Pronunciation of Unfilled
/ʌnfˈɪld/, /ʌnfˈɪld/, /ʌ_n_f_ˈɪ_l_d/

Antonyms for unfilled:

thronged, fit to bust, more elbow to elbow, stuffed, most overfed, overflowing, full the top, most elbow to elbow, more mobbed, chock full, more well-provided, busy, most thronged, more sated, solid, most well provided, elbow to elbow, running over, top full, packed, up here, elbow-to-elbow, more massed, lousy with, gorged, brimming, more satiated, more huddled, most huddled, habited, more elbow-to-elbow, overfull, up to here, most sated, filled the rafters, more thronged, more topfull, well-provided, satisfied, full top, chockfull, complete, more crushed, most mobbed, most jam-packed, standing room only, Crammed, more wall to wall, filled to rafters, more overfed, massed, full up, more swarming, filled, topfull, up hilt, over flowing, over-flowing, more jam packed, most glutted, more brimful, level with, filled rafters, most elbow-to-elbow, crowded, mob scene, jammed, well provided, most crushed, most sardined, sated, full to the top, convex, more wall-to-wall, full, most crammed, up to the hilt, occupied, more crammed, most well-provided, sardined, most massed, most topfull, more gorged, replete, more jam-packed, more overfull, up to hilt, wall-to-wall, more sardined, full to top, inhabited, entire, most overfull, most jam packed, over full, raised, more wellprovided, top-full, up the hilt, satiated, most gorged, filled to the rafters, over-full, more well provided, topped off, wall to wall, most swarming, most wall-to-wall, most wall to wall, Brimmed, overfed, fit bust, stiff with, swarming, more glutted, brimful.

Usage examples for unfilled:

Rhymes for unfilled:

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