Pronunciation of Virtuous
/vˈɜːt͡ʃuːəs/, /vˈɜːt‍ʃuːəs/, /v_ˈɜː_tʃ_uː_ə_s/

Antonyms for virtuous

more vitiate, over-ripe, culpable, in-temperate, most contaminated, in decorous, cruddier, pigeon-holed, un-lawful, devil may care, de generated, most dirtyminded, dis solute, unrespectable, de based, shameful, erring, more shaming, selfindulgent, in-constant, more rascally, un-principled, blameworthy, offensive, atrocious, dirtyminded, undecorous, un-chaster, most lowlife, in-famous, most degenerated, de-valued, un constrained, most amoral, more illbred, more toxiferous, more dirtyminded, lascivious, more flatitious, warped, un satisfactory, most shaming, ill-famed, gone seed, slimier, dis obedient, impotent, flatitious, most downer, reproachable, most septic, un-juster, most illfamed, most shunned, more pigeon holed, given up, more warped, dis-carded, in-correct, errant, more depreciated, de graded, in-significant, un-happy, dis satisfactory, de-generated, sad, more polluted, diddlier, poor, grodier, un-chastest, useless, un scrupulous, dis-reputable, more demeaned, un restrained, lowlife, un godlier, more nighthawk, maleficent, un-fairest, vile, bottom out, weak, most nighthawk, un-decorous, septic, ill famed, fast, in subordinate, more low life, dis reputable, gone to the dogs, adulterated, most abased, most ill-famed, Impeachable, left in the cold, un-restrained, de-testable, consciencestricken, in the fast lane, illfamed, godawful, in bad taste, on the take, de-grading, illbehaved, more eighty-sixed, un-holiest, ill bred, on the rocks, most contorted, un-godlier, sub standard, un-becoming, de cadent, vicious, un cleaner, night owl, wrong, more porno, in decent, de pressed, un natural, un-seemliest, more unrighteous, mis used, gone to seed, immoral, scurvy, left the cold, more blended, left in cold, in delicate, knavish, junkier, dirty, de-filed, un-occupied, mean, passed up, most overripe, most ill-behaved, unseemly, dis-honorable, more speeding, offcolor, dis honest, most godawful, overripe, ineffective, more dumped, un just, un holiest, dis-satisfactory, out raged, gone to dogs, most saturnalian, dis pleasing, more ill behaved, high living, low life, most self gratifying, most ill famed, diddliest, un-worthiest, un-tamed, most ill-bred, opprobrious, evil-minded, un occupied, dis-eased, most blended, un-scrupulous, the pits, most side tracked, un-acceptable, unrighteous, in significant, bad, more abased, most low-life, dis honored, unaccommodating, more vitiated, unsuitable, un happiest, out cast, most troubling, loose, un fairest, un godly, more flagitous, un favorable, more ill-bred, most vitiate, un-just, mis-behaving, most misbehaving, defiled, un-cleaner, in gutter, grody, most depreciated, in pain, more mortifying, un happy, un tamed, naughty, more dirty-minded, un seemliest, inappropriate, more ill bred, most worsen, depraved, more eliminated, more miasmatic, left cold, most illbehaved, more undecorous, scurvier, de generate, most illbred, Fiendish, in tenser, in continent, most ill behaved, un cleanest, de stroyed, indecent, de-graded, nogood, most infective, more eighty sixed, degenerate, side-tracked, most warped, beastliest, not good, Saturnalian, x rated, toxiferous, more gadabout, more contorted, un controlled, mis behaving, ungenerous, dis solved, debauched, un healthy, most dissolved, gone bad, re prehensible, more side tracked, guilty, fallen, most outcast, un clean, more pigeon-holed, devilish, un happier, off color, dirty-minded, scurviest, porn, beastlier, most eightysixed, more playing, dirty minded, junkiest, dis agreeable, cruddy, most dirty minded, more devalued, responsible, un-holier, de-moralized, dis eased, un fairer, improper, poorer, perverted, more sidelined, sinful, un becoming, de filed, most side-tracked, objectionable, most diluted, out-raged, mis-used, retro grade, most pigeon holed, ill behaved, un seemly, corrupt, lax, de testable, un-fair, dis-graceful, of easy virtue, un worthiest, most thinned, un-seemlier, up-set, un lawful, porner, most speeding, more player, more side-tracked, in corrigible, on take, in-corrigible, un principled, retro-grade, in correct, un justest, unproductive, unkind, sub-standard, in-tensest, up set, de moralized, gone dogs, most devalued, most maleficent, more maleficent, re probate, un-fortunate, most gadabout, most declining, un pleasant, de-based, more infective, unbecoming, pro fane, more worsen, praetorian, un-worthier, re-probate, unsuited, nefarious, porno, un-fairer, dis honorable, most ill bred, in fast lane, de-generate, in-delicate, reprobate, more abused, out-cast, un ethical, un-controlled, dis-gusting, conscience stricken, dis-solute, most undecorous, de valued, un-healthiest, most squandered, dis tressed, most relinquished, un-ethical, nighthawk, dis-solved, lewd, fruitless, re-prehensible, more attenuated, more troubling, more low-life, de-pressed, more contaminated, shameless, most selfgratifying, more dirty minded, dis-honest, unchaste, more downer, most outraged, pitser, more saturnalian, demonic, self gratifying, most unrighteous, more relinquished, in-tenser, pornographic, most sidelined, most porno, unethical, more squandered, most inferior, in tense, in-adequate, more degenerated, disobliging, un juster, un seemlier, un-pleasant, un chastest, in-continent, more overripe, dissolute, more thinned, un chaste, in-decent, un-godly, un-healthy, un-godliest, ruinous, self indulgent, most eighty sixed, gone the dogs, most low life, more misbehaving, un-chaste, most flagitous, inefficacious, out control, toxicant, ill-behaved, over ripe, more amoral, incontinent, more septic, most toxiferous, decadent, un fair, most caitiff, un healthier, evil, most demeaned, sidelined, side tracked, wicked, cast away, Miasmatic, incorrect, un-natural, more caitiff, un-justest, cruddiest, mis-guided, most polluted, un-cleanest, un speakable, most garbage, more misused, incapable, un propitious, more lowlife, in temperate, grodiest, un decorous, de-cadent, in-tense, active, promiscuous, dis-tressed, more illfamed, most eighty-sixed, more self gratifying, un worthy, illbred, dis-agreeable, wayward, heinous, most dirty-minded, un worthier, in-subordinate, in the gutter, un-speakable, junky, un-holy, played out, in famous, more selfgratifying, hellbent, ill-bred, ineffectual, de-stroyed, dis carded, un-favorable, un godliest, rascally, wanton, most flatitious, more garbage, in adequate, dissipated, infamous, un healthiest, dis-honored, most eliminated, more ill-behaved, un holy, dis gusting, most attenuated, un-satisfactory, unsuccessful, most player, pornest, un acceptable, amoral, un holier, despicable, lecherous, un chaster, indecorous, un fortunate, low-life, no good, dis graceful, most misused, more evil, un-healthier, more ill famed, more ill-famed, more sidetracked, xrated, most vitiated, cast aside, pro-fane, most consumed, flagitous, most sidetracked, more dissolved, un-mindful, in-decorous, dis-pleasing, more declining, de grading, un-righteous, inefficient, pitsest, dis-obedient.