Pronunciation of Unlace
/ʌnlˈe͡ɪs/, /ʌnlˈe‍ɪs/, /ʌ_n_l_ˈeɪ_s/

Antonyms for unlace

Cinching, makes a bow, inter weaved, inter-lace, is neck and neck, am neck and neck, unite, Enfetter, art par, made knot, Platting, stayed put, hitch, wast on a par, make fast, made a hitch, hitch on, are even, re-straining, girthed, evened up, hooking up, is a par, inter-weaves, attach, makes a knot, are on par, being on par, tangle, co-hering, were on a par, inter-weaving, evens up, encasing, inter weave, threaded, hook, keep with, imprison, measuring up, be even, measures up, am a par, hook on, inter-wove, tack on, enchained, staying put, Threading, in fixing, close, am on par, are a par, freezing to, co here, inter-laces, being neck neck, re strains, wert even, restrict, be par, increase, clasp, even up, Stringed, staid put, engage, trussed, in-fixes, co heres, make a bow, inter woven, makes firm, keeps with, was neck neck, are par, keeps up with, rivetting, were even, made hitch, co hering, be on a par, make a hitch, measured up, making a hitch, is even, hold, Stringing, inter-weave, wert neck neck, makes knot, restrain, measure up, Mortised, be a par, pin down, hooks on, makes bow, combine, detain, lace, pinion, am neck neck, re-strict, am even, re-strained, limit, pinions, connect, enfettered, wast on par, inter-lacing, plat, making bow, inter-laced, hitched on, inter wove, being even, making a bow, art a par, is on a par, Wedging, being neck and neck, inter lace, in fix, are on a par, make bow, makes hitch, in-fix, wert a par, pinioned, wast a par, inter weaving, inter laces, make knot, secure, were neck neck, Roped, enfettering, button, wonder, hook up, inter lacing, wast neck and neck, wert neck and neck, froze to, tie, making firm, wert par, peg down, wast par, wast even, join, entangle, stays put, evening up, deadlocked, inter laced, pins down, keeping with, link, be neck and neck, being on a par, wert on par, Pinioning, enfetters, keeping up with, wert on a par, make hitch, glued, making a knot, was on par, fasten, splice, Cinched, roping, make a knot, lace up, twist, enchains, bind, re-strain, tacking on, making knot, be on par, confine, freezes to, enchaining, hooked on, encase, being par, knot, co-heres, pegs down, couple, tighten, incarcerate, Gluing, is neck neck, were a par, re straining, inter weaves, tacked on, Buttoning, re strained, re-strains, inter-weaved, pinned down, art neck neck, made a knot, girthing, makes a hitch, were par, re strict, Manacled, making hitch, Trussing, pegged down, question, hooks up, strung, was neck and neck, keep, re strain, Riveted, Platted, am on a par, wast neck neck, pinning down, were neck and neck, co-here, be neck neck, being a par, am par, was par, enchain, inter-woven, fix, tacks on, stay put, is par, Mortising, in fixed, is on par, Manacling, buttoned, kept with, made bow, made a bow, PLATS, rivetted, make firm, hooking on, wind, in fixes, art neck and neck, made fast, deadlocking, was even.