Pronunciation of Top-Pled
/tˈɒpplˈɛd/, /tˈɒpplˈɛd/, /t_ˈɒ_p_p_l_ˈɛ_d/

Synonyms for top-pled:

upset (adjective)

agitated, amazed, apprehensive, chaotic, come apart, confused, disconcerted, dismayed, disordered, disquieted, distressed, frantic, hurt, ill, jittery, jumpy, low, muddled, overturned, overwrought, rattled, ruffled, shocked, sick, thrown, troubled, unsettled, worried, Capsized, Dragged, Grieved, Toppled, Tumbled, Spilled, unglued, broken up, shook up, unzipped, all torn up, bummed out, in disarray, psyched out, tipped over, upside-down, blue*, antsy*.

collapse (verb)

bend, break, cave in, conk out, crumple, deflate, disintegrate, droop, drop, exhaust, fail, faint, fall down, flag, flake out, fold, give, give in, give out, give way, go to pieces, languish, shatter, subside, succumb, tire, topple, weaken, weary, wilt, yield, belly up, crack up, go*.

crash (verb)

bump, collide, ditch, dive, fall flat, go in, hurtle, meet, pancake, prang, slip, smash, sprawl, washout, bite the dust, splash down, crash-land, drive into, fall headlong, fall prostrate, plough into.

descend (verb)

cascade, cataract, coast, crash, crouch, decline, deplane, detrain, dip, disembark, dismount, dribble, get down, get off, gravitate, ground, incline, light, penetrate, plop, plummet, prolapse, set, settle, sink, slide, slope, stoop, submerge, swoop, toboggan, trickle, trip, weep, slough off, slant, lose balance.

drop (verb)

abandon, depress, descend, duck, dump, fell, floor, flop, give up, knock, loosen, lower, plump, release, relinquish, shed, shoot, unload.

fall (verb)

abate, backslide, break down, buckle, decrease, depreciate, diminish, drag, drop down, dwindle, ease, ebb, fold up, lapse, lessen, recede, regress, relapse, spin, trail, wane, be precipitated.

falter (verb)

bobble, flounder, fluctuate, fluff, halt, hem and haw, hesitate, quaver, reel, rock, roll, scruple, shake, stammer, tremble, vacillate, waver, wobble, Whiffle, drop the ball, be undecided, speak haltingly, stub toe, trip up.

flop (verb)

dangle, flap, flutter, hang, jerk, lop, quiver, sag, toss, wave, wiggle.

go down (verb)

go under, keel, reduce, submerse, submit, be defeated, be beaten, make less, suffer defeat.

topple (verb)

bring down, capsize, collapse, fall, falter, founder, go down, hit the dirt, keel over, land, lose it, lurch, oust, overbalance, overturn, pitch, plunge, slump, stagger, stumble, teeter, tip over, totter, tumble, turn over, unhorse, unseat, upset, knock down, do a pratfall, go belly up, nose-dive, take a header.

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