Pronunciation of Twist
/twˈɪst/, /twˈɪst/, /t_w_ˈɪ_s_t/

Antonyms for twist

sort out, ravel, gotten bottom, lays smooth, smooths out, re-presents, de-coding, bailing one out, put to rights, un-tangle, re aching, un-locked, de-scribing, walled in, got to bottom, ex plain, wall in, un fold, de-ciphers, ex-plains, un curled, unriddling, put two two together, put rights, de-ciphering, out-stretches, dis embroiled, re presented, line, de nominate, puzzles out, de taches, puzzle out, slows down, unkink, discumbered, reels out, dis encumbers, de noting, untwined, discumbering, un-braid, un-wound, calling a spade a spade, set to rights, dis entangled, un furling, puts two two together, solve, reel out, ex-pound, puts perpendicular, shook out, hackles, ex plaining, sorting out, taking it easy, dis-covers, unbraid, un folded, disembroil, getting to the bottom, un-winds, un-bended, delineate, re presents, figure out, dis-embroiled, untie, un raveled, un-rolling, un wrapping, un-bind, getting bottom, un-bending, dis entangle, re lease, dis closed, de notes, unbraided, de-fine, re-lease, ex tending, unreeling, dis engages, un-weave, un-ravelled, dis cumbered, dis involves, ex plicated, smooth out, laying smooth, dis-engaged, loosens up, unscrambling, un-braiding, outspreading, ex-plain, un twisting, shake out, dis-encumbers, winding down, un-locks, unknots, un-hitch, un-woven, unreels, de-noted, uncurl, explicate, sets bounds to, dis-cumbers, straightened out, making heads tails of, un did, out spread, de-cipher, dis-cumbered, un reel, fenced in, de-ciphered, hit up on, dis covered, ex plained, dis-involves, de note, calls spade a spade, un-snarling, staking out, pre scribing, eases off, de-tailing, un creased, depict, re-ached, dis embroils, nail it down, unwind, untwine, limn, hatchel, un-raveled, de-noting, un-doing, dis engaged, un-hitched, taking a break, un-fasten, un-snarl, dis-engaging, un-roll, makes heads tails of, out-stretch, un braided, re-solve, dis playing, re ached, de-notes, called a spade spade, Unriddle, uncurled, uncoiled, re counting, thinking out, unsnarled, sameness, un hitch, making plumb, ex-pounding, quieted down, un-tangling, laid it out, set bounds to, unbent, un hitches, simplicity, de-note, ex-plicated, out-stretching, letting go, fore-tell, reeled out, un snarling, calling spade spade, un-tying, ex pound, de ciphers, de scribed, re solves, dis-engage, un hitching, dis-close, gets the bottom, bailed one out, de codes, un ravel, dis entangling, dis-closed, un hitched, re-counted, dis-encumbered, un-knots, take easy, de coding, fore tell, un-reels, gets to bottom, de-nominated, un-snarled, figured out, make heads or tails of, setting rights, untwisted, unsnarl, un twist, fan out, putting to rights, put upright, un-binds, gotten to bottom, de-nominate, un riddled, pro-duces, unsnarls, re-solved, think out, took a break, laid smooth, un-creasing, un ravels, doped out, ex-plained, smartens up, re presenting, ex-pounds, de tailing, fore telling, weaving out, ex-tended, setting bounds to, quiets down, dis-embroil, dis-involve, un-twisted, fanned out, making dent, un-twined, calls a spade spade, dis played, sur-rounded, slowing down, made plumb, un raveling, fore-tells, un laces, un-wind, lays it out, un-bends, discumbers, un tangles, Rimming, put in order, catching on to, take a break, dis-play, un-curls, un-crease, unbraiding, ex pounds, dis plays, un braid, de lineate, Girdled, dis-involved, dis-closing, de-scribed, continue, unlaces, un-coil, gotten to the bottom, un twined, fencing in, un cover, un rolling, un-coiled, out spreading, un-weaves, straightens out, put vertical, sate back, un-cover, nailing down, ex-plicate, un-reeled, re-counting, un locked, de tail, lay smooth, un covering, puts vertical, get right, de cipher, fence in, un-hitching, un-curled, stretched out, de coded, made heads tails of, sorted out, unlaced, dis encumbering, un curl, calling spade a spade, un-furling, un-riddles, un bending, setting to rights, un-reel, organization, takes break, ex pounded, getting the bottom, putting perpendicular, re-leases, de scribing, smartened up, weave out, un covered, un riddle, un creasing, un scrambles, loosening up, Formalizing, uncoil, un-raveling, un riddling, de-nominating, un curls, dis-cumbering, portray, caught to, call a spade spade, un scrambled, dis-plays, un crease, lay it out, making plain, un-twisting, un wrap, un-knot, lets go, catching to, re-solves, de-scribe, un-bend, gotten the bottom, fanning out, un braids, un-lock, de-lineated, un snarls, un reeling, made straight, unknotting, gat bottom, sitting back, makes dent, called a spade a spade, de-nominates, got right, puts rights, sets to rights, untwisting, call spade spade, un knotted, unbraids, smartening up, de-fined, unlace, un fastens, un folds, un lacing, un bind, ex pounding, un snarled, un weaves, un lace, unweaved, un coil, de-tailed, describe, demonstrate, Hatchelling, dis encumbered, dis-entangled, unweave, un-folding, hitting upon, dis-involving, un-creased, putting in order, ex plains, un weaved, figures out, uncreased, un rolled, dis involving, un tying, un coiled, mark out, called spade a spade, un bent, un tied, unweaving, dis-encumbering, un-did, puzzled out, de lineated, un-covering, un-ravel, un furled, untwines, define, betray, emancipate, fore-telling, dis entangles, straighten out, puts two and two together, re-presenting, re solve, nailing it down, un-scrambles, un bound, un-twists, untwist, un wind, un-does, dis involved, took it easy, dis-embroils, disembroils, dis-cumber, un knots, get to the bottom, re-solving, dope out, un-twining, explain, fences in, un-coils, makes plumb, un locking, puts upright, sur rounded, rimmed, re-counts, ex-tends, unreel, slowed down, Discumber, un riddles, wove out, un ravelling, unriddles, de nominates, putting upright, un knot, make heads tails of, gotten right, un done, dis cumbers, made dent, took break, fans out, bails one out, un-bound, de-tails, dis-covering, outspread, Re-present, re leases, pro duces, de-scribes, remain, out stretching, un fastening, re present, made a dent, makes straight, un-wrap, untwining, dis play, sets rights, made heads or tails of, un does, make plumb, bespeak, put straight, un lock, re-sting, de scribes, expose, de ciphering, get to bottom, wound down, un-weaved, un wove, taking break, fore told, un laced, un folding, out-spreads, Unreeled, wind down, Carding, un-riddle, sur-rounding, re-cline, ex tends, dis engaging, walling in, un-folds, dis-engages, quiet down, dis-encumber, un braiding, re clines, un winds, sorts out, un-tangled, Flanking, de-tach, ex plicating, un-fold, beautify, un coiling, un-wrapping, thought out, make dent, un-folded, keep, reveal, catch to, make plain, out stretches, dis-playing, un-laces, formalize, declare, putting vertical, un-creases, ex plicates, calling a spade spade, makes plain, un-weaving, eased off, un fasten, dis covers, getting to bottom, dis embroiling, un-riddled, call spade a spade, sits back, Disembroiling, un-bent, laying it out, un reeled, putting two and two together, evince, un-hitches, untangle, calls a spade a spade, loosen up, un curling, re-leased, puts straight, putting order, un-twine, sur rounding, unscrambled, disentangle, winds down, deal with, un coils, takes easy, dis closing, sat back, communicate, outspreads, dis-cover, de nominating, un-braids, figure, makes heads or tails of, un wraps, de-lineate, catch on to, un rolls, marking out, putting rights, doping out, render, un twine, un-knotted, unwove, takes it easy, de-code, dis involve, un-coiling, puts in order, thinks out, de ciphered, puts to rights, ex-plaining, unsnarling, hits upon, hitting up on, un reels, shakes out, uncrease, taking easy, ex tended, comb, dis-entangling, Hatcheling, de-taches, un-snarls, dis embroil, de tach, Carded, un-tied, stakes out, un-curl, out-spreading, nails it down, de-fining, unscramble, put order, un scrambling, trans late, un locks, ex-tend, unwoven, winded down, un snarl, dis encumber, dis-closes, de fines, un-laced, de-codes, dis close, un woven, ex-tending, un weaving, un-tangles, trans-lated, untwists, un-wraps, uncurling, re sting, un-reeling, pre-scribes, re-clines, puts order, de nominated, un-rolled, make straight, unweaves, de scribe, dis-played, un binds, caught on to, weaves out, easing off, dis-entangle, de-fines, unbend, pre-scribe, made plain, un tangled, un-wove, give away, shaking out, unfold, un-riddling, calls spade spade, smoothed out, un covers, un weave, hit upon, un wound, un winding, pre scribe, smarten up, un-scrambling, un twists, bail one out, quieting down, hackle, making straight, un bends, Flanked, de noted, de code, uncoils, de-tail, develop, pro duce, normality, weaved out, dis cumbering, de-coded, un wrapped, called spade spade, usualness, un-twist, gat the bottom, dopes out, marks out, dis covering, re-presented, sit back, conformity, un-ravelling, putting straight, dis-covered, de tails, ex tend, out spreads, Disembroiled, out-stretched, put perpendicular, nails down, dis cumber, gat right, un-rolls, gets to the bottom, un-winding, stretch out, re counted, un tangle, un twines, stretching out, formalized, order, represent, unbended, unknot, letted go, un fastened, ex-plicating, Hackled, formalizes, catches to, uncoiling, uncreases, re cline, un-braided, de fining, un bend, marked out, de fine, nailed it down, un-curling, un-lace, un-twines, un roll, set rights, dis-embroiling, unravel, de fined, un doing, pre-scribed, un-ravels, takes a break, smoothing out, loosened up, re counts, un-fastened, ex-plicates, pre-scribing, fore tells, straighten, un knotting, un bended, dis engage, call a spade a spade, re-aching, un twining, dis-entangles, ex plicate, un-wrapped, catches on to, ease off, uncurls, un tangling, un ravelled, un-scrambled, un-covers, uncreasing, un-knotting, unbends, un-furled, fore-told, ex-pounded, dis closes, de tailed, dis cover, slow down, out stretch, Hatcheled.