Pronunciation of Unskillful
/ʌnskˈɪlfə͡l/, /ʌnskˈɪlfə‍l/, /ʌ_n_s_k_ˈɪ_l_f_əl/

Antonyms for unskillful:

like oneman band, more fireball, quick witted, hotshot, more dextrous, expert, more hotshot, like a oneman band, most exercised, all-around, adept, well-organized, Worldlywise, quick on the trigger, like one man band, de-signing, artful, broken in, sharp as a tack, vet, skillful, firstrate, good for, taught, good at, most smooth spoken, like pistol, up speed, quick on trigger, more exercised, old timer, handsome, more crackerjack, re sourceful, a hand at, masterful, in the know, first rate, veteran, more phenom, having on the ball, most crackerjack, most oldtimer, up to speed, most wizard, quick on the uptake, been around, well versed, more old-timer, most schooled, smooth spoken, adroit, knowledgeable, more virtuoso, dexterous, more schooled, phenom, more wizard, wideawake, more up, most smoothspoken, initiated, most old timer, up it, more old timer, whizest, most efficient, more dynamite, efficient, vetest, equal to, familiar with, fleet, more smooth spoken, therer, most streetwise, most well-versed, having know-how, nimble, shrewdest, having right stuff, schooled, VETER, whizer, in to, more intelligent, been there, smoothspoken, having goods, protean, more well organized, smooth-spoken, de signing, capable, like one-man band, most dynamite, tutored, having something on ball, up to snuff, most wellorganized, polished, more well versed, overqualified, know stuff, streetwise, more well-organized, more well-versed, sharp as tack, no dummy, quickwitted, more into, hot tamale, most into, pre eminent, quick the trigger, most well organized, more efficient, knowing one stuff, pre pared, knowing stuff, trained, Habile, dextrous, slick, sportest, pre-pared, versatile, most capable, there, most old-timer, more oldtimer, well-rounded, quick trigger, has what it takes, nobodys fool, most drilled, fireball, more in to, quick the uptake, ready, more wellversed, in know, proficient, nobody fool, re-sourceful, most wellversed, most phenom, well organized, wised up, having know how, quick on uptake, wide awake, qualified, gifted, ambidextrous, most fireball, most up, oldtimer, having the ball, deft, having something the ball, having the goods, talented, prepared, tuned in, has what takes, professional, like a one-man band, therest, up snuff, finished, knowing the score, more streetwise, having the right stuff, seasoned, wellversed, quick uptake, having knowhow, most well versed, knowing score, up to it, knowing one's stuff, really in to, foxy, experienced, worldly wise, like a one man band, really into, having something ball, pre-eminent, more smooth-spoken, well-versed, having good hands, most well-organized, like a pistol.

Usage examples for unskillful:

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