Pronunciation of Waffle
/wˈɒfə͡l/, /wˈɒfə‍l/, /w_ˈɒ_f_əl/

Antonyms for waffle:

conclude, opt, determine, choose, decide.

Synonyms for waffle:

Sense 1

babble, badinage, banter, blather, bumble, burble, chat, chitchat, conversation, euphemize, evade, gab, gabble, gibber, jabber, mumble, natter, prate, prattle, repartee, scuttlebutt, small talk, tergiversate, tittle-tattle, weasel word, yack, yak, Goss, old talk.

Sense 2

chatter, conversational, equivocate, equivocation, euphemism, gossip, grapevine, prevarication, sputter, tergiversation, twitter, yap, Equivoque.

Sense 3

jaw, pussyfoot, run off.

Sense 4

ambiguity, gas, hedge, slur.

Sense 5


Sense 6


Sense 7


Sense 10



beat around the bush, jive, lied, pussyfoot, Parried, run around, cover up, covered up, covering up, covers up, jiving, beating around the bush, mince words, beg the question, begging the question, cloud the issue, flip-flopping, give run around, jives, minced words, sit on the fence, tell white lie, tergiverse, flipflop, jived.


shillyshally, be noncommittal, give the run around.


dithering, hold off, pull back, scruple, stutter, think about, think twice, Floundered, Hesitated, Stammered, thought about, thinking about, thinks about, shy away, be reluctant, be irresolute, pulling back, be unwilling, dithered, pulled back, pulls back, sit on fence, thinking twice.


niggle, pick to pieces.


altercate, chicane, nitpick, pettifog, quibble, Altercated, Altercating, Paralogize, altercates, chicaning, hypercriticize, chicanes, talk back, chicaned, had it, nit-picking, have it, argue over, catch at straws, have at it, make a big thing about, nit-pick, put up an argument, put up argument, set to, talking back.

Other synonyms and related words:

absurd, absurdity, alembic, alligator pear, alternate, ambiguity, ambiguous, anxious, apple, apple sauce, artichoke, ashcake, atole, avocado, avoid, babble, badinage, balderdash, baloney, banana, banter, barbecue, beefsteak, bilge, blab, blabber, blackberry, blancmange, blarney, blather, blether, blintz, bloater, boggle, boiler, bollocks, boloney, bombast, bosh, bouillon, brasier, breadfruit, brownie, buckwheat cake, bull, bumble, bunk, bunkum, burble, cackle, cake, caldron, capricious, carry on, cavil, cement, chaffer, change, changeable, chat, chatter, cheesecake, choosy, Chop Suey, chowder, clack, clam, claptrap, clatter, clear, cobblers, codswallop, coke, compote, cone, conflicting, conversation, cookie, cop out, cowardly, crepe, crucible, cutlet, damper, dangerous, debatable, deceive, decrepit, delicate, demur, dialect, dissemble, dither, dodge, Double Dutch, doubtful, drivel, drool, dubious, duck, electric furnace, electric heater, entwine, equivocate, equivocation, erratic, euphemism, euphemize, evade, excitable, eyewash, falsify, falter, feeble, feign, fence, fend off, fib, finicky, fish, flannel, flapcake, flattery, flicker, flip-flop, flit, flitter, flounder, fluctuate, fluctuating, flummery, flutter, focus, folderol, foolishness, forge, fragile, frumenty, fudge, furnace, fussy, fustian, gab, gabble, garbage, gas, gibber, gibberish, glue, go on, gobbledygook, gossip, gum, gush, hasty pudding, hearth, heater, hedge, hem and haw, hesitant, hesitate, hogwash, hooey, hot air, hot cake, hover, humbug, idiom, impotent, incoherent, incompatible, inconsistent, inconstant, indecisive, infirm, insecure, interweave, irresolute, jabber, jabberwocky, jargon, jaw, kettle, kiln, knit, lettuce, lie, limekiln, linger, mango, mangosteen, manoeuvre, mince pie, mislead, misrepresent, moonshine, mumble, mumbo jumbo, natter, nervous, niggle, nonsense, oatmeal, oscillate, oven, oyster, palaver, palter, parry, paste, patter, pause, pettifog, piffle, pineapple, poppycock, porridge, porterhouse steak, pour forth, prate, prattle, prevaricate, prevarication, procrastinate, prolixity, pussyfoot, qualify, quaver, quibble, quiver, rabbit on, ramble, ramble on, rattle, rattle on, reel off, repartee, retort, rodomontade, rot, rubbish, salamander, sauerkraut, schmooze, sea slug, shake, shift, shuffle, sidestep, size, skirt, slang, slur, spout, sputter, stagger, still, stonewall, story, stove, stuff and nonsense, stumble, succotash, talk, tergiversate, tergiversation, tittle-tattle, totter, trash, tremble, trepang, tripe, twaddle, unsettle, urn, vacillate, vacillating, vanilla, vapor, vapour, vary, verbiage, vibrate, volcano, wafer, walnut, wamble, warming pan, waver, weasel, weasel word, weave, wobble, wordiness, yak, yo-yo, Athanor, Beche de mer, Bouilli, Equivoque, Haver, Hypocaust, Misspeak, Reverberatory, Salmis, Shilly-shally, Chupatty, Combustion chamber, heart-to-heart, Puffery, Supawn, Tuyere, Twattle, Grapes, malarkey, waffled, gobbledegook, spout off, talk away, pot, Gibble-gabble, bullshit, shit, crap, horseshit, cock, mince words, back and fill, beat about the bush, change one's mind, double-talk, talk foolishly, talk nonsense, yakkety-yak, horse feathers, split hairs, weasel out, hum and haw, ballocks, witter, weasel words, palacsinta, induction furnace, muffle furnace, beet root, be evasive, be shifty, bushwa, cheese blintz.

Sense 1 (noun)

babble, bumble, burble, clear, equivocate, euphemize, gabble, gibber, hedge, mumble, pussyfoot, shuffle, slur, sputter, tergiversate, weasel, mince words.

Sense 2 (noun)

gab, gas, jaw, prattle, run off at the mouth, talk through your hat.

Sense 3 (noun)

banter, chat, chatter, conversation, gossip, repartee, schmooze, small talk, heart-to-heart.

Sense 4 (noun)

brownie, cake, cake mix, cheesecake, chocolate chip cookie, Christmas Cake, cone, baking sheet.

Sense 5 (noun)


Sense 6 (noun)


Sense 7 (noun)


Sense 10 (noun)


avoidance of an issue (noun)


bread (noun)

bagel, baguette, banana bread, biscuit, bread, brown bread, bun, cracker, croissant, crumb, crust, donut, dough, dumpling, flapjack, flour, griddlecake, hard roll, loaf, muffin, pancake, pumpernickel, raisin bread, roll, rusk, rye bread, scone, sweet roll, taco, toast, tortilla, whole wheat bread, yeast, zwieback, bread-stick, white-bread, breakfast roll, corn bread, croutons, pita bread, sliced bread, sweet bun, whole grain bread.

equivocation (noun)

amphibology, deceptiveness, dissimulation, evasion, fibbing, tergiversation, double meaning, runaround, equivocality, coverup, quibbling routine, shufflings.

flat, round breakfast cake (noun)


food (noun)


hesitate (noun)


pancake (noun)

crepe, hotcake, Johnnycake, sourdough, crepes, batter cake, jonnycake, wheat cake, batter cakes, hotcakes, johnnycakes, jonnycakes, sourdoughs, wheat cakes.

tergiversation (noun)


waffle (noun)

hesitate, waver.

waver (noun)


avoid, dodge (verb)


avoid, evade (verb)


avoid an issue (verb)


drivel (verb)

blathering, gabble, prattling, Blathered, Prattled, Twaddling, blabbered, blabbering, twaddled, blethe, blethed, blethes, blething.

equivocate (verb)

beat around the bush, jive, lied, pussyfoot, Parried, run around, cover up, covered up, covering up, covers up, jiving, beating around the bush, mince words, beating around bush, beats around bush, beats around the bush, beg question, beg the question, begged question, begged the question, begging question, begging the question, begs question, begs the question, blow hot cold, cloud issue, cloud the issue, clouded issue, clouded the issue, clouding issue, clouding the issue, clouds issue, clouds the issue, cop plea, double talked, double talking, double-talked, double-talking, doubletalk, doubletalked, doubletalking, flip flopped, flip flopping, flip-flopped, flip-flopping, flipflopped, flipflopping, gave run around, give run around, gives run around, giving run around, hem haw, jives, minced words, minces words, mincing words, ran around, running around, runs around, sat fence, sat on fence, sat on the fence, sat the fence, sate fence, sate on fence, sate on the fence, sate the fence, sit fence, sit on the fence, sit the fence, sits fence, sits on fence, sits on the fence, sits the fence, sitting fence, sitting on fence, sitting on the fence, sitting the fence, tell white lie, telling white lie, tells white lie, tergiverse, tergiversed, tergiverses, tergiversing, told white lie, flipflop, flip flop, jived, pass buck.

evade (verb)

laid low, pass up, sneak away, By-pass, Shying, by-passes, shies, steer clear of, slip out, beat around bush, by pass, by passed, by passes, by passing, by-passed, by-passing, de cline, de clines, de-cline, de-clines, fended off, fending off, gat around, gave runaround, gave the runaround, gets around, getting around, give runaround, give the runaround, gives runaround, gives the runaround, giving runaround, giving the runaround, gotten around, keep distance, keeping distance, keeps distance, kept distance, laying low, lays low, lead a merry chase, lead merry chase, lead on a merry chase, lead on merry chase, leading a merry chase, leading merry chase, leading on a merry chase, leading on merry chase, leads a merry chase, leads merry chase, leads on a merry chase, leads on merry chase, led a merry chase, led merry chase, led on a merry chase, led on merry chase, passed up, passes up, passing up, pre tend, pre tending, pre tends, pre-tended, pre-tending, pre-tends, slipped out, slipping out, slips out, sneaked away, sneaking away, sneaks away, snuck away, steered clear of, steering clear of, steers clear of, got around, slipt out.

get away from (verb)


go back and forth (verb)


hedge (verb)

shillyshally, am noncommittal, art noncommittal, be noncommittal, being noncommittal, gave the run around, give the run around, gives the run around, giving the run around, is noncommittal, shilly shally, was noncommittal, wast noncommittal, were noncommittal, wert noncommittal.

hesitate (verb)

dithering, hold off, pull back, scruple, stutter, think twice, Floundered, Hesitated, Stammered, thought about, thinking about, thinks about, shy away, be reluctant, be irresolute, pulling back, am irresolute, am reluctant, am unwilling, be unwilling, are irresolute, are reluctant, are unwilling, art irresolute, art reluctant, art unwilling, being irresolute, being reluctant, being unwilling, de bate, de bated, de bates, de bating, de lay, de laying, de lays, de-bate, de-bated, de-bates, de-bating, de-lay, de-laying, de-lays, dithered, holds off, is irresolute, is reluctant, is unwilling, pulled back, pulls back, shied away, shies away, shying away, sit on fence, thinking twice, thinks twice, thought twice, was irresolute, was reluctant, was unwilling, wast irresolute, wast reluctant, wast unwilling, were irresolute, were reluctant, were unwilling, wert irresolute, wert reluctant, wert unwilling.

pettifog (verb)

niggle, pick to pieces, pick pieces, picked pieces, picked to pieces, picking to pieces, picks pieces, picks to pieces, picking pieces.

quibble (verb)

altercate, chicane, nitpick, pettifog, quibble, Altercated, Altercating, Paralogized, Paralogizing, Paralogize, altercates, hypercriticizing, chicaning, hypercriticize, chicanes, talk back, chicaned, had it, nit-picking, have it, argue over, argued over, argues over, argufied, argufies, catch at straws, catch straws, catches at straws, catches straws, catching at straws, catching straws, caught at straws, caught straws, had at it, haddest at it, haddest it, hadst at it, hadst it, has at it, has it, hast at it, hast it, hath at it, hath it, have at it, having at it, having it, hyper criticize, hyper criticized, hyper criticizes, hyper criticizing, hyper-criticize, hyper-criticized, hyper-criticizes, hyper-criticizing, hypercriticized, hypercriticizes, made a big thing about, made big thing about, make a big thing about, make big thing about, makes a big thing about, makes big thing about, making a big thing about, making big thing about, nit pick, nit picked, nit picking, nit picks, nit-pick, nit-picked, nit-picks, paralogizes, put an argument, put argument, put up an argument, put up argument, puts an argument, puts argument, puts up an argument, puts up argument, putting an argument, putting argument, putting up an argument, putting up argument, set to, sets to, setting to, talked back, talking back, talks back.

shift (verb)

bottom out, move around, move over, reposition, repositioning, shifting, switch over, turn around, yo-yo, Faulted, Faulting, YOYO, repositioned, repositions, about face, about faced, about facing, bottomed out, bottoming out, bottoms out, change gears, changed gears, changes gears, changing gears, co oked, co oking, co-oked, co-oking, dial back, dialed back, dialing back, dialled back, dialling back, dials back, dis locate, dis located, dis locates, dis locating, dis place, dis placed, dis places, dis placing, dis-locate, dis-located, dis-locates, dis-locating, dis-place, dis-placed, dis-places, dis-placing, ex change, ex changes, ex changing, ex-changed, ex-changing, moved around, moved over, moves around, moves over, moving around, moving over, re arranged, re arranges, re arranging, re calibrate, re calibrated, re calibrates, re calibrating, re locate, re located, re locates, re locating, re move, re moved, re moving, re place, re placed, re places, re placing, re position, re positioned, re positioning, re positions, re-arrange, re-arranged, re-arranges, re-arranging, re-calibrate, re-calibrated, re-calibrates, re-calibrating, re-locate, re-located, re-locates, re-locating, re-move, re-moves, re-moving, re-placed, re-places, re-position, re-positioned, re-positioning, re-positions, recalibrate, recalibrated, recalibrates, recalibrating, swapped places, swapping places, swaps places, switched over, switches over, switching over, trans pose, trans posed, trans-pose, trans-posing, turn corner, turn tables, turn the corner, turned around, turned corner, turned tables, turned the corner, turned the tables, turning around, turning corner, turning tables, turning the corner, turns around, turns corner, turns tables, turns the corner, turns the tables, yo yo, yo yoed, yo yoing, yo yos, yo-yoed, yo-yoing, yo-yos, yoyoed, yoyoing, yoyos, re arrange.

shift back and forth; be indecisive (verb)


switch, fluctuate (verb)


talk foolishly (verb)


vacillate (verb)

Whiffled, Whiffling, Whiffle, are indecisive, art indecisive, be indecisive, being indecisive, change mind, changed mind, changes mind, changing mind, fence straddle, fence straddled, fence straddles, fence straddling, fence-straddle, fence-straddled, fence-straddles, fence-straddling, fencestraddle, fencestraddled, fencestraddles, fencestraddling, is indecisive, pussyfoot around, pussyfooted around, pussyfooting around, pussyfoots around, ran hot and cold, ran hot cold, run hot and cold, run hot cold, running hot and cold, running hot cold, runs hot and cold, runs hot cold, was indecisive, wast indecisive, were indecisive, wert indecisive, whiffles.

wait; be uncertain (verb)


waver (verb)

change, equivocate, flip-flop, vacillate, yo-yo, change one's mind.

weasel (verb)

tap dancing, welsh, dance around an issue, dance around issue, danced around an issue, danced around issue, dances around an issue, dances around issue, dancing around an issue, dancing around issue, tap danced, worm one way out of, worm one's way out of, worm ones way out of, worm way out of, wormed one way out of, wormed one's way out of, wormed ones way out of, wormed way out of, worming one way out of, worming one's way out of, worming ones way out of, worming way out of, worms one way out of, worms one's way out of, worms ones way out of, worms way out of.

Usage examples for waffle:

Idioms for waffle:

Rhymes for waffle:

  • awful, stoffel;
  • falafel;

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