Pronunciation of Versed
/vˈɜːsd/, /vˈɜːsd/, /v_ˈɜː_s_d/

Antonyms for versed

unwitting, un-worldliest, unschooled, uninvestigated, incompetent, incapable, un commoner, untrained, in experienced, un-usual, un acquainted, untested, un trieder, un-commoner, more unconversant, most prentice, in-cognizant, un informed, out contact, more tenderfoot, in-expert, rude, un familiar, not associated, unconscious, un fledged, in nocent, in cognizant, in-conversant, un practiced, not versed in, unaware, clumsy, un schooled, inattentive, jackleg, un-skilled, unpolished, insensible, most rookie, inexpert, un-common, un worldly, primitive, more prentice, un common, more inconversant, would-be, un-trieder, more unfledged, heavy-handed, extra ordinary, un-accustomed, un-worldlier, weak, green, more rookie, Sophomoric, in-nocent, artless, most uninvestigated, un skilled, ham-fisted, Unconversant, awkward, un-trained, unfamiliar with, Inconversant, crude, un worldlier, un-known, most tenderfoot, un-acquainted, inefficient, unqualified, un known, un-instructed, un conversant, un worldliest, un knowing, Ungifted, un-worldly, un trained, un seasoned, un enlightened, un initiated, un-aware, most inconversant, un witting, extra-ordinary, unheeding, unskillful, amateur, immature, kiddest, un aware, ham-handed, untutored, unable, un usual, in-experienced, un-enlightened, most amateur, re-mote, un sophisticated, un expected, un instructed, more amateur, un disciplined, new, wet behind ears, unfitted, un-witting, little known, unfamiliar, out of contact, unprofessional, unmindful, un-familiar, un-initiated, in conversant, un-used, un accustomed, untried, most unconversant, un commonest, ineffective, unacquainted, ignorant, untalented, un-tried, un explored, un tried, un-fledged, untaught, blind, prentice, uninitiated, uninformed, un-schooled, un-expected, un-knowing, un-triedest, unfit, inept, unskilled, more naive, oblivious, inexperienced, raw, un triedest, spring chicken, Kidder, in expert, un-seasoned, unknowing, amateurish, unfledged, most unfledged, beginning, un-conversant, un-informed, ineffectual, most naive, un-investigated, rough, unseasoned, unknowledgeable.