Pronunciation of Up-To-Date
/ˌʌptədˈe͡ɪt/, /ˌʌptədˈe‍ɪt/, /ˌʌ_p_t_ə_d_ˈeɪ_t/

Antonyms for up-to-date:

broken down, ancient, more cast off, most out-of-fashion, dinosaur, old fashioned, not with it, more out-of-fashion, more anachronistic, more oldie, more time worn, not current, senescent, creaky, more disapproved, old time, most scrapped, geriatric, most anachronistic, de mode, out date, most staying, more oldfangled, pre historic, of old school, most sometime, most oldfangled, most enfeebled, most time worn, out-of-style, most old world, creakier, of the old school, dis-approved, more has-been, of yore, in-elegant, old fangled, un stylish, most time-worn, in elegant, more grayhaired, by-gone, more fossil, behind times, in firm, more geriatric, most junked, more enfeebled, most disused, back number, not young, un usual, un-usable, old-school, more castaway, more old-school, most shot, most unstylish, most gray-haired, out it, long lived, most gray haired, more old-fangled, more oldschool, out of fashion, has-been, ante-diluvian, more demoded, most old hat, junked, Old World, primitive, most demoded, long lasting, most oldworld, most old-school, past, dis approved, more sometime, done with, in firmer, been around, gray haired, pre-historic, fossilized, by gone, most cast off, thrown away, most out of fashion, out-of-fashion, more out of style, more out of date, more captivating, gray-haired, horse and buggy, more hasbeen, thrown out, time worn, more back number, longlived, more outworn, along in years, oldtime, in firmest, more oldworld, more oldish, ageold, past ones prime, re-mote, most captivating, more disused, castoff, past prime, anachronistic, most castoff, more old-world, most geriatric, time honored, old, out style, in-active, more old school, outdated, dis-continued, most hasbeen, most relic, most has been, out of date, time-worn, old-hat, oldfangled, along years, old-world, past one's prime, in-firmer, passe, most backnumber, more gray haired, out of style, outmoded, most fossil, old-fangled, quaint, noncurrent, more time-worn, more staying, hasbeen, more shelved, out dated, un-stylish, disused, more old fangled, oldie, unfashionable, un usable, dis continued, has been, longlasting, more cast-off, most oldhat, more shot, antique, old-fashioned, most old school, more oldhat, most old-hat, un-fashionable, most oldschool, dis carded, stale, oldfashioned, archaic, most out of style, most out-of-style, most grayhaired, more old hat, most fossilized, un original, wornout, more junked, off beaten track, dis-carded, backnumber, oldish, out worn, more has been, dis-used, timeworn, un-usual, unstylish, vintage, aged, more scrapped, most has-been, oldhat, more anachronous, more demode, had it, in-firmest, de-mode, more out of fashion, most oldie, more old world, creakiest, discarded, dated, dead gone, timehonored, old hat, age old, most anachronous, horse buggy, grown old, oldworld, ante diluvian, primeval, more fossilized, most shelved, most old-world, out-dated, most demode, oldschool, of long standing, more out-of-style, most old fangled, antediluvian, un fashionable, most outworn, worse for wear, most cast-off, dis used, most disapproved, more old-hat, styleless, un-original, most dinosaur, more gray-haired, most castaway, more dinosaur, more backnumber, out of it, out-of-date, obsolete, off the beaten track, more relic, back-number, more castoff, demoded, more unstylish, most back number, most senescent, motheaten, cast-off, of old, not modern, dead and gone.

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