Pronunciation of Unlikely
/ʌnlˈa͡ɪklɪ/, /ʌnlˈa‍ɪklɪ/, /ʌ_n_l_ˈaɪ_k_l_ɪ/

Antonyms for unlikely

sub-best, probably, pre-disposed, doubtless, most resupine, un equivocally, more utile, more percipient, incontestably, perhaps, pro curable, on horizon, fly right, more promiseful, prone, in danger, expediently, at drop of hat, sub best, in action, in spiring, on deck, most well organized, most unpreventable, in balance, within, un prejudiced, most workaday, to eye, most handwriting on the wall, most thought out, within the limits, un ambiguous, dis posed, in operation, authentic, by any means, ex act, believeable, perceptibly, seeming, bound by, most cognitive, more inevasible, more vindicable, unescapable, there, possible, more come at able, the eye, plausibly, incontrovertibly, most unrealized, more defendable, most wellorganized, ex posed, as the case may be, make no bones, believably, more extensional, most stirred, tending toward, un realized, more trustable, workaday, more stirred, more swallow, see it coming, more valid, standing to reason, extensional, at ones feet, most swaying, un-equivocal, for all one knows, as it may be, more fast-approaching, in-direct, re-strained, unextreme, supposable, at one feet, in works, feasibly, de creed, indisputably, intuitively, Semblant, as case may be, sub altern, prepatent, for certain, more reassuring, ostensibly, most inspiriting, come-at-able, conceivable, sensile, peradventure, within realm possibility, of mind to, Substract, wide open, resupine, sub-ordinate, defendable, within realm of possibility, Vindicable, in spiriting, un-deniable, un-answerable, most remissible, un-settled, holding together, most impelling, likely, in exorable, more thought-out, matter of fact, like enough, re-levant, in one right mind, ex tensional, both feet on the ground, most resulting, more fiduciary, earthly, ex-posed, more subjugated, at feet, in offing, more come-at-able, in-dubitable, most aroused, fore ordained, more unpreventable, regular, most unexcessive, at first sight, within limits, common, feasible, more well-organized, on the surface, end most, in-expensive, de voted, more roused, practicably, welladvised, most inevasible, low priced, more nonresistant, more cognitive, at one disposal, in the cards, more probably, one can assume, trustworthy, as may be, it would seem, dollars doughnuts, up-lifting, in the wind, viable, most roused, welltimed, in controvertible, most arousing, disposed, dis-posed, ostensible, hopeful, boy scout, more swaying, most foreordained, pre disposed, wellgrounded, more arousing, in view, up the air, Warrantable, in flexible, at one's disposal, in bag, more resulting, believable, rockest, out in open, no ifs ands buts, in dubitable, hard boiled, more sensile, conceivably, nonresistant, like as not, more cogitable, Inevasible, un-determined, more proven, more conjecturable, most reassuring, come at able, Remissible, more handwriting-on-the-wall, in air, down road, patently, most possible, no ifs ands or buts, pre-tended, in likelihood, level headed, sub missive, hypo thetical, un-realized, in all probability, under one's nose, most decreed, juridicious, irresistible, unidealistic, down the pike, more substract, getatable, more odds on, re-liabler, on its way, more subaltern, wellorganized, sub ordinate, to the eye, most condonable, re liabler, within possibility, fast-approaching, more verisimilar, snapper, most warrantable, pre-pared, most come at able, no doubt, more getatable, at a glance, promiseful, out a limb, de-pendent, all appearances, more gathering, most actuating, honest god, be taken in, therest, most performable, unextremer, in the habit of, un decided, for one knows, imaginable, selfevident, more believeable, on the verge, piest, in-spiriting, more sucker, most assuring, more swayed, most oddson, most comprehendible, dis criminating, more telling, pro-nest, persuasive, most well-organized, un settled, for intents and purposes, all there, most unanswerable, ex-tensional, Assumably, under ones nose, more reasonable, not impossibly, most subaltern, pro visional, could be, at disposal, most enslaved, de pendent, fast approaching, more enslaved, un-avoidable, re levant, most unescapable, Conjecturable, pro nest, un adulterated, non-resistant, more juridicious, holding water, in-escapable, at first blush, most wheedling, presumably, more realizable, apparently, most believeable, more reasoning, most likely, in the balance, pending, most fastapproaching, in-evitable, more supposable, subject, most telling, un-idealistic, most supposable, most reasoning, more securable, most under, in disputably, trans-parent, more presumed, on the verge of, snappest, easily moved, of mind, logical, supposedly, on hand, most come-at-able, eventual, in store, tumble for, hypo-thetical, up lifting, up for grabs, well-organized, un-excessive, most attested, to all appearances, imaginably, down pike, in-flexible, most gathering, Convictive, professedly, more unescapable, more odds-on, more satellite, lowcost, more foreordained, re-liablest, inevitable, in right mind, most fast approaching, most fiduciary, most odds-on, pre scribed, more unidealistic, saintest, certain, most conjecturable, in ones right mind, more comprehendible, on board, more condonable, on the horizon, of a mind, without doubt, more conquerable, out the open, un romantic, convincing, in habit of, de terminative, more fast approaching, in the offing, at all, conquerable, comprehendible, tangibly, in the works, most sensile, most nonresistant, in force, cognitive, more prepatent, hypothetical, making sense, on verge, most cogitable, to come, re-liable, out limb, condonable, most realizable, most percipient, de-voted, most utile, Securable, un-adulterated, both feet the ground, de-creed, standing reason, pie, in-controvertibly, more purported, most semblant, potential, un equivocal, more decreed, most juridicious, liable, up and coming, more pushover, valid, pro-curable, most conquerable, more elating, most prepatent, Performable, on line, in-controvertible, un-questionable, most getatable, presumptively, most purported, to appearances, un questionably, pre patent, conspicuously, most illusory, most reasoned, Inferable, un biased, on face of it, in favor of, doable, verisimilar, more inspiriting, most promiseful, un-alterable, in determinate, more setup, in any way, in direct, face down, at ones disposal, nuts bolts, most overhanging, under nose, derivable from, no sweat, more credential, can do, self evident, more convictive, apparent, over-hanging, most pushover, un-equivocally, un-extreme, usual, more thoughtout, un mistakable, most swayed, most fortifying, most defendable, most fast-approaching, dis-criminating, impressive, at one's feet, more inducing, un-corrupted, pre-scribed, un extreme, defensible, palpably, credible, un-decided, supposably, well timed, more aroused, most presumed, most subjugated, un-preventable, trans parent, odds on, twenty-four carat, on surface, most ineludible, unpreventable, without recourse, re-assuring, sensibly, for all intents purposes, oddson, hind most, plausible, by any chance, re strained, in escapable, more oddson, realizable, more semblant, un-extremest, un-romantic, un alterable, most extensional, more beatable, under one nose, handwriting-on-the-wall, in all likelihood, in one's right mind, un idealistic, in-dubitably, all locked up, as likely as not, more thought out, if possible, well organized, for all knows, ex citing, un avoidable, more wellorganized, reputably, big as life, on face it, piece cake, it appears that, in line, most inferable, more fortifying, pre pared, most vindicable, odds-on, tenable, within reason, lowpriced, unextremest, very likely, un-developed, in-contestably, re-supine, for intents purposes, re liablest, in-disputably, for show, socalled, un excessive, most beatable, most inducing, it seems that, justifiable, in evitable, un failing, first, see coming, more unanswerable, Ineludible, palpable, both feet on ground, ready willing able, cogitable, de-terminative, susceptible, well advised, more performable, wellfounded, re supine, in contestably, more impelling, out in the open, most unidealistic, ready willing and able, un-escapable, in-spiring, most sucker, un extremer, in-exorable, unanswerable, most substract, on face, twenty four carat, apt, more wheedling, in expensive, most probably, breezer, most trustable, for real, thought-out, of a mind to, in probability, re liable, subbest, indoors, within reach, both feet ground, sub-altern, up in air, hardboiled, un determined, most verisimilar, percipient, in dubitably, down the road, un deniable, most apparent, un-failing, probable, for knows, cincher, un-prejudiced, cinchest, thinkable, most ending, always there, in danger of, on verge of, evidently, at drop hat, in plain sight, more ineludible, in the air, unexcessive, most odds on, un-mistakable, un escapable, reasonable, up air, possibly, clear cut, so called, at glance, more assuring, faithful, thought out, it may be, more attested, it seems, imminent, more actuating, trustable, speciously, interior, most setup, well grounded, more handwriting on the wall, open and shut, inside, un-extremer, rocker, more fastapproaching, clearcut, more unexcessive, ex-act, purportedly, unmistakably, more ending, on the face, for all intents and purposes, beatable, on the face of it, most brewing, doablest, most handwriting-on-the-wall, game for, unequivocally, on the face it, open shut, un-questionably, out open, more well organized, un-mistakably, breezest, more inferable, more resupine, practical, sainter, available, out on limb, hypo-thetically, fastapproaching, un preventable, unrealized.