Pronunciation of To
/tˈuː/, /tˈuː/, /t_ˈuː/

Antonyms for to:

following, next, next to, after.

Synonyms for to:




position, time.

n. t.

about, by, in proportion to, lest, so, so as to, up to, Towards, Toward, Until, according to, as far as, so that, in order that, in accordance with, for, in order to, in concordance with.

eastern poison oak (preposition)

close to, continuously, go to, in relation to, pro, up to, with regard to, Fronting, Towards, Until, Via, Contra, as far as, prior to, over against, in spite of, not quite, with a view to, in favor of, down to, up till, in advance of, to the amount of, on the road to, in pursuance of, for the sake of, in the interest of, in the direction of, headed for, pointing to, in place of, for, per, in the vicinity, beneficial to, conducive to, in contemplation of, in exchange for, in furtherance of, in order to, in order to get, in the name of, on the part of, on the side of, to counterbalance, to go to, to the extent of, under the authority of, with respect, before the coming, in expectation, just before, shortly before, for sake of.

indicating degree (preposition)

as far as, down to, to this extent.

indicating position (preposition)

before, on, over, Upon, prior to, in front of.

indicating results (preposition)

back, becoming, Until, ending with.

in the direction of (preposition)

facing, through, Into, Toward, Via, directed toward.

so that (preposition)

so, in order to, that one may.

until (preposition)

till, up to, extending to, stopping at.

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