Pronunciation of Vacant
/v_ˈeɪ_k_ə_n_t/, /vˈe͡ɪkənt/, /vˈe‍ɪkənt/

Antonyms for vacant:

most lodged, filled, most malfunctioning, used, demonstrative, saved, reclaimed, more swarming, overflowing, more blocked, most barred, expressive, more barred, more flooded, cognizant, most lived-in, more lodged, un available, energetic, unreserved, most blocked, expansive, more peopled, fill, most swarming, more populated, aware, lived in, make full, more deluged, Sandwiched, Brimmed, most peopled, jammed, practical, most lived in, employed, theatrical, most crammed, eloquent, operable, running, more crammed, operational, flush, most flooded, bright, lively, going, sedulous, revealing, livedin, operating, more utilized, populated, more wedged, Comprehending, exuberant, over flowing, un-workable, more lived-in, peopled, feasible, gesticulative, revelatory, jampacked, more trammeled, restored, more leased, Crammed, most obstructed, melodramatic, usable, unrestrained, rescued, viable, active, un workable, most livedin, animated, useful, most mobbed, workable, Gestic, complete, de-luged, reconditioned, operative, Gesticulatory, over crowded, living, working, rehabbed, de luged, teeming, most deluged, more warped, crowded, furnished, occupied, more mobbed, more malfunctioning, inhabited, engaged, gorged, most leased, emotional, functioning, more sandwiched, packed, on, more livedin, effervescent, busy, malfunctioning, alive, salvaged, over-crowded, gestural, more clogged, functional, fill up, brimful, rehabilitated, most wedged, lived-in, clocked up, most warped, brimming, recovered, over-flowing, diligent, most utilized, industrious, dynamic, more lived in, most populated, responsive, assiduous, out order, replete, vivacious, vigorous, most clogged, full, too much plate, too much on plate, redeemed, interested, un-available.

Usage examples for vacant:

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