Pronunciation of Undefined
/ˌʌndɪfˈa͡ɪnd/, /ˌʌndɪfˈa‍ɪnd/, /ˌʌ_n_d_ɪ_f_ˈaɪ_n_d/

Antonyms for undefined

firstclass, in-tensest, having smarts, bounded, palatable, most enunciated, out rightest, un-questionable, most apical, most unblunted, most double edged, un-attached, un-complicated, ex-act, more whetted, most edged, clear, distinct, more silhouetted, more sharpened, quick uptake, welldefined, razor-sharp, most sharpened, unblurred, most sharp edged, doubleedged, most tapered, de fined, first class, most keen edged, most sharp-cut, more suffocating, most knifeedged, well-marked, more knife-edged, more keenedged, tined, un-blurred, pronged, most well-marked, dis-similar, ex act, firm, most strong-smelling, defined, specific, un-scrupulous, more vinegary, limited, most double-edged, most transpicuous, dis-crete, more knifeedged, dis criminating, more tapered, most unblurred, in style, most knife edged, more pronounced, re sourceful, brierier, un complicated, more sharp cut, more transpicuous, most tipped, most assigned, straightout, un blunted, more tined, more strong-smelling, drawn fine, most silhouetted, keen edged, apprehensible, un-gracious, most vinegary, well grounded, un-ethical, bull eye, more doubleedged, more assigned, more needlelike, most defined, spikier, obvious, most circumscribed, more sharp-edged, more evident, de-signing, nobody fool, sharpcut, dis similar, most unassociated, more penetrative, silhouetted, knife edged, wellmarked, noticeable, ex press, more razorsharp, plain, more graspable, in-tenser, double edged, penetrative, more well-marked, more razor-sharp, briery, more unblunted, un blurred, re served, clearly defined, most keen-edged, most wellmarked, more splintery, apical, quick on the uptake, quick on trigger, nobodys fool, most honed, ex-press, more needle pointed, in-controvertible, recognizable, out righter, clearcut, most acuminous, ground fine, in tense, de finite, de-terminate, most sharp cut, most sharp-edged, graspable, certain, double-edged, trans-parent, un dubitable, more knife edged, strong smelling, spiky, dis-criminating, cleancut, more needle-pointed, dead on, clean cut, un ethical, more wellmarked, un scrupulous, keenedged, horned, keen-edged, most strong smelling, smart as a tack, in controvertible, twofaced, needlepointed, re-served, most undubitable, well marked, un-associated, un mistakable, poles apart, definite, Unblunted, most recognizable, open and shut, more double-edged, more undubitable, most keenedged, quick trigger, more enunciated, more drilling, most graspable, most razor sharp, most drilling, most splintery, most needle-pointed, pellucid, out right, more razor sharp, more acuminous, most obvious, quick the trigger, flyest, loud enough, more double edged, smart as tack, most horned, beyond doubt, more apical, un gracious, trans parent, Acuminous, pre-scribed, out-right, more edged, more sharp-cut, in-dividual, strong-smelling, out-righter, spikiest, most needlelike, bulls eye, most apprehensible, strong, bull's eye, more horned, brieriest, most pronged, most doubleedged, sure, knifeedged, straight out, more apprehensible, knife-edged, most acuate, two faced, most razor-sharp, more paralyzing, more keen-edged, most sharpcut, open shut, on target, more tipped, clear cut, not vague, re-cognizable, un associated, dis-united, most needlepointed, most suffocating, needlelike, Undubitable, more honed, acuate, most tined, Transpicuous, more strong smelling, more well marked, in tenser, dis united, re cognizable, evident, un-mistakable, more defined, un-ceremonious, most sharpedged, more keen edged, unassociated, de-finite, dis crete, un ambiguous, un-blunted, under-hand, Needle-pointed, de terminate, un-dubitable, in dividual, under hand, most shooting, more circumscribed, de signing, sharp, more unassociated, more sharpcut, de-fined, pre scribed, most well marked, sharp cut, more sharp edged, un-equivocal, un equivocal, bright, hit nail on head, sharp edged, vinegary, most disunited, more recognizable, most whetted, cut fine, finite, in-tense, more disunited, hit nail head, quick on uptake, wellgrounded, quick on the trigger, quick the uptake, needle pointed, Sharp-cut.