Pronunciation of Understand
/ˌʌndəstˈand/, /ˌʌndəstˈand/, /ˌʌ_n_d_ə_s_t_ˈa_n_d/

Antonyms for understand:

haddest a fling at, get wrong impression, made a killing, mis understand, made buy, miscalculate, was the mark, be come, mis judged, be ones fate, was mistaken, overvalues, overestimate, stick one's neck out, Overvalued, putting on line, pre-judged, are error, mis counted, mis-comprehending, over-rates, over powered, dis counting, cashing on, mis-applied, goes out limb, mis calculated, lights upon, gotten sick, gets signals crossed, miss by mile, mis-judged, were misled, talk into, draws lots, mis-comprehends, be getting, go astray, puts eggs in one basket, are ones fate, tempt fortune, made a buy, art wrong, get hands on, over-coming, got someone's goat, took amiss, make a mess of, under-valuing, pro-creates, boo-booed, gotten wrong impression, am off the mark, got into one head, dis-regarded, laid hands on, mis counting, ex-asperating, wert perplexed, art given, come to, art cross purposes, miscounting, mis-understands, hits upon, is off the mark, get signals mixed, making a buy, sticking one neck out, come to hasty conclusion, be-falls, had a fling at, puts line, misthinking, put foot mouth, over powers, be-wildered, get in to head, got signals crossed, pro-creating, bollixes, in spiring, had wrong impression, mis took, being ones fate, wast the mark, gat someone's goat, mis-translate, are confused, ex cite, draws near, am in error, lighting upon, be the mark, under-estimate, be-comes, pre supposing, barked up wrong tree, co axed, be-coming, mis-reckoned, reject, re adies, tost up, re-aped, blunder on, Dogmatized, gets touch, be tided, is partial, putting it on the line, wert ones fate, barks up wrong tree, roll dice, wast mistaken, misses the point, be tiding, art ones fate, take shot in dark, art at cross purposes, be cross purposes, art mark, am the mark, am wrong, Buffaloes, comes to hasty conclusion, misconjectures, being the mark, gat touch, putting eggs in one basket, mis counts, under values, wast confused, pro create, dis-tresses, gets wrong impression, being partial, dis-comfits, mis-reading, dis pose, puts eggs one basket, deceived oneself, lay ones hands on, over-power, drop ball, hazard, de-feats, getting someones goat, mis-deem, not registers, be-gotten, mis-took, sticks ones neck out, dogmatizes, gotten someone's goat, going astray, have wrong impression, be perplexed, wast wrong, be at cross purposes, boo-booing, falls to ones lot, stumbling on, miscounted, made a mess of, get into one's head, blow in, goes out on limb, coming over, mis calculating, skate on thin ice, wert mark, getting wrong impression, am partial, mis-conjectured, mis estimated, wert one's fate, Dogmatizing, pre-dispose, skated on thin ice, was off mark, buffalo, mis-knowing, art overcritical, over-powering, be-came, put it on line, making killing, came over, fell to lot, get in to one head, wert confused, dis concerting, coming hasty conclusion, snap up, wildcatted, misunderstand, was ones fate, mis-behaving, in spired, being incorrect, mis-conjecture, mis-knows, under valued, pre suppose, getting touch, comes hasty conclusion, missing the point, gotten someone goat, missed by a mile, got into one's head, is perplexed, be-wildering, snarling up, mis conceiving, lays hold of, stirring up, mis-knew, falls to one lot, mis-judging, got in touch, being afflicted with, ex cites, accessed, blowing in, gat into one head, making a killing, were wrong, misses the boat, cashed on, get wrong, mis applied, got signals mixed, mis applies, be given, rub wrong way, dis-regarding, over powering, develops into, developing in to, be wilder, fell one lot, over-estimated, putting it line, dis-tort, miss the boat, mis-apprehending, distrust, develops in to, over-rate, mis-calculates, catch to, being at cross purposes, dis-pose, lays hands on, succeeded to, misconstrue, mis-known, mis construes, mis-calculate, is given, gotten touch, cash on, getting signals crossed, got in to one's head, skate thin ice, is fate, puts foot mouth, in-spiring, looks at, dis counts, over-powered, dis comfit, was error, skated thin ice, dis tress, catching on to, wert in error, dropt the ball, go out a limb, are unfair, mis calculate, up-sets, made mess, ran the risk, mis-conceived, made it, making mess of, under-rates, gotten into head, be fell, art one's fate, put eggs in basket, pre paring, is smitten by, over-look, are bewildered, pro creating, under-rate, makes killing, over-rated, pro cure, under rate, get touch, mis-estimates, ex asperate, pre-judges, wast overcritical, mis-takes, dis counted, re aped, were at cross purposes, comes over, ex-torts, got wrong impression, not registered, under rated, fall to ones lot, catches on to, was wrong, ex-tract, sticking ones neck out, drop the ball, took for, in spires, locking up, made mess of, mistranslating, are afflicted with, stir up, being one fate, having wrong impression, was unfair, mis-apprehend, rolled dice, under estimating, was in error, mis interpreting, get into ones head, gat into head, ex-cites, under estimates, ex-cite, taking wrongly, lighting up on, gets someone goat, pre dispose, mis-estimate, be off mark, wert smitten by, got sick, mis deeming, get in touch, lock up, dis concerted, pro-cure, is incorrect, gets sick, pre-pared, cashes in on, taking for, mis deems, gotten in to one's head, misconceive, get into one head, buys into, being confused, bark up wrong tree, dogmatize, miss point, bollix, sticks neck out, rolls dice, run the risk, mis-conjectures, dis-regards, put it line, mis apprehended, getting signals mixed, up set, was perplexed, deceives oneself, snapped up, stumbles on, takes shot the dark, are in error, gotten in to one head, pre pared, gets someones goat, wert cross purposes, up-setting, am one's fate, pre disposing, pre supposed, mis reckoning, mis-behaves, barked wrong tree, having a fling at, be-fall, mis-conceives, ex citing, hit up on, over-estimating, buys out, getting into one head, being in error, mis interpreted, taking shot in the dark, doubt, falls one lot, took shot the dark, mis applying, ex tort, laid hold of, runs risk, lose, is cross purposes, dis posing, coming to pass, misses by mile, mis-deems, miss the point, in-spire, mis-construed, mis conjectured, dis-concerts, take for, come hasty conclusion, catching to, wert at cross purposes, mis deem, mis conjectures, trans-pire, tempts fortune, overestimated, mis reckoned, not knows, was overcritical, take shot dark, is at cross purposes, be-come, am off mark, dis-tress, gat into ones head, pre judging, goes out a limb, being perplexed, is misled, becomes infected with, clean up, wast smitten by, not knowing, falls to one's lot, missed the point, went out on a limb, haddest wrong impression, were perplexed, dis-concert, missing by a mile, mis comprehend, took shot in the dark, missing boat, pre judges, puts it line, gat in to ones head, was at cross purposes, is inaccurate, mis-translated, take shot in the dark, developing into, pre disposes, getting in to one's head, laid one's hands on, stirs up, was given, bark wrong tree, ex asperating, mis conjecture, gat signals mixed, Misconstrued, ignore, were overcritical, got someone goat, copping, wast misled, over estimated, be one fate, over rating, argued into, took the wrong way, re-aching, puts on the line, art the mark, gat sick, become infected with, cashes on, mis-translating, over rated, under-values, went astray, gotten in to head, chance, skating on thin ice, come to pass, mis-calculating, locked up, be-wilder, is ones fate, takes shot in dark, barking up wrong tree, being wrong, mis deemed, pro duces, tosses up, mis judges, mis-construing, puts eggs basket, playing with fire, mis-construe, Misknow, mis-conjecturing, wast incorrect, pro-cures, went out a limb, buy into, fell ones lot, mis thinking, win over, looking at, came to hasty conclusion, takes shot in the dark, wast fate, trans pire, gets someone's goat, mis judging, lucking, wast off mark, art smitten by, putting eggs basket, fall one lot, mis-deeming, missing point, re-aping, gets into head, misknowing, getting hands on, going out limb, re-ached, mis taking, coming pass, over-estimates, mis thought, prevail up on, mis apply, get someones goat, being fate, lays one hands on, mis knew, were unfair, be mistaken, succeeding to, are one fate, is overcritical, cleaning up, be partial, taking wrong way, be bewildered, re-adies, drew lots, made a mess, ex-tort, is bewildered, mis behaving, be smitten by, be falls, get into head, pre-supposed, take amiss, were confused, being given, dis regards, mis-construes, put eggs one basket, slipping up, rolling the dice, blew in, slip up, makes a killing, are the mark, are partial, in spire, under-estimating, being overcritical, am at cross purposes, making a mess, falls one's lot, pre-disposes, laying ones hands on, took shot in dark, have a fling at, pre-judging, takes the wrong way, puts eggs in basket, get signals crossed, dis-counts, running the risk, mis translated, getting into head, mis-conceive, stuck one neck out, be mark, be overcritical, bought in to, sticking neck out, sticked neck out, up setting, being bewildered, mis read, cashing in on, bought into, pro cured, looked at, sticked ones neck out, talking in to, were mark, misdeemed, putting foot in, mis-applies, has fling at, barks wrong tree, is mark, talk in to, buying in to, gets into one head, over-estimate, were afflicted with, figure out, am smitten by, fluffing, missed boat, make a killing, goes out on a limb, am bewildered, developed in to, mis-understand, took wrong way, wast off the mark, got in to ones head, pre pare, pro-created, mis estimating, take the wrong way, dis concert, misread, having fling at, mis know, dis concerts, mistranslates, pro-create, mis translating, under estimated, make mess of, art perplexed, puts on line, dis-posing, buying out, Misthought, skates thin ice, missed point, gotten signals crossed, taking shot in dark, make mess, put on line, lucked, be-fallen, mis conjecturing, were ones fate, laying one hands on, co-axing, are cross purposes, blows in, are given, buy in to, dropping the ball, developed into, be fallen, dis-concerting, talked into, mistake, miscomprehended, came hasty conclusion, draw near, mis-understanding, fell to one's lot, over-value, boo-boos, came pass, am fate, mis-think, Copped, co-axed, ex-asperate, drawing lots, pre-pare, mis conceives, be incorrect, up-set, mis-taken, be one's fate, make a mess, mis understands, run risk, gotten someones goat, went out limb, falling one lot, miss boat, is one's fate, art unfair, falling to ones lot, putting it the line, catch on to, taking shot the dark, caught on to, misapprehend, skating thin ice, over-valued, art bewildered, be unfair, be error, put eggs basket, am one fate, rolling dice, mis-reckon, wast at cross purposes, pro-duces, dropped ball, mis-thinks, takes for, lights up on, gat into one's head, mis-reckoning, was bewildered, mis behaves, has wrong impression, hast a fling at, gets into one's head, am error, takes wrong way, fell one's lot, is afflicted with, mis-reckons, be off the mark, sticking one's neck out, under rates, succeeds to, overlook, play with fire, dis regarded, slipt up, mis-deemed, mis understood, plays with fire, not believe, buys in to, is one fate, bollixed, dis tressed, are overcritical, am confused, ran risk, cash in on, be in error, took shot dark, gat in touch, get someone's goat, hadst a fling at, missed the boat, be gotten, gets hands on, mis conceive, misdeems, pre supposes, missed by mile, fell to one lot, ex-cited, boo booing, disbelieve, overestimating, wert misled, puts foot in, dis-posed, mis knows, mis apprehending, hast fling at, over comes, making a mess of, barking wrong tree, was afflicted with, take shot the dark, gets into ones head, light upon, gat someone goat, snarl up, miss by a mile, err, has a fling at, pre pares, taking the wrong way, misconjecturing, be wildering, go wrong, runs the risk, unlearn, being one's fate, put eggs in one basket, slipped up, mis-translates, got in to one head, coming to hasty conclusion, stumbled on, hath a fling at, overvalue, over rates, mis translate, is error, got into ones head, mis reading, be-falling, miscomprehends, takes wrongly, mis-calculated, pro curing, over-comes, gat signals crossed, mis-thought, comes to pass, develop into, got wrong, puts it on the line, mis apprehends, pre-suppose, over-valuing, misdeeming, was incorrect, was fate, be confused, putting the line, put the line, wast partial, came to pass, tossed up, misthinks, mis-behaved, rolled the dice, were bewildered, figured out, going wrong, over rate, dis-tressed, misknown, stirred up, mis estimate, Sired, not knew, be-getting, accessing, mis understanding, mis-thinking, pro-curing, be-tide, over-looks, get sick, Miscomprehend, was partial, dis tresses, over estimates, be inaccurate, pre-disposed, slip, makes it, am cross purposes, are wrong, be afflicted with, snafued, over estimating, mis behave, fall to one lot, Siring, misses boat, becoming infected with, wert off mark, dis-concerted, is unfair, misknew, over estimate, put it the line, getting in to one head, is mistaken, makes a mess of, lighted upon, mis apprehend, falls ones lot, took wrongly, going out on limb, mis-applying, puts the line, dis torts, go out on a limb, bought out, hitting up on, ex tract, being inaccurate, laying hands on, wast cross purposes, hast wrong impression, were inaccurate, puts it on line, being cross purposes, under rating, haddest fling at, be wrong, mis takes, go out limb, was inaccurate, mis knowing, snarled up, pre judged, under-rating, was smitten by, toss up, stuck ones neck out, became infected with, booboo, drawing near, cashed in on, gat someones goat, misses point, put it on the line, co axing, are inaccurate, pro cures, wert incorrect, mis reckon, misknows, under-valued, running risk, buy out, missing by mile, had fling at, in-spires, pre-supposing, were off mark, dis-regard, wert unfair, art fate, is the mark, ex-asperated, blunders on, hit upon, make mistake, laying hold of, making it, am overcritical, take wrong way, over looked, falling to one lot, look at, be misled, hadst fling at, dis regarding, pro duce, in-spired, not registering, deceiving oneself, misjudge, lays ones hands on, take wrongly, was cross purposes, mis-apprehended, Not know, wert overcritical, under-value, be-tided, blundering on, makes mess of, getting in to ones head, put line, mis behaved, am unfair, rolls the dice, re aching, make a buy, ex cited, snarls up, pro creates, misinterpret, mis calculates, mis estimates, am perplexed, wast afflicted with, get someone goat, putting it on line, played with fire, mis interprets, mis thinks, drops the ball, mis-conceiving, was confused, tempted fortune, went wrong, over-rating, misconjectured, putting foot mouth, mis-estimating, stick one neck out, wast error, art confused, hitting upon, ex torts, gets in touch, sticked one neck out, argues in to, mis-comprehended, overestimates, wast perplexed, mis construed, ex asperates, over values, gat wrong impression, wert wrong, Misconjecture, de feat, dis-torts, de feats, sticks one's neck out, wert bewildered, mis-read, make killing, be fate, be came, fall to one's lot, art in error, over valued, are one's fate, was off the mark, mis construe, mis known, gat in to head, art mistaken, not get, wast bewildered, gets signals mixed, blundered on, stick neck out, am ones fate, buffaloed, falling one's lot, over come, under value, wert afflicted with, makes a mess, up sets, hath wrong impression, taking amiss, under-estimates, lay one hands on, boo-boo, talks into, Misthink, got in to head, mis-take, falls lot, get, misestimate, mis comprehending, dis posed, are incorrect, dropt ball, being off mark, mis translates, mis-know, be wildered, snapping up, are off the mark, mis comprehended, over valuing, comes pass, get in to one's head, gets wrong, under estimate, goes astray, is off mark, dropping ball, being misled, fell to ones lot, getting wrong, making mess, fluffed, argue in to, being unfair, art inaccurate, boo booed, wert fate, be coming, mis construing, putting eggs one basket, stuck one's neck out, have fling at, pre-supposes, gat hands on, booboos, dropped the ball, falling ones lot, putting eggs in basket, art afflicted with, wildcatting, misses by a mile, wast given, puts foot in mouth, were partial, were cross purposes, pre-paring, mis comprehends, falling to one's lot, stick ones neck out, tossing up, bollixing, gotten in touch, fall one's lot, snaps up, wast one fate, being off the mark, wast unfair, makes mess, skates on thin ice, mis-estimated, draw lots, lay hands on, making buy, dis-comfit, Overvaluing, mis take, miscomprehending, dis tort, boobooing, mistranslate, over looks, wert inaccurate, mis-apprehends, was misled, takes amiss, argues into, makes buy, mistranslated, be tides, ex-tracts, wert mistaken, putting foot in mouth, being mark, develop in to, come pass, mis taken, drops ball, were mistaken, lay one's hands on, stuck neck out, mis reads, went out on limb, art incorrect, snafuing, being mistaken, dis regard, mis think, talked in to, come over, were one's fate, art misled, be comes, dis comfits, are fate, mis-interpreted, hadst wrong impression, were off the mark, cleans up, talks in to, dis-counting, not register, taking shot dark, mis-comprehend, be falling, pro-cured, de-feat, put on the line, makes a buy, buffaloing, be-wilders, over coming, over value, is wrong, re ached, were given, caught to, wert the mark, Misdeem, getting into ones head, roll the dice, were error, boobooed, pro created, am mark, under-estimated, be tide, gotten into one's head, miss, be-tides, under-rated, mis-counted, be-tiding, ex-asperates, mis-judges, argue into, mis-counting, mis-taking, mis-counts, sticks one neck out, mis-apply, putting line, over look, gotten into ones head, put foot in, slips up, make it, sticked one's neck out, falling to lot, wast in error, wast mark, are at cross purposes, hath fling at, going out a limb, putting on the line, being smitten by, going out on a limb, be-fell, art partial, am afflicted with, takes shot dark, cleaned up, gotten hands on, tempting fortune, argued in to, got touch, are smitten by, gotten signals mixed, mis-interprets, was one fate, wast one's fate, lit up on, lighted up on, getting into one's head, over-looking, was mark, lay hold of, deceive oneself, are perplexed, figures out, catches to, drew near, be fall, were the mark, puts it the line, wert off the mark, dis-counted, missing the boat, mis-reads, made killing, being error, be wilders, gets in to head, getting someone goat, buying into, is confused.

Usage examples for understand:

  • " I understand," said Lucas Errol. - "The Knave of Diamonds", Ethel May Dell.

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