Un folding

Pronunciation of Un Folding
/ˈʌn fˈə͡ʊldɪŋ/, /ˈʌn fˈə‍ʊldɪŋ/, /ˈʌ_n f_ˈəʊ_l_d_ɪ_ŋ/

Antonyms for un folding

destroy, quandary, act, deterioration, distort, cloud, defer, leave alone, shorten, scatter, result, forget, sag, contract, abbreviate, covering, attach, truth, infrequent, question, damage, hindrance, idleness, tangle, disorganize, dissent, stop, die, take, twist, lose, misrepresent, disorganization, put together, worsening, cover, droop, subtraction, join, sew, retrogression, disarrange, miss, conclude, guard, repulse, repel, dullness, repress, bottle up, mend, hiding, retreat, shrink, ignore, terminate, keep secret, disturb, concealment, fasten, check, dirty, bury, waver, shrinkage, cessation, past, diminish, disperse, end, inaction, displace, deflate, worsen, unite, deface, secret, compress, exclude, neglect, later, evening, ignorance, hinder, effect, mess up, abandon, mystify, constrict, abridge, secrete, fold, complicate, delude, stagnate, agreement, death, narrow, cramp, marry, fall, misunderstand, collect, entwine, compression, hold, unsettle, loss, repudiate, push, quiet, protection, conceal, setting, sundown, abridgment, conclusion, mislead, certainty, block, reduction, be vague, restrict, save, destruction, play, stopping, close, curve, abatement, mull, confine, make simple, plainness, lessen, consume, blockage, eventide, perplex, problem, cease, dispute, reveal, wither, discontinue, move, veto, maintain, hesitate, distract, protect, take back, obscure, ordinariness, assemble, deny, fail, refrain, curtail, distant, begin, fix, withhold, refuse, overlook, close up, set, reduce, wonder, be quiet, ruin, doubt, finish, simplicity, Diminishment, deceive, finale, keep, ending, estimate, stoppage, degrade, confuse, thin, simplify, keep quiet, halt, search, failure, code, make ambiguous, sunset, reject, not use, encode, safety, cut, pose, lower, withdrawal, incontinuous, straighten, disorder, decline, weaken, lessening, scramble, dusk, condense, dissuade, wind, mix up, stagnation, tie, contradict, disappear, combine, shrivel, gather, hide, spoil, surety, inactivity, shut, element, oppose, wrap, whole, shield, guess, fold up, harm, chemical, bend, circumscribe, completion, deteriorate, put off, disavow, intermittent, entangle, fade, hurt, trouble, roll up, leave, connect, agree, peacemaking, decrease, concentrate, underdevelopment, modesty, disbelieve, suppress, start.