Pronunciation of Up-Shot
/ˌʌpʃˈɒt/, /ˌʌpʃˈɒt/, /ˌʌ_p_ʃ_ˈɒ_t/

Synonyms for up-shot:

aftermath (noun)

chain reaction, flak, impact, remainder, residual, residuum, upshot, waves, consequences, results, causatum, after-effects.

amount (noun)

body, import, matter, significance, value, full value.

body (noun)

argument, discourse, dissertation, evidence, exposition, heart, material, text, thesis, treatise.

catastrophe (noun)

accident, adversity, affliction, alluvion, bad luck, blow, calamity, casualty, cataclysm, contretemps, crash, debacle, desolation, devastation, disaster, emergency, failure, fatality, fiasco, grief, hardship, havoc, ill, infliction, misadventure, mischance, misery, misfortune, mishap, reverse, scourge, tragedy, trial, trouble, waterloo, wreck, meltdown, curtains, bad news, stroke, the worst.

conclusion (noun)

cease, cessation, close, closure, stop, windup, wrap, Desistance, end of the line, period.

consequence (noun)

bottom line, can of worms, fallout, outgrowth, reaction, repercussion, sequence, payback, follow through, follow-up, spin-off.

core (noun)

amount, base, basis, bulk, corpus, crux, essence, focus, foundation, importance, kernel, mass, middle, midpoint, midst, nub, nucleus, origin, pivot, quick, root, staple, meat and potatoes, main idea, nitty gritty.

corollary (noun)

analogy, end product, induction, inference, precipitate.

development (noun)

change, circumstance, materialization, occurrence, phenomenon, situation, transpiration, turn of events, Eventuation.

effect (noun)

backlash, backwash, corollary, fruit, pursuance, ramification, reflex, response, side effect.

end (noun)

accomplishment, achievement, adjournment, attainment, closing, consummation, curtain, desuetude, determination, discontinuance, execution, expiration, expiry, finis, fulfillment, last word, omega, perfection, realization, resolution, retirement, target, terminus, sign-off, wrap-up.

ending (noun)

catastrophe, coup de grace, dissolution, epilogue, lapse, summation, swan song, wane.

event (noun)

case, chance, fortuity, hap, happenstance, offshoot, product, resultant, sequent, end result.

eventuality (noun)

contingency, happening, likelihood, possibility, probability, toss-up, any case, go-down, goings-on.

fate (noun)

break, cup, destination, destiny, doom, fortune, future, horoscope, karma, kismet, lot, luck, moirai, nemesis, portion, predestination, providence, Wheel of fortune, stars, handwriting on the wall, divine will, inescapableness.

gist (noun)

bearing, drift, force, idea, keynote, marrow, nuts and bolts, point, punch line, quintessence, score, short, soul, spirit, stuff, subject, summary, tenor, theme, topic, nature of the beast, name of the game.

kernel (noun)

atom, bit, center, germ, grain, hub, morsel, nubbin, nut, part, piece.

materialization (noun)

actualization, being.

matter (noun)

content, extent, magnitude, moment, neighborhood, note, order, range, tune, vicinity, weight.

meaning (noun)

acceptation, allusion, connotation, context, definition, denotation, explanation, hint, implication, interpretation, intimation, nitty-gritty, nuance, suggestion, symbolization, understanding, use, worth, subject matter, nature of beast.

nub (noun)


outcome (noun)


payoff (noun)

adjustment, clincher, day of reckoning, judgment, moment of truth, pay, payment, retribution, reward, settlement, final reckoning.

product (noun)

artifact, blend, brand, brew, by-product, commodity, compound, concoction, confection, contrivance, creation, crop, decoction, device, emolument, fabrication, gain, handiwork, invention, legacy, line, manufacture, merchandise, output, preparation, produce, production, profit, stock, synthetic, work, yield, returns, spinoff.

purport (noun)

aim, design, intent, intention, message, object, objective, plan, purpose, signification, tendency, Intendment, Significancy.

ramification (noun)

bifurcation, branch, branching, breaking, complication, divarication, division, excrescence, extension, forking, partition, radiation, subdivision, Subdividing.

rationality (noun)

rationale, rationalness, rhyme or reason.

rationalness (noun)


resolution (noun)

analysis, assertion, breakdown, call, decision, declaration, dissection, elucidation, finding, motion, nod, pay dirt, presentation, proposal, proposition, quick fix, recitation, recommendation, resolve, solution, solving, ticket, verdict, working out, unravelling, sorting out.

result (noun)

arrangement, creature, emanation, fruition, harvest, outcropping, proceeds, ensual.

sense (noun)

advantage, good, logic, reason, denotatiton.

sequel (noun)

alternation, chain, continuation, finishing, progression, row, series, train, Consecution, part two.

stopping point (noun)


substance (noun)

abcs, bottom, essentiality, guts, innards, strength, sum total, Gravamen, Virtuality, general meaning, way of it, brass tacks.

terminus (noun)

stopping point.

upshot (noun)

aftereffect, aftermath, burden, climax, completion, conclusion, consequence, core, culmination, denouement, development, effect, end, ending, event, eventuality, finale, finish, gist, issue, meaning, meat, outcome, payoff, pith, purport, result, sense, sequel, substance, termination, thrust.

predestinate (verb)

destine, foreordain, predestine, predetermine, preordain.

predestine (verb)


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