Pronunciation of Usually
/jˈuːʒuːə͡li/, /jˈuːʒuːə‍li/, /j_ˈuː_ʒ_uː_əl_i/

Antonyms for usually

unaccountably, un familiarly, un-naturally, Unoften, in dividually, once a blue moon, superlatively, remarkably, very, whimsically, terribly, to wit, now then, in describably, in-describably, prodigiously, inhabitually, that is, Semioccasionally, at intervals, unusually, not very often, Indispensably, conspicuously, surpassingly, in-frequently, uncommonly, strictly speaking, on occasion, terrifically, before else, once blue moon, un commonly, strangely, every now then, sometimes, rarely, strikingly, in specie, before all else, in credibly, exaggeratedly, semi occasionally, once twice, occasionally, unco, un often, once a while, un-usually, seldom, never, astonishingly, extra-ordinarily, amazingly, pre-eminently, uniquely, un-common, a few times, uncustomarily, in-credibly, abnormally, incredibly, indescribably, in-habitually, startlingly, by way explanation, un-customarily, from time time, by way of explanation, un-familiarly, once in a blue moon, sparingly, exotically, namely, surprisingly, sporadically, in habitually, exceptionally, un common, supremely, hardly ever, pre eminently, queerly, every so often, infrequently, especially, un-often, un naturally, once in blue moon, extra ordinarily, un accountably, scarcely ever, fantastically, sur-passingly, semi-occasionally, noticeably, in frequently, un usually, un-accountably, in other words, now and again, in particular, outstandingly, in few cases, sur passingly, once in while, un-commonly, particularly, in a few cases, in-dividually, at random, in few instances, once or twice, unfamiliarly, not often, signally, curiously, un customarily, now again, not regularly, explicitly, so much, once while.