Pronunciation of Wake
/wˈe͡ɪk/, /wˈe‍ɪk/, /w_ˈeɪ_k/

Antonyms for wake

re tires, copped some zs, ZZZ, copped some z', drowsing, falling asleep, catches some z, cops some zs, over sleep, fall asleep, pile in, re posed, doze off, nod, un loading, re tired, catching forty winks, caught forty winks, falls asleep, conks out, catches some zs, de-posited, piles in, catches a wink, catching some ze, un loads, catching some z's, re-posed, lying down, bed down, goes to sleep, cops some ze, hit sack, catches some z', shut-eye, nod off, hits the sack, de posited, go to sleep, catches forty winks, haddest forty winks, beds down, catches some ze, hitting sack, copping some z', hadst forty winks, hypnotize, catches some z's, mesmerize, nodding off, catch some z', kip, catch some zs, over-sleeping, re-sting, set down, zonked out, falls away, went sleep, catch some z, zonk out, cops some z, catching some z', caught some z, flop, Bunking, goes sleep, rolling in, copped some ze, Bunked, un loaded, had forty winks, take nap, zonking out, sets down, catching wink, de positing, oversleep, caught some z', lay down, over slept, over-sleep, sacks out, sacking out, going to sleep, copping some zs, going sleep, cop some z, copping some z, re-tire, conk out, catching a wink, copped some z's, catnap, have forty winks, re-pose, copping some ze, pre sent, catch wink, nap, catnapped, conk, catch some ze, snooze, hast forty winks, nods off, taking a nap, couch, pre-sent, drowse, over-sleeps, Drowsed, Snoozing, fell asleep, de-positing, cop some z's, has forty winks, take a nap, doze, rolled in, cop some z', re-lax, re sting, sleep, catch forty winks, de posit, re pose, sawing wood, taking nap, fell away, hath forty winks, hit the sack, risk, takes a nap, piled in, pre-sents, rolls in, sack out, de-posits, dozes off, hit hay, drop off, zzzes, re tiring, lies down, catching some z, catch a wink, over sleeps, re tire, sawed wood, caught some z's, catch some z's, bedded down, caught some ze, dozed off, sacked out, cops some z's, imperil, over-slept, catches wink, zzzing, over sleeping, lied down, z's, caught a wink, cop some zs, catching some zs, un load, cops some z', doss, piling in, lie down, nodded off, re lax, de clines, catnapping, caught some zs, de-cline, go sleep, zonks out, dozing off, hits sack, roll in, re-tiring, takes nap, setting down, having forty winks, caught wink, lull, de-posit, un-loads, zzzed, de posits, bedding down, took a nap, copping some z's, conked out, hitting the sack, cop some ze, de-clines, sleep in, slumbering, turn in, Slumbered, saw wood, copped some z, saws wood, took nap, conking out, un-load, went to sleep, de cline, drowses, repose.