Up Hold

Pronunciation of Up Hold
/ˌʌp hˈə͡ʊld/, /ˌʌp hˈə‍ʊld/, /ˌʌ_p h_ˈəʊ_l_d/

Antonyms for up hold:

desert, vex, move, fail, insult, deprive, dispute, deprecate, block, conceal, comply, obstruct, untie, disobey, open, deny, check, soften, destroy, detach, suppress, reveal, cease, annul, revoke, counteract, Unauthorize, learn, miss, castigate, hide, discontinue, dishearten, make peace, lose, be against, let down, hinder, unfasten, cancel, answer, loosen, discredit, spend, deject, distress, have, denounce, surrender, leave alone, invalidate, gather, charge, rest, dissuade, annoy, discard, incriminate, disbelieve, liquefy, agitate, collect, wobble, assist, torment, dislike, evade, impede, abbreviate, renounce, disagree, object, deter, retrogress, go, question, hurt, excite, ruin, prove, refuse, provoke, dispirit, punish, ignore, irritate, hold, forget, bother, dirty, shorten, exasperate, give in, help, release, enervate, weaken, break down, hold down, depart, support, avoid, forswear, assail, maintain, kill, theorize, conclude, soil, halt, disdain, descend, increase, fall, uphold, let go, confuse, criticize, reject, dissent, sentence, damn, break, convict, Disaffirm, agree, complete, intensify, repress, frustrate, vary, neglect, anger, impugn, abstain, depress, abandon, drop, squander, void, aid, protest, bore, slow, retract, uninspire, shame, pain, spurn, scorn, shrivel, push down, abjure, melt, give, injure, oppose, torture, discourage, leave, veto, refute, disprove, finish, demote, go forward, stop, hate, magnify, mock, delay, disgrace, lower, procrastinate, uncover, take away, dampen, disclaim, accuse, fight, aggravate, unlock, endanger, disturb, dull, disapprove, worry, unsettle, decline, encumber, not support, forsake, resign, shun, divorce, change, quit, throw away, differ, thwart, take back, withhold, take, condemn, handicap, repudiate, keep, blame, languish, lessen, retreat, trouble, yield, worsen, withdraw, dodge, concur, appear, undermine, harm, push, set down, free, disregard, waste, advance, subtract, contradict, disavow, desist, loose, believe, humiliate, idle, upset, relinquish, degrade, attack, bring down, disrespect, give up, prevent, dishonor, use, raze, impose, disallow, end, hypothesize, decrease, be unproductive, cover, overlook, repel, receive, debase, censure, starve, shake, disconnect, shrink.

Synonyms for up hold:

acknowledge (verb)

accede, accept, acquiesce, agree, allow, approve, certify, grant, own, ratify, recognize, subscribe to, support, uphold, yield, defer to, attest to, take an oath.

advocate (verb)

advance, advise, bless, brace up, build up, favor, further, go for, go with, plug, plump for, propose, push, recommend, side, speak for, tout, urge, hold with, press for, root for, give a leg up, go to bat for, argue for, be in corner, campaign for, get on bandwagon, give a lift, plead for, ride shotgun for, run interference for, say so, spread around, stump for.

approve (verb)

accredit, affirm, assent, authorize, buy, buy into, charter, concur, consent, dig, empower, establish, get behind, groove, lap up, license, maintain, mandate, okay, permit, pronounce, sanction, seal, sign, validate, go along with, push for, sign off on, make law, thumbs up, give go-ahead, hats off to, make valid.

assert (verb)

allege, argue, attest, aver, avouch, avow, butt in, cite, claim, contend, horn in, mouth off, pop off, predicate, press, proclaim, profess, protest, put forward, say, state, stress, swear, warrant, stand up for, asservate, shoot off one's mouth, shoot one's wad.

attest (verb)

adjure, announce, assert, authenticate, bear out, bear witness, corroborate, countersign, declare, demonstrate, display, exhibit, indicate, prove, show, substantiate, testify, verify, witness, give evidence.

back (verb)

abet, abide by, ally, angel, bankroll, finance, grubstake, sponsor, stake, subsidize, underwrite, stand behind, give a boost.

bear (verb)

cherish, entertain, harbor, have, hold, hold up, possess, shoulder, weigh upon.

befriend (verb)

benefit, patronize, welcome, hit it off, take up with, come on to, cotton to, get in with, buddy up, case out, get chummy with, take under one's wing.

bolster (verb)

bear up, buck up, bulwark, buoy, cushion, pillow, reinforce, stay, strengthen.

brace (verb)

bandage, bind, fasten, fortify, gird, prepare, ready, shove, steady, steel, strap, tie, tighten.

buoy (up) (verb)

cheer, cheer up, hearten, lift, keep afloat.

buttress (verb)

beef up, jack up, jazz up, shore, step up.

champion (verb)

battle, espouse, fight for, put in a good word for, thump for.

claim (verb)

adduce, ask, believe, call for, challenge, collect, exact, insist, knock, need, pop the question, postulate, pretend, require, requisition, solicit, take, HIT, hold out for, hit up, stake out, lay claim to, have dibs on something.

comfort (verb)

abate, allay, alleviate, ameliorate, assuage, calm, compose, condole, console, delight, divert, ease, enliven, free, gladden, inspirit, invigorate, mitigate, nourish, reanimate, reassure, refresh, relieve, remedy, revitalize, revive, salve, soften, solace, soothe, succor, sympathize, make well, stroke, commiserate with, grant respite, lighten burden, put at ease, quiet fears.

confirm (verb)

check, check out, circumstantiate, debunk, explain, make good, make sure, settle, size up, subscribe, underpin, vouch, double-check, give green light, give high sign, give stamp of approval, give the go-ahead, give the nod, rubber-stamp.

continue (verb)

abide, draw out, endure, extend, go on, hang in, keep on, keep up, last, lengthen, linger, live on, loiter, make headway, outlast, outlive, persevere, persist in, press on, progress, project, prolong, pursue, push on, reach, remain, rest, ride, stand, stay on, stick to, survive, Perdure, run on, carry forward, keep at, forge ahead, stick at, get on with it, keep on truckin', keep the ball rolling, move ahead, never cease.

contribute (verb)

add to, augment, conduce, lead, redound, supplement, tend, sit in on, get in the act, have a hand in, be conducive, be instrumental, do one's bit, finger in the pie, put in two cents.

cooperate (verb)

band, befriend, chip in, coincide, collaborate, combine, concert, conspire, contribute, coordinate, forward, join forces, league, participate, partner, pitch in, pull together, stick together, take part, unite, comply with, lend a hand, play ball, join in, work together, be in cahoots, coadjute, pool resources, share in, show willingness, work side by side.

countenance (verb)

applaud, approbate, commend, condone, cope, handle, invite, live with, stand for, put up with, bear with, smile on, swallow, grin and bear it, nod at, sit still for, stomach something, put john hancock on.

defend (verb)

avert, care for, conserve, cover, cover for, entrench, exculpate, exonerate, fend off, fight, foster, garrison, guarantee, guard, hedge, house, insure, look after, mine, oppose, panoply, plead, preserve, prevent, rationalize, resist, retain, safeguard, save, screen, secure, shelter, shield, stave off, stonewall, war, ward off, watch, watch over, withstand, take in, keep safe, guard against, speak up for, apologize for, beat off, bear one out, come to defense of, hold at bay, prove a case, provide sanctuary, put in a good word, repel danger, say in defense.

elevate (verb)

erect, fetch up, heighten, hike up, levitate, poise, pump, pyramid, ramp, shoot up, stilt, tilt, put up.

encourage (verb)

comfort, develop, egg on, improve, instigate, prevail, serve, spur, pat on the back, pull for, smile upon.

endorse (verb)

praise, vouch for, give a boost to, give one's word, lend one's name to.

espouse (verb)

adopt, embrace, get into, take on, go in for.

fight (verb)

bicker, buck, buckle down, carry on, combat, conduct, contest, continue, defy, dispute, effect, fall out, force, hassle, lay into, persist, prosecute, push forward, repel, row, squabble, strive, struggle, take pains, tangle with, travail, traverse, wage, wrangle, engage in, exert oneself, hammer away, light into, stand up to, make a stand against, put up an argument, spare no effort, toil on.

forward (verb)

cultivate, hasten, hurry, speed.

foster (verb)

feed, foment, nurse, nurture, stimulate.

help (verb)

accommodate, ballyhoo, cooperate, hype, intercede, puff, see through, open doors, be of use, do a favor, do a service, do one's part, work for.

hoist (verb)


hold (verb)

bear, lock.

justify (verb)

absolve, acquit, alibi, answer for, brief, clear, crawl, excuse, legalize, palliate, pardon, rebut, square, do justice to, be answerable for, make allowances, show cause, speak in favor, cop a plea.

lift (verb)

arise, aspire, bring up, climb, come up, disappear, disperse, dissipate, draw up, goose, heft, hike, mount, move up, rise, soar, up, upheave, vanish, jump up, bear aloft, raise high.

maintain (verb)

asseverate, control, correct, emphasize, keep, keep going, manage, perpetuate, protect, provide, rectify, renew, repair, report, right, supply, take care of, go on with.

nurture (verb)

discipline, educate, instruct, school, train, nursle.

pick up (verb)

gather, grasp.

preserve (verb)

bottle, can, cure, evaporate, freeze, mothball, mummify, pickle, process, refrigerate, season, store.

promote (verb)

advertise, avail, cry, popularize, propagandize, publicize, sell, call attention to.

prop (verb)

set, truss, Underprop.

proselytize (verb)

convince, persuade, sway, be born again, alter conviction, cause to adopt, change belief.

prove (verb)

add up, analyze, ascertain, assay, determine, document, end up, evidence, evince, examine, experiment, find, fix, manifest, pan out, result, test, trial, try, turn out, have a case, make evident, show clearly, show once and for all.

ratify (verb)

commission, rubber stamp.

rear (verb)

jump, leap, loom, spring up, tower, turn up, set upright.

recommend (verb)

acclaim, celebrate, compliment, counsel, enjoin, esteem, eulogize, exalt, exhort, extol, glorify, laud, magnify, prescribe, prize, steer, suggest, value, speak well of, front for, think highly of, put on to, be all for, be satisfied with, go on record for, speak highly of.

respect (verb)

adore, appreciate, attend, follow, heed, honor, look up to, note, notice, pay attention, regard, revere, reverence, spare, take into account, venerate, adhere to, be kind to, show courtesy, be awed by, have good opinion of, have high opinion, observe of, set store by, show consideration.

second (verb)

give moral support.

stabilize (verb)

balance, ballast, bolt, counterbalance, counterpoise, equalize, firm, firm up, ossify, stiffen, Stabilitate.

strengthen (verb)

animate, bloom, burgeon, carry weight, consolidate, embolden, flourish, flower, harden, nerve, prosper, rally, rejuvenate, restore, temper, thrive, toughen, Enhearten, give weight, gather resources.

sublimate (verb)

clean, cleanse, rarefy, refine.

support (verb)

attend to, base, bed, bottom, chaperon, cradle, crutch, embed, found, fund, ground, keep an eye on, mainstay, pay for, set up, strut, undergird, agree with, take the part of, put up money for, be a foundation for, be a source of strength, boost morale, earn one's keep, keep from falling, make a living, pay expenses of, pick up the check, rally round, take one's side, throw in one's lot with, throw in with.

sustain (verb)

convey, lug, pack, protract, provide for, tote, transfer, transport, keep alive.

uphold (verb)

advocate, aid, assist, back, back up, bolster, boost, brace, buoy up, buttress, carry, champion, confirm, countenance, defend, elevate, encourage, endorse, help, hoist, justify, promote, prop, raise, rear, second, shore up, stick by, sustain, uplift, upraise, vindicate, Upbear, Uprear, pick up, take up, stand by, side with, stick up for, hold to, hold up one's end.

vindicate (verb)

confute, disprove, extenuate, refute, rehabilitate, whitewash, Disculpate, free from blame.

vouch (verb)

assure, cosign, vow, put forth, sign for, swear to, bear testimony, act as a witness, be responsible for, give an affidavit, swear up and down.

warrant (verb)

delegate, demand, ensure, entitle, guaranty, necessitate, pledge, privilege, promise, stipulate, undertake, give grounds for.

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