Pronunciation of Trans-Forming
/tɹˈanzfˈɔːmɪŋ/, /tɹˈanzfˈɔːmɪŋ/, /t_ɹ_ˈa_n_z_f_ˈɔː_m_ɪ_ŋ/

Synonyms for trans-forming:

affect (verb)

act on, change, disturb, impinge, impress, induce, influence, inspire, interest, involve, modify, move, overcome, perturb, prevail, regard, relate, stir, sway, touch, transform, upset.

alter (verb)

adapt, adjust, amend, develop, diversify, recast, refashion, reform, renovate, reshape, revise, shift, turn, vary, correct mid-course, dial back, make different, phony up, recalibrate, fine tune.

change (verb)

accommodate, alternate, diminish, diverge, evolve, fluctuate, merge, moderate, modulate, naturalize, recondition, redo, reduce, regenerate, remake, reorganize, replace, resolve, shape, substitute, temper, vacillate, veer, warp, tamper with, restyle, make innovations.

commute (verb)

barter, interchange.

convert (verb)

apply, appropriate, download, make, downlink.

differentiate (verb)

assort, mismatch, variegate, Mismate.

diversify (verb)

expand, mix.

modify (verb)

become, correct, customize, repair, rework, tweak, turn one around.

process (verb)

concoct, dispose of, fulfill, handle, prepare, refine, treat, deal with, make ready, take care of.

re-create (verb)

furbish, refurbish, give a new look to.

recondition (verb)


reform (verb)

ameliorate, better, clean up, cure, emend, improve, mend, rearrange, rebuild, reclaim, reconstitute, redeem, rehabilitate, remedy, restore, standardize, swear off, uplift, shape up, make amends, go straight, turn over a new leaf, bring up to code, change one's ways, clean up one's act.

renew (verb)

brace, continue, exhilarate, extend, fix up, freshen, gentrify, go over, modernize, overhaul, prolong, reaffirm, reawaken, recreate, reestablish, refit, refresh, reinvigorate, rejuvenate, reopen, repeat, replenish, restate, restock, resume, resuscitate, retread, revitalize, revive, spruce, stimulate, Recommence, begin again, bring up to date, breathe new life into.

transcend (verb)

beat, best, eclipse, exceed, excel, leave behind, outdo, outrival, outshine, outstrip, outvie, overstep, overtop, top, rise above, be superior, go above, leave in the dust.

transfigure (verb)


transform (verb)

alter, commute, convert, cook, denature, doctor, make over, metamorphose, mold, mutate, reconstruct, remodel, renew, revamp, revolutionize, switch, switch over, transfer, transfigure, translate, transmogrify, transmute, transpose, turn around, turn the tables, shift gears, sing different tune, turn over new leaf, turn the corner.

transpose (verb)

backtrack, double back, exchange, flip-flop, inverse, invert, put, relocate, render, reorder, reverse, revert.

turn (verb)

about-face, aim, backslide, call off, capsize, come, curve, depart, detour, detract, deviate, digress, direct, divert, fashion, form, get, go, go back, incline, loop, pivot, recoil, redirect, regress, relapse, retrace, return, run, sheer, shunt, sidetrack, subvert, swerve, swing, swirl, tack, twist, volte-face, wax, wheel, whip, whirl, zigzag, change into, face about, grow into, shy away, change position, pass into, rechannel.

vary (verb)

differ, disagree, displace, dissent, divaricate, divide, hem and haw, inflect, part, range, separate, take turns, yo-yo, Shilly-shally, blow hot and cold, permutate, be unlike.

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