Up hold

Pronunciation of Up Hold
/ˌʌp hˈə͡ʊld/, /ˌʌp hˈə‍ʊld/, /ˌʌ_p h_ˈəʊ_l_d/

Antonyms for up hold

desert, vex, move, fail, insult, deprive, dispute, deprecate, block, conceal, comply, obstruct, untie, disobey, open, deny, check, soften, destroy, detach, suppress, reveal, cease, annul, revoke, counteract, Unauthorize, learn, miss, castigate, hide, discontinue, dishearten, make peace, lose, be against, let down, hinder, unfasten, cancel, answer, loosen, discredit, spend, deject, distress, have, denounce, surrender, leave alone, invalidate, gather, charge, rest, dissuade, annoy, discard, incriminate, disbelieve, liquefy, agitate, collect, wobble, assist, torment, dislike, evade, impede, abbreviate, renounce, disagree, object, deter, retrogress, go, question, hurt, excite, ruin, prove, refuse, provoke, dispirit, punish, ignore, irritate, hold, forget, bother, dirty, shorten, exasperate, give in, help, release, enervate, weaken, break down, hold down, depart, support, avoid, forswear, assail, maintain, kill, theorize, conclude, soil, halt, disdain, descend, increase, fall, uphold, let go, confuse, criticize, reject, dissent, sentence, damn, break, convict, Disaffirm, agree, complete, intensify, repress, frustrate, vary, neglect, anger, impugn, abstain, depress, abandon, drop, squander, void, aid, protest, bore, slow, retract, uninspire, shame, pain, spurn, scorn, shrivel, push down, abjure, melt, give, injure, oppose, torture, discourage, leave, veto, refute, disprove, finish, demote, go forward, stop, hate, magnify, mock, delay, disgrace, lower, procrastinate, uncover, take away, dampen, disclaim, accuse, fight, aggravate, unlock, endanger, disturb, dull, disapprove, worry, unsettle, decline, encumber, not support, forsake, resign, shun, divorce, change, quit, throw away, differ, thwart, take back, withhold, take, condemn, handicap, repudiate, keep, blame, languish, lessen, retreat, trouble, yield, worsen, withdraw, dodge, concur, appear, undermine, harm, push, set down, free, disregard, waste, advance, subtract, contradict, disavow, desist, loose, believe, humiliate, idle, upset, relinquish, degrade, attack, bring down, disrespect, give up, prevent, dishonor, use, raze, impose, disallow, end, hypothesize, decrease, be unproductive, cover, overlook, repel, receive, debase, censure, starve, shake, disconnect, shrink.