Pronunciation of Unfairness
/ʌnfˈe͡ənəs/, /ʌnfˈe‍ənəs/, /ʌ_n_f_ˈeə_n_ə_s/

Antonyms for unfairness

re-public, de cree, co ordinations, incorruptibility, honest-to-god truths, incorruptness, co-ordination, equal opportunities, reasonableness, in corruptibility, re-spects, re public, out-lay, guilelessnesses, righteousness, co-ordinations, de sert, candour, high mindednesses, cricket, in vestment, dis interestedness, legality, judicatory, honorableness, dis-passionatenesses, Unbiasedness, honestness, fairness, glasnost, equality, praise, impeccabilities, ingenuousness, bluntnesses, in corruptness, virtue, due processes, in-corruptibilities, honestnesses, forthrightness, adequations, even handednesses, candor, high-mindednesses, right, re dresses, behavior, in-corruptions, Impeccability, repute, self respect, justice, integrity, guilelessness, disinterest, trustworthiness, dis-passionateness, in-vestments, goodness, in dependences, un-equivocalnesses, highmindedness, kindness, high mindedness, de serving, fair practice, rectitude, up-rightness, dis-interest, good point, democracy, faithfulness, in corruptions, saintlinesses, lawfulness, dis passions, dis-interests, probity, deservings, re-dresses, permissibilities, commensurateness, non partisanships, directness, isonomies, constitutionalities, honest to god truth, non-partisanship, plainne, ingenuousnesses, re-publics, re spect, defendability, dis-interestedness, good habit, worthinesses, de-serving, in-corruptness, like it i, honest to god truths, evenhandedness, homologies, commensuratenesses, representative government, de crees, even-handednesses, tolerance, sedation, in-dependences, dispassionateness, judiciousness, dis-passion, un equivocalnesses, coordination, Objectiveness, re-dress, in corruptibilities, worthiness, even-handedness, glasnosts, reputabilities, uprightness, reputability, unequivocalness, Isonomy, forthrightnesses, dis-passions, dis interest, in-corruptibility, incorruption, happiness, good habits, coordinations, obedience, egalitarianism, good, straightness, egalitarianisms, permissibility, dis passionatenesses, veracity, incorruptions, unequivocalnesses, out lay, re-view, straights, in-dependence, up rightnesses, liberal governments, honesty, in corruption, re view, judiciousnesses, liberal government, in vestments, straight stuffs, equal opportunity, re-views, unprejudicedness, up rightness, de-servings, outspokenness, representative governments, fair practices, fair play, honor, legalization, due process, morality, selfrespect, trustworthinesses, Equitableness, re spects, impartiality, re dress, virtuousness, fair mindedness, like is, in-vestment, de servings, non-partisanships, plainnes, truthfulness, penalty, un-equivocalness, disinterestedness, Constitutionality, legal process, like i, legalizations, in-corruption, dis passion, dispassion, unprejudicednesses, give take, judicatories, Adequation, equalitarianism, re views, re-spect, dis-interestednesses, de-cree, equatabilities, dis interestednesses, evenhandednesses, in corruptnesses, co ordination, nonpartisanship, straightforwardnesses, non partisanship, fair treatments, de-sert, give takes, give and take, openmindedness, outspokennesses, enfranchisement, fair treatment, homology, licitness, truenesses, directnesses, legal processes, trustiness, bluntness, equalitarianisms, in dependence, square deal, de-crees, square deals, straight stuff, chancellor, un equivocalness, fair-mindedness, reasonablenesses, up-rightnesses, dis interests, dis passionateness, even handedness, judicatures, incorruptnesses, judicature, chancellors, unbiasednesses, equity, equatability, fairmindedness, defendabilities, in-corruptnesses, fair plays.