Pronunciation of Un-Demonstrative
/ˈʌndəmˈɒnstɹətˌɪv/, /ˈʌndəmˈɒnstɹətˌɪv/, /ˈʌ_n_d_ə_m_ˈɒ_n_s_t_ɹ_ə_t_ˌɪ_v/

Synonyms for un-demonstrative:

cold (adjective)

cold-blooded, cool, dead, emotionless, frosty, glacial, icy, impersonal, imperturbable, inhibited, inhospitable, joyless, passionless, phlegmatic, spiritless, stony, unconcerned, undemonstrative, unfeeling, unimpassioned, unmoved, unsympathetic, matter-of-fact.

inhibited (adjective)

cold, constrained, frustrated, guarded, repressed, self-conscious, subdued, uptight, hung up, bottled up.

phlegmatic (adjective)

blah, deadpan, desensitized, disinterested, dispassionate, dull, flat, groggy, lethargic, lifeless, listless, passive, sluggish, uncompassionate, unexcitable, uninvolved, along for the ride.

reserved (adjective)

backward, bashful, cautious, ceremonious, close, collected, composed, conventional, demure, diffident, eremitic, formal, gentle, mild, misanthropic, modest, noncommittal, peaceful, placid, prim, quiet, reclusive, restrained, retiring, secretive, sedate, self-contained, serene, shy, soft-spoken, taciturn, close-mouthed, Uncompanionable.

restrained (adjective)

chilled, conservative, controlled, discreet, in charge, in check, laid-back, moderate, muted, plain, reasonable, shrinking, soft, steady, tasteful, temperate, under control, under wraps, unexpansive, unobtrusive, Inobtrusive, self-controlled, Unaffable, on a leash, calm and collected, corked up, unexcessive, unextreme.

self-controlled (adjective)


undemonstrative (adjective)

aloof, annoyed, apathetic, chill, chilly, distant, frigid, impertinent, impudent, incurious, indifferent, insolent, lukewarm, offended, offhand, offish, remote, reserved, reticent, solitary, standoffish, unapproachable, uncommunicative, unenthusiastic, unfriendly, uninterested, unresponsive, unsociable, withdrawn, Procacious, unwelcoming.

unemotional (adjective)

callous, coldhearted, hard-boiled, heartless, impassive, insensitive, marble, obdurate, thick-skinned, unimpressionable, Hard-hearted, going with the flow, rolling with the punches.

withdrawn (adjective)

aseptic, casual, detached, introverted, nongregarious, recluse, retired, retreated, silent, timorous, uncurious, unforthcoming.

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