Pronunciation of Up
/ˈʌp/, /ˈʌp/, /ˈʌ_p/

Antonyms for up:

in blue funk, on underside, unheeding, castdown, current, unaware, most grieving, downfield, flameout, unknowledgeable, more bummed-out, uninformed, knockdown, lower, unprepared, most castdown, downfall, crater, decline, cast-down, de-pendent, sub-ordinate, under, attenuate, unknowing, reduce, falling, cast down, de pendent, held down, decrease, most bummed-out, morose, on bottom, gotterdammerung, in a blue funk, unacquainted, hopeless, dis-heartened, comedown, more mourning, to bottom, weak, below, drop, most bummed out, downward, diminish, on the underside, depress, the bottom, low spirited, descending, be longing, dis heartened, continuing, unmindful, fall, more bummedout, decreased, most mourning, on the nether side, uncompleted, sub ordinate, malfunctioning, to the bottom, most cast down, Substract, be-longing, more cast-down, downwardly, under-neath, most bummedout, blind, bummed out, downwards, re porting, pressed down, beneath, descent, in pits, sub sequent, more castdown, low, most cast-down, nonfunctional, covered by, plummet, demise, in the pits, more disheartened, shot down, incomplete, in the power of, lowspirited, depreciate, valid, all torn up, more cast down, concealed by, underneath, most disheartened, in power of, under neath, inattentive, re-porting, more bummed out, sub-sequent, skid, dropped, ignorant, be-neath, depressed, on nether side, unfamiliar, on the bottom, bummed-out, lowered, thrown, griefstricken, be neath, woebegone, undone, bummedout, descend, more grieving, write off, in despair, oblivious, down, doleful, despondent, lessen, nose dive, unwitting.

Usage examples for up:

  • To keep it up. - "Ulysses", James Joyce.
  • They mean to keep it up all night. - "The Red Hand of Ulster", George A. Birmingham.
  • How could she ever look up again! - "Without a Home", E. P. Roe.

Idioms for up:

Quotes for up:

Rhymes for up:

  • yup, upp, trupp, sup, cup, hupp, rupp, krupp, pup;

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