Pronunciation of Un-Conventional
/ˈʌnkənvˈɛnʃənə͡l/, /ˈʌnkənvˈɛnʃənə‍l/, /ˈʌ_n_k_ə_n_v_ˈɛ_n_ʃ_ə_n_əl/

Synonyms for un-conventional:

advanced (adjective)

breakthrough, excellent, exceptional, extreme, first, foremost, forward, higher, late, leading, liberal, precocious, progressive, radical, unconventional, cutting-edge, leading-edge, state-of-the-art.

atypic (adjective)

uncharacteristic, unordinary.

curious (adjective)

exotic, extraordinary, marvelous, mysterious, novel, peculiar, puzzling, quaint, rare, remarkable, singular, strange, unexpected, weird, wonderful, queer.

different (adjective)

another, discrete, diverse, especial, express, other, particular, several, special, specialized, specific, startling, various, another story, something else.

dotty (adjective)

absurd, daft, demented, disturbed, foolish, goofy, loony, nuts, nutty, odd, ridiculous, twisted, mentally unbalanced.

eccentric (adjective)

aberrant, abnormal, anomalous, bent, capricious, characteristic, cockeyed, curious, droll, erratic, flaky, freak, funky, funny, off-center, outlandish, quirky, quizzical, unnatural, whimsical, wild, way out, far out.

extreme (adjective)

absolute, desperate, dire, downright, drastic, egregious, exaggerated, excessive, extravagant, fabulous, fanatical, flagrant, gross, harsh, immoderate, improper, imprudent, inordinate, intemperate, irrational, nonsensical, out-and-out, outrageous, overkill, preposterous, rabid, rigid, severe, sheer, stern, strict, thorough, unbending, uncompromising, unreasonable, unseemly, utter, zealous, out of proportion.

far-out (adjective)

bohemian, boss, contemporary, cool, deep, fantastic, groovy, hip, hippie, mod, modern, modernistic, neat, nifty, rad, sensational, super, swell, trendy, out of this world, very unconventional, ultamodern.

far out (adjective)

ultramodern, nonconformist. quirky.

flaky (adjective)

haywire, screwy, wacky, Half-cracked, Birdy.

freakish (adjective)

arbitrary, grotesque, malformed, monstrous, outre, preternatural, wayward, Vagarious.

fresh (adjective)

beginning, brand-new, comer, crisp, crude, current, different, gleaming, glistening, green, hot, immature, latest, mint, natural, newborn, newfangled, now, raw, recent, sparkling, unprocessed, unseasoned, untouched, up-to-date, virginal, young, youthful, Neoteric, the latest, hot off the press, just out, this season's, what's happening.

funky (adjective)

earthy, fashionable, modish.

gonzo (adjective)

insane, far-fetched.

improper (adjective)

blue, dirty, impolite, indecent, indecorous, indelicate, lewd, malodorous, naughty, rough, salacious, suggestive, unbecoming, unethical, ungodly, unjust, unrighteous, untoward, wrong, wrongful, Unequitable, unrightful, risqué.

informal (adjective)

breezy, colloquial, congenial, democratic, easy, easygoing, everyday, extempore, folksy, frank, free, free-and-easy, homey, inconspicuous, intimate, loose, mellow, mixed, motley, open, ordinary, relaxed, spontaneous, sporty, straightforward, throwaway, unconstrained, unofficial, unrestrained, urbane, Familiar, IMPROV, unfussy, down home, laid back, low-pressure, without ceremony, off-the-cuff.

irregular (adjective)

deviant, disorderly, divergent, inappropriate, off-key, unsuitable.

kinky (adjective)

depraved, licentious, sick, warped, Degenerated.

kooky (adjective)


lewd (adjective)

bawdy, coarse, erotic, fast, filthy, foul-mouthed, immodest, immoral, impure, incontinent, lascivious, lecherous, libertine, libidinous, lustful, obscene, off-color, pornographic, profligate, questionable, racy, rakish, ribald, scandalous, scurrilous, shameless, smutty, taboo, unchaste, unclean, vile, wanton, wicked, in bad taste, X-rated, unvirtuous, hard-core.

liberal (adjective)

advanced, broad, broad-minded, catholic, enlightened, flexible, general, high-minded, humanistic, humanitarian, indulgent, intelligent, interested, latitudinarian, left, lenient, libertarian, magnanimous, permissive, rational, reasonable, receptive, reformist, tolerant, unbiased, unbigoted, understanding, unprejudiced, Receiving.

odd/oddball (adjective)

character, spacey, uncanny, off-the-wall.

offbeat (adjective)


off the wall (adjective)

nonconforming, schizoid, unpredictable, schizo, wigged out, not tightly wrapped.

original (adjective)

causal, causative, creative, devising, envisioning, fertile, formative, generative, imaginative, ingenious, innovational, innovative, inspiring, inventive, originative, productive, quick, ready, resourceful, seminal, sensitive, unprecedented, untried, Demiurgic, Conceiving, innovatory, avant garde, breaking new ground.

outlandish (adjective)

alien, awkward, barbaric, barbarous, boorish, clumsy, foreign, gauche, graceless, rude, tasteless, ultra, uncouth, unheard-of.

peculiar (adjective)


queer (adjective)

disquieting, doubtful, dubious, eerie, fishy, fly ball, mad, shady, suspicious, touched, unbalanced, unhinged.

quirky (adjective)

in left field.

raffish (adjective)

careless, casual, dashing, devil-may-care, disreputable, jaunty, tawdry, vulgar, gay.

scabrous (adjective)

indiscreet, shocking.

screwy (adjective)

batty, dotty.

subterrestrial (adjective)

subterranean, Hypogean, Hypogeous, hypogeal.

unaccustomed (adjective)

altered, imported, surprising, unfamiliar, unknown, unwonted, variant.

uncommon (adjective)

arcane, few, infrequent, nondescript, noteworthy, prodigious, scarce, seldom, sporadic, unaccustomed, unheard of, out of the way.

unconventional (adjective)

anarchistic, atypical, avant-garde, beat, bizarre, crazy, eccentric, far-out, freakish, freaky, idiosyncratic, individual, individualistic, informal, irregular, kinky, kooky, nonconformist, oddball, off the beaten track, offbeat, original, unceremonious, uncommon, unique, unorthodox, unusual, weirdo, out of the ordinary, uncustomary, out in left field, free and easy, way-out, off the wall.

underground (adjective)

alternative, clandestine, concealed, covert, experimental, hidden, hush-hush, on the sly, private, resistant, resistive, revolutionary, surreptitious, unbowed, under wraps, undercover, on the qt.

unordinary (adjective)


unorthodox (adjective)

beatnik, dissident, heretical, heterodox, schismatic, sectarian, off the beaten path.

unusual (adjective)

amazing, astonishing, awe-inspiring, awesome, conspicuous, distinguished, eminent, inconceivable, incredible, memorable, outstanding, phenomenal, prominent, refreshing, significant, unparalleled.

wrong (adjective)

amiss, bad, disproportionate, ill-advised, inapt, incongruous, incorrect, infelicitous, malapropos, misplaced, rotten, unacceptable, undesirable, unfit, unfitting, unhappy, unsatisfactory, unfitted, not done, off-balance.

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