Turn on

Pronunciation of Turn On
/tˈɜːn ˈɒn/, /tˈɜːn ˈɒn/, /t_ˈɜː_n ˈɒ_n/

Antonyms for turn on

unplugs, hits switch, Disinteresting, x-outs, re strict, dis-patches, pre vents, fore-stall, dis interested, tie down, logging off, sub due, deter, sits on, losing interest, dis patching, ex-terminating, de limited, disenchants, Negatived, dis patches, turn off, pro scribing, counter acted, kept line, lost one interest, switch off, Pinioning, de feat, de-barring, dis-please, losing ones interest, offing, dis-interested, hogtie, dis-enchants, choke back, acting like a wet blanket, choking back, fore-stalled, putting a damper on, alert, de-tains, pre-vents, counter-acting, de limit, re-fuse, act like wet blanket, prohibit, dis advise, pre vent, re-strain, cracked down, still, dis-advises, losing one's interest, disgust, de-aden, keeping in line, re-canting, de barring, sub dues, dis-advising, acting like wet blanket, ex terminates, choked back, keeps line, pre-venting, re-straining, forfends, hitting the switch, lose interest, losing one interest, shutting out, lock up, re strains, dis advised, quieten, counter-acted, Damping, x-outed, finish, de limits, puts a damper on, de-limited, re strained, forfending, loses one's interest, counter acts, acts like wet blanket, boxing up, turn out, pre-vent, forewarning, pre-vented, pull back, sub-dues, keep in line, x outed, disadvises, throws cold water on, dis-interests, disenchant, dis-pleases, ex-terminates, make one sick, garrote, makes one sick, boxes up, Scotched, hitting switch, Disadvise, dis-courages, dis-courage, box up, dis please, calm down, dis-enchanting, dis enchant, de-feats, tranquilize, dis-enchant, lost interest, dis-interest, lose one's interest, put off, re-presses, dis courage, fore stalls, dis patch, un plugged, pro scribe, dis interest, dis pleased, lose one interest, dis-patching, throwing cold water on, alarm, lull, puts damper on, hit the switch, dis-pleasing, tied down, dis enchanting, garrotes, de-limits, boxed up, hits the switch, displease, fore-stalls, cracks down, ex terminated, Scotching, forfended, nixing, dis-patched, dis-pleased, dis advises, warning, pro-scribed, Manacling, switches off, putting to death, Damped, re presses, notice, un plugs, switched off, hit switch, talked out of, pro scribes, deactivate, threw cold water on, keep down, sit on, dis-advised, tranquillise, act like a wet blanket, loses interest, dis patched, loses ones interest, de-barred, un-plugs, DAMPS, electro cutes, xouting, keeping line, ex terminate, pulled back, re-fused, offed, dis advising, dis-advise, dis pleases, re strain, Forfend, made sick, re-pressing, lost one's interest, cut, ties down, de-bar, corking, corked, xout, made one sick, disadvising, x outing, locked up, put a damper on, puts to death, re-canted, Garroted, de adens, de bars, fore-stalling, re fused, xouts, de feats, keeping down, de-limiting, make sick, kill, Garroting, fore stalling, x outs, sitting on, lose ones interest, switching off, puts death, end, talks out of, sub-due, counter-acts, pro-scribe, pinion, put death, making one sick, dis interesting, restrain, Negativing, close, counter act, log off, de-tain, de-feat, logged off, de-adens, put damper on, pinioned, caution, Manacled, un-plugging, electro cute, tranquillize, x-outing, putting death, pro scribed, Killed, de-bars, dis enchants, disenchanting, nixed, keep line, shut off, logs off, calm, re canted, shut down, dis-patch, ex-terminate, putting damper on, re-strains, unplug, talking out of, sate on, unplugging, locking up, quiet, de barred, re press, re canting, re pressed, hem in, re fuses, un-plug, dis enchanted, throw cold water on, dis pleasing, re pressing, pinions, un-plugged, talk out of, ex-terminated, re fuse, xouted, re-strict, fore stall, pulling back, chokes back, crack down, ex terminating, dis courages, de aden, unplugged, dis interests, re straining, acted like a wet blanket, tying down, re-strained, acts like a wet blanket, dis-enchanted, de bar, electro-cute, de limiting, lost ones interest, acted like wet blanket, scotches, keeps in line, keeps down, de tains, re fusing, de-limit, counter-act, pre venting, electro-cutes, un plugging, kept down, de tain, cracking down, put to death, disadvised, counter acting, dis-interesting.