Pronunciation of Wadding
/wˈɒdɪŋ/, /wˈɒdɪŋ/, /w_ˈɒ_d_ɪ_ŋ/

Synonyms for wadding:

lining (noun)

bushing, doubling, facing, inlay, insole, lining, packing, padding, wainscot, Interlining.

Sense 1 (noun)

blister pack, boxed, bubble wrap, carton, case, cover, jacket, matchbook, matchbox, Bottled.

filling (noun)

filler, insides.

filling/filler (noun)

bushing, cartridge, center, content, contents, cylinder, dressing, fill, guts, inlay, innards, inside, layer, liner, mixture, pack, packing, pad, padding, refill, replenishment, shim, stuffing, wad, Impletion, capacity batting.

lining (noun)

bushing, covering, doubling, facing, inlay, insole, lining, packing, padding, quilting, sheathing, wainscot, wainscoting, wall, Interlining, inner coating, inner layer.

packing (noun)

styrofoam, peanuts.

pad/padding (noun)

buffer, cushion, filling, waste.

padding (noun)


wad (noun)

back, block, bunch, bundle, chunk, clump, fortune, gathering, heap, hunk, lining, lump, mass, mint, nugget, packet, pile, plug, ream, roll, slew, stuff, tuft, Boodle, pot.

wadding (noun)

packing, packing material.

crumple (verb)

break down, buckle, cave in, collapse, crease, crimp, crinkle, crush, fall, fold, give way, go to pieces, pucker, ruck, rumple, scrunch, shrivel, wrinkle, Rimple, Crimple, screw.

jam (verb)

bear, bind, cease, clog, congest, cram, crowd, elbow, force, halt, jostle, obstruct, press, push, ram, squash, squish, stall, stick, tamp, throng, wedge, jam-pack.

line (verb)

bush, cover, encrust, face, incrust, overlay, panel, quilt, reinforce, sheath, Ceil, Interline.

lining (verb)

Inlaying, Insulating, facing, lining, packing, padding, Interlining.

stuff (verb)

choke up, clog up, compress, glut, gobble, gorge, gormandize, guzzle, jam, overfill, overindulge, overstuff, sate, satiate, shove, squeeze, stow, fill to overflowing, fill to the brim.



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