Pronunciation of Unmask
/ʌnmˈask/, /ʌnmˈask/, /ʌ_n_m_ˈa_s_k/

Antonyms for unmask

clouded the issue, puts up smoke screen, be-clouded, antiqued, stoppered, puts a false front, cloak, glozes, refuse, cover, prettifies, layered, getting way, masquerade, co-loring, curtained, withhold, co loring, drags ones feet, mis represented, puts out way, ensconce, dis torts, varnish, throws smoke screen, dis-guises, pass as, drag one's feet, veil, pre-tended, bedim, cloud the issue, dost the sly, deaconing, got the way, doubletalked, made light of, be dimming, put on bandaid, locking up, fuzzing, keeps secret, re-does, ex-plaining, eclipse, lying low, camouflage, putting on a front, mis-stated, overshadow, puts a band-aid, walls off, go into hiding, inter fere, shucked jive, puts out the way, Stoppering, putting on band aid, over cloud, dis guises, pre-text, GRAYS, pre texts, dragged one feet, slowed down, apologizing for, be clouding, wore cheaters, disguise, locked up, over shadowing, blanket, does sly, encase, Hazing, clouds the issue, super imposed, ex plained, throw smoke screen, puts front, does the sly, slows down, make-believed, be fog, put out way, shrouding, with hold, boarding up, re-did, hide, in-vesting, puts band aid, be fogs, not give away, sur rounding, presented false front, over-cast, re serving, mis-colored, muddy the waters, Secreted, four flushing, passing as, put on band aid, make believed, smooth over, kept secret, gat in way, encasing, trumps up, went underground, de-fending, present a false face, cover up, over laying, dragging one's feet, dis-guise, didst sly, dis-simulating, over-casts, did the sly, made like, miscolored, graying, inter-feres, mis represent, be cloud, covering up, prettifying, puts on false front, putting a false front, glosses over, re-strains, doth on the sly, trump up, overspreading, dis tort, be lying, quick fixed, bushes up, hanging up, over shadow, be-fogged, doing sly, putting up smoke screen, pre-tending, do the sly, covered up, inter-fere, putting on a band aid, giving lie to, goes in to hiding, over-clouding, gat in the way, shuttered, re-doing, keeping secret, be-fogging, putting out the way, four flush, puts on a bandaid, overcloud, be-fog, with-held, be clouded, doublespeaks, clouding issue, taking cover, presents false front, over-spreading, put up a smoke screen, whitewash, wearing cheaters, lay low, four-flushing, put false front, shucks jive, put on a bandaid, drags one feet, doest sly, befogs, be lied, not give awayed, put a bandaid, palliate, obstruct, doctoring up, smooths over, Canopying, dost on the sly, fourflushes, deaconed, ex-plain, Superposed, pre-texts, go in to hiding, doing on the sly, with held, throws up smoke screen, puts up front, overclouding, antiquing, drags one's feet, makebelieving, presents a false face, put a smoke screen, get the way, gat way, monkey with, present false front, pre-tends, put an act, threw smoke screen, overcasts, fourflushed, Mantling, putting on a bandaid, put up a front, put a front, belie, dis-simulates, getting in the way, did sly, drag one feet, be clouds, double-talking, re-done, overclouded, monkeys with, smoothing over, Muddying, pre text, mis-leads, lied low, darken, dragged feet, doth sly, put a band-aid, apologize for, dis simulates, put front, de-fend, muddies, pre tending, puts on a front, gat the way, de fending, pre-tend, super-impose, passed for, be fogging, in-vests, didst the sly, putting up front, gets way, glossing over, sur-rounding, putting on bandaid, not give awaying, doeth sly, be fogged, putting on false front, gild, passes as, re-strained, Glozing, doubletalking, makes light of, didst on the sly, mis stated, tuck away, went in to hiding, muddies the waters, make like, goes into hiding, de-fends, doctor up, give the lie to, doeth on sly, over-lay, be-dimming, quick fixing, miscolors, put on a band aid, befogged, in vests, mis-colors, shuck and jive, gotten the way, set on, threw up smoke screen, make light of, present false face, screen, super posing, stowing away, doublespeaked, putting a smoke screen, shucking jive, put band aid, makebelieve, doth the sly, miscoloring, gets in the way, keep from, dis-guised, passed as, overclouds, puts on a false front, sur-rounded, putting band aid, whitewashed, ex-plained, be-lied, put on front, masked, double talked, mis representing, cloud, kept from, clouding the issue, did on sly, put up front, Muddy Waters, quick fixt, sandbags, over-cloud, Bulwarked, befog, puts out of the way, put up smoke screen, presenting a false front, over-lays, overspread, hang up, mis represents, be-cloud, in vest, apologized for, doeth on the sly, dragging one feet, muddying the waters, over-shadowing, got in way, gloss over, secrete, going underground, presents false face, not give aways, be dimmed, puts on band-aid, makebelieved, Whites, shroud, making light of, dis guising, puts band-aid, over spreads, four-flushes, over-clouds, blotted out, mis-representing, re serve, over cast, puts a band aid, blinding, presenting a false face, put on a false front, doctors up, superpose, over clouds, fourflushing, dis simulate, in-vested, be-fogs, double talking, over-laid, pre tend, sur faced, putting a bandaid, prettified, went into hiding, stow away, super imposes, trumping up, putting a band aid, get in way, dost sly, got way, super impose, sandbagged, be-clouds, super imposing, conceal, not told, dis-simulate, lie low, throwing up smoke screen, puts bandaid, blotting out, mis colored, prettify, did on the sly, putting on a band-aid, take cover, re strains, super-pose, took cover, blots out, Shrouded, de fends, gives lie to, in-vest, super-imposed, over shadows, monkeying with, lies low, re-serves, put on a front, ex plains, doest the sly, put on false front, blot out, glooming, passes for, put on band-aid, dissemble, passing for, apologizes for, over lays, over-laying, obscure, pretexting, gotten in the way, presenting false face, Hooding, mis-represented, puts smoke screen, putting out of way, murked, ex plain, sur face, not telling, fourflush, re-straining, muddies waters, boarded up, setting on, presented a false face, superposes, not tell, clouds issue, keep secret, re strained, puts up a smoke screen, re-serve, dis-tort, muddied, wears cheaters, go underground, puts on a band-aid, bushed up, sur-face, putting false front, shucked and jive, umbraged, shuttering, sur faces, over-shadows, Miscolor, re straining, slowing down, muddied waters, presents a false front, four flushes, got in the way, muddying waters, gets in way, goes underground, over spread, disavow, tucked away, mis-stating, super pose, throwing smoke screen, doest on the sly, deny, overcast, board up, re served, canopied, re done, putting up a smoke screen, put out of way, softpedal, does on the sly, ex-plains, puts a bandaid, didst on sly, puts on band aid, gloss, mis colors, put bandaid, dissimulate, four-flushed, doublespeaking, super posed, re strain, four-flush, cloud issue, doctored up, in vested, mis-represent, put out the way, present a false front, drags feet, putting out of the way, repudiate, super-imposes, re did, sur-facing, be-clouding, shucking and jive, dragging ones feet, double-talked, carpeted, get in the way, ex plaining, shade, throw up smoke screen, re does, puts on bandaid, pass for, keeping from, mis-coloring, inter feres, putting on band-aid, clouded issue, presented a false front, dis-torts, put on act, Bulwarking, over casts, Hazed, going in to hiding, super-posed, mis-lead, Glozed, dragged one's feet, de-fended, dragged ones feet, puts a front, putting smoke screen, putting on front, sur-faced, doublespeak, de fended, re-strain, do sly, sandbag, lock up, doing the sly, mis states, boards up, Housed, bushing up, muddied the waters, stows away, puts false front, dis-guising, putting on a false front, putting bandaid, over-spreads, put out of the way, doubletalk, becloud, drag ones feet, covers up, takes cover, stowed away, dis guised, four flushed, dis simulated, mis lead, Gloomed, sets on, with-hold, putting a band-aid, de fend, Curtaining, glossed over, bush up, wear cheaters, gotten in way, over shadowed, blinded, carpeting, slow down, re-serving, hanged up, sandbagging, sur facing, not tells, putting up a front, put a false front, over laid, be-dimmed, wall off, mis-state, super-imposing, re-served, Gloze, mis-represents, mis-leading, with holds, put act, gave the lie to, mis-color, keeps from, drag feet, mis leading, doest on sly, putting out way, whiting, over clouding, tucks away, going into hiding, sur rounded, over casting, getting in way, getting the way, overcasting, enshroud, umbraging, Befogging, mis-states, pre tends, presented false face, doeth the sly, dis guise, dis simulating, over clouded, puts out of way, with holding, put a band aid, do on sly, gives the lie to, dost on sly, fuzzed, dis-simulated, tucking away, be-lying, do on the sly, mask, grayed, with-holds, puts on front, dragging feet, make-believing.