Pronunciation of Update
/ˈʌpde͡ɪt/, /ˈʌpde‍ɪt/, /ˈʌ_p_d_eɪ_t/

Synonyms for update:

briefing (noun)

conference, discussion, guidance, information, initiation, instruction, meeting, preamble, priming, rundown, directions, background meeting.

advise (verb)

acquaint, admonish, advocate, apprise, caution, charge, clue in, commend, counsel, direct, dissuade, encourage, enjoin, exhort, guide, inform, instruct, kibitz, move, notify, opine, point out, preach, prepare, prescribe, prompt, put on the line, recommend, report, show, steer, suggest, tell, tout, update, urge, warn, Forewarn, fill in, tip off, make known, let in on, level with, put on to, give a pointer, give a tip, give the word, keep posted, lay it out, put bug in ear, put in two cents, put next to, clue*, post*.

brief (verb)

abridge, advise, edify, enlighten, epitomize, explain, initiate, orient, prime, recapitulate, summarize, give rundown, give the lowdown, show the lay of the land, show the ropes.

enlighten (verb)

brief, catechize, civilize, convert, disclose, divulge, educate, elucidate, illume, illuminate, illumine, imitate, improve, inculcate, indoctrinate, inspirit, open up, persuade, reveal, save, school, teach, train, uplift, give faith, cause to understand.

improve (verb)

advance, ameliorate, augment, better, boost, come around, convalesce, correct, cultivate, develop, doctor up, edit, elevate, emend, enhance, gain ground, help, increase, lift, look up, meliorate, mend, perk up, polish, progress, promote, purify, raise, rally, recover, rectify, recuperate, refine, reform, revamp, rise, sharpen, skyrocket, straighten out, touch up, upgrade, take off, shape up, set right, make strides, turn the corner, pick up*.

inform (verb)

blab, clue, endow, endue, give away, inspire, invest, leak, level, post, relate, send word, snitch, squeal, tattle, tell on, tip, wise, Familiarize, make conversant with, let know, give two cents.

instruct (verb)

coach, discipline, drill, engineer, ground, lead, lecture, pilot, tutor, wise up, break in, drum into, give lessons, break it to, brainwash*.

modernize (verb)

regenerate, remake, revive.

update (verb)

amend, modernize, refresh, refurbish, rejuvenate, renew, renovate, restore, revise.

Sense 1

edit, improve, modernization, revise.

Sense 2




Idioms for update:

  • update sm about sm or sth;

Rhymes for update:

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