Pronunciation of Unbind
/ʌnbˈa͡ɪnd/, /ʌnbˈa‍ɪnd/, /ʌ_n_b_ˈaɪ_n_d/

Antonyms for unbind:

Pinioning, kept within limits, de fining, Gluing, peg down, de-fine, incarcerate, re-strict, marks out, shutting in, lock up, interlace, keeps within limits, fetter, jail, re-strains, de-tains, keep within bounds, hook on, de-limits, de-creases, hog tie, wind, braid, keeping within limits, out line, hook up, lash, de creasing, de limit, de-creasing, de mark, iced, Fringing, held down, delimitates, de-mark, putting on ice, pin down, Enfetter, shut in, enchains, incloses, out-line, out lined, encircled, de-tain, pinned down, hitches on, de-marked, Inclosing, encase, hooking up, kept within bounds, restrict, in-close, de crease, putting lid on, delimitated, pinioned, glued, sending up, mark out, interned, in tern, cooled down, commit, subjugate, pre scribing, folding, in-terns, Inclosed, Prelimit, manacle, de tains, re-coiled, re duce, sends up, hogtie, send up, cooling down, hitching on, Cinched, tacks on, keeps within bounds, moor, saltated, demarking, re coiling, re-quire, de marking, delimitate, bind, re-straining, cools down, de limiting, conquer, put ice, de marks, in dentures, keep within limits, Manacled, locked up, intern, de-crease, demarks, de-fined, re pressed, interning, re coiled, roping, prelimiting, fasten, re coils, de tain, pinions, de-marks, putting half nelson on, putting a lid on, subdue, pre-limited, Roped, out lines, Rimming, putting lock on, enslave, putting ice, in closed, locking up, prelimited, entangle, re-pressing, re quired, sur-rounded, hooking on, sur rounding, de limited, marking out, hang up, Trussing, snarl, enfettered, delimitating, lace, pegging down, tacking on, hem in, put lock on, knot, re duces, demark, pinning down, hold, de-creased, re-coils, pins down, in terns, hooks on, re-duce, interweave, tie, fettered, re press, re-coiling, pre-limiting, re-duces, de fine, enfetters, pre-scribing, re coil, encases, edge, puts ice, Indenturing, hitched on, in denture, pre limited, hanging up, marked out, out lining, hooked on, saltating, de-limited, hobble, pegged down, Manacling, re strict, Moored, enchaining, re-strained, pre-scribed, de-limiting, re presses, pre-scribes, button, shuts in, trammel, demarked, pinion, enfettering, Cinching, in-closes, enchained, hanged up, margining, pegs down, de-fines, pre-limits, de-marking, keeping within bounds, put lid on, enchain, imprison, re-quires, immure, trussed, pre limit, handcuff, puts on ice, re quires, re quiring, holds down, rimmed, puts half nelson on, prelimits, sent up, put on ice, re-quiring, bound, confine, out-lines, in-tern, tacked on, out-lining, saltate, hooks up, re-presses, hitch on, de marked, re quire, tack on, re strained, re straining, puts a lid on, re-strain, re-quired, hold down, tangle, pre scribe, de creased, de-limit, de creases, lock, pre-scribe, re strains, encasing, re pressing, in-dentures, cool down, de fines, Margined, fix, holding down, re-coil, de fined, out-lined, Engird, puts lock on, sur-rounding, re strain, put a lid on, de limits, in close, in-denture, de-fining, saltates, sur rounded.

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