Pronunciation of Used
/j_ˈuː_z_d/, /jˈuːzd/, /jˈuːzd/

Antonyms for used

un frequented, desolate, immature, un-filled, most originative, Unfaded, most down at the heel, most unplanted, more castoff, Unwithered, more newborn, most rehabilitated, un tried, most beatup, victimised, more button, in-operative, most laid off, un commoner, brokendown, tenderfooted, in bad way, more causative, smart alecky, most beat-up, lowkey, undimmed, brighteyed, more underived, un-seeded, un-used, be yond, underivative, on the bench, more brand-, unpolluted, in-consolable, out of service, most uncared for, dewy, re-stored, more underestimated, un-trained, out of condition, most down-at-the-heel, in a bad way, spankingnew, more acheronian, unengaged, un-planted, fallow, un-common, more beginning, most envisioning, most uncared-for, most depreciated, most demiurgic, acheronian, un-trieder, more brand, spanking-new, un triedest, unadjusted, spick and span, extra, more new fashioned, idle, more undervalued, inert, more invigorated, bushy-tailed, in operative, pristine, un-faded, un-defiled, most acheronian, de-vising, over above, mint, be-yond, most ownerless, un plowed, more beyond, dis-respectful, nower, recent, in solent, more do-nothing, more commencing, most newfashioned, more unfaded, First-hand, un spoiled, more new-fashioned, bushytailed, gingerbread, more generative, hot off the press, most reserve, more ownerless, re sting, un heeded, flipper, un-needed, the latest, fresh, uncared for, most new fashioned, un productive, left stranded, nowest, vacant, on the shelf, de sert, breaking new ground, virginal, un dimmed, derelict, un helpful, innovative, uncontaminated, most devising, more undimmed, dis-missed, brand-new, first class, most beat up, most dog-eared, original, re serve, dis-engaged, more brighteyed, more uncared for, untried, more refreshed, draggiest, un-tapped, more donothing, more unplanted, more causal, un trieder, under-valued, most comer, more bushy-tailed, re-cent, most uncontaminated, icest, most bright eyed, avant garde, causal, in nocent, more spanking new, un faded, most novel, more first hand, most underived, more unwatched, most bright-eyed, deserted, in-active, more another, most conceiving, un-conventional, un taken, un-developed, more rehabilitated, castoff, more depreciated, most starting, un sullied, unplowed, in-essential, unfamiliar, more unpolluted, what's happening, extra ordinary, un-productive, young, de vising, un-plowed, more untaken, re-sting, super numerary, most brighteyed, de-void, sur-plusser, originative, de-relict, most beyond, not use, most uncaredfor, most affronted, more spanking-new, more ignored, most unplowed, more innovational, be ginning, more untended, most commencing, most mothballed, most evaded, spick-and-span, un tilled, low key, most newborn, un practiced, re maining, innovational, more untilled, un-successful, most dog eared, more reserve, un tended, most untended, run-down, un-tarnished, sur plusser, more unseeded, not in use, ill-used, most despised, most dogeared, most unhelpful, un occupied, more comer, new-fashioned, Span-new, most disregarded, most lagniappe, under valued, cast aside, wastest, more uncaredfor, un wanted, un cultivated, exploited, draggier, most castoff, more beat up, more spankingnew, super-numerary, more relinquished, this season's, un engaged, more unhelpful, un-employed, more neoteric, undervalued, more gingerbread, most bushytailed, un-taken, un-damaged, un-considered, most gingerbread, most unengaged, un needed, most causative, most relinquished, most another, un-corrupted, unwatched, far cry, more unengaged, un-tested, de-stroyed, un usual, un-derived, newfangled, de-sert, solitary, re-habilitated, dogeared, sur-plussest, fusser, perkest, in-solent, more disregarded, in-tact, down-at-the-heel, un familiar, misused, un-triedest, more despised, more devising, like new, more unplowed, more starting, under estimated, tumble down, un processed, put-upon, un-withered, un couth, Tenantless, just out, most ignored, un-sullied, most declined, un conventional, first hand, un trained, un tapped, more conceiving, un disturbed, un-inhabited, un-marred, most unfaded, causative, high-end, hot the press, most untapped, unplanted, brand-, bushy tailed, un-processed, under weather, more lagniappe, un-cultivated, most brand-, farther, draggy, un derived, un contaminated, wornout, un availing, de finite, un inhabited, out service, extra-ordinary, un derivative, most tumble-down, ownerless, un-familiar, more unwithered, dewier, re stored, pre sumptuous, most invigorated, unacclimated, more declined, most tumble down, most innovational, most shunned, most unseeded, un tested, un defiled, un-seasoned, un-availing, more tumble-down, smartalecky, most spanking-new, more newfashioned, in-spiring, un necessary, more opening, more tenantless, un developed, tossed aside, more disdained, re cent, used up, dis engaged, used, most brand, most do nothing, un-commoner, un skilled, un polluted, most tenantless, un damaged, more uncared-for, out work, un touched, beat-up, mothballed, not stale, new fashioned, brand new, firstclass, un-frequented, more spurned, un filled, dis missed, more laid off, un healthiest, in tact, untenanted, most tenderfooted, underived, re sourceful, de stroyed, un successful, in store, de void, more beat-up, un tarnished, un commonest, un planted, un marred, bright eyed, more bright eyed, this season, un seasoned, un considered, un-necessary, in-creased, de solate, unhelpful, most donothing, dis-carded, most unwithered, un healthier, most spurned, most unwatched, up to date, not serious, most untilled, most first-hand, most beginning, un-touched, Demiurgic, un-polluted, more bushytailed, un-usual, in significant, without contents, de-solate, more evaded, in blue funk, more down-at-the-heel, more mothballed, more down at the heel, avantgarde, in active, most underestimated, more uncontaminated, unlived in, dog-eared, dewiest, more scorned, generative, de-finite, most underivative, un-contaminated, in holding pattern, un tenanted, more dog-eared, dis respectful, un-wanted, at cutting edge, un used, un accustomed, more shunned, under-estimated, most undervalued, bright-eyed, un-skilled, most spankingnew, un-wearied, most disdained, more untapped, in-nocent, un-watched, sur plussest, most opening, perker, novel, hot press, spanking new, out commission, out action, unadapted, more envisioning, most generative, un-occupied, most new-fashioned, more bushy tailed, de relict, be reft, in essential, untapped, more demiurgic, un-healthiest, untended, of no avail, be-ginning, new, unseeded, out of action, un common, more originative, dog eared, broken down, un-blemished, do nothing, un seeded, un watched, un-tilled, most spanking new, un-spoiled, out condition, neglected, un-tenanted, un-heeded, most bushy tailed, re-serve, down at the heel, Newfashioned, hot off press, most causal, dis carded, re habilitated, gravier, more tenderfooted, unaccustomed, more affronted, most neoteric, mint condition, most untaken, beatup, inactive, un healthy, Neoteric, more tumble down, unused, be-reft, un-tried, un-couth, in spiring, un-healthy, un employed, re-sourceful, on hold, un-derivative, more dogeared, more innovative, most undimmed, more bright-eyed, donothing, un-dimmed, flippest, most bouncing, dis-regarded, brandnew, most do-nothing, more hurting, over looked, most first hand, more bouncing, whats happening, over and above, this seasons, un wearied, un-accustomed, most scorned, to let, more dog eared, dis regarded, one more, untilled.