hoist, initiate, institute, lift, mount, pitch, plant, stand, upraise, run up, stand up, cock.

fabricate (verb)

build, structure, Whomp Up, turn out, piece together.

fashion (verb)

accommodate, adapt, carve, cut, fit, mold, suit, tailor, work.

form (verb)

block out, complete, conceive, consummate, cultivate, finish, fix, outline, pattern, perfect, trace, knock off.

hatch (verb)

bear, breed, bring forth, brood, cause, engender, generate, give birth, incubate, induce, occasion, parent, procreate, provoke, sire, spawn, spitball, work up, get up, lay eggs.

improvise (verb)

coin, dash off, extemporize, fake, jam, make do, slapdash, Improvisate, IMPROV, wing it, do off top of head, do offhand, speak off the cuff.

integrate (verb)

articulate, assimilate, attune, combine, conform, consolidate, coordinate, desegregate, embody, harmonize, intermix, knit, mesh, orchestrate, proportion, reconcile, symphonize, systematize, tune, meld with, reconciliate.

intermingle (verb)

commix, immingle, interlace, interweave, Interfuse, interblend.

make (verb)

accomplish, adjust, beget, cook, tear off, whip, give rise to, get ready, lead to, draw on, whip out.

manufacture (verb)

cobble, execute, machine, mass-produce, mill, process, tool.

merge (verb)

absorb, conglomerate, converge, intermingle, meet, submerge, tag, Immerge, line up, join up, be swallowed up, become lost in, become partners, come aboard, deal one in, melt into.

shape (verb)

bring together, chisel, crystallize, hew, knead, mint, pat, sketch, stamp, streamline, trim, whittle, Roughhew.

throw up (verb)

patch, roughcast, jerrybuild, build overnight.

wing it (verb)

do off the top of your head.

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