Pronunciation of Walk
/wˈɔːk/, /wˈɔːk/, /w_ˈɔː_k/

Antonyms for walk

be in saddle, stepped on the gas, take care of, dis-solve, dogged it, wast in saddle, pulls trigger, take ten, head up, burning the road, composed oneself, is saddle, was in saddle, took wing, am drivers seat, whip, taking it on lam, give someone slip, leg it, were charge, going like bat out of hell, winging in, got move on, wert upheld, lose no time, recreation, un bent, made break, Bestirring, art upheld, Make short work of, took it easy, makes scarce, goes top speed, torn out, de sert, being driver's seat, makes quick exit, be candidate, making break, go top speed, is in driver seat, sheers, goes like bat out of hell, takes break, with-drew, jetted out, turned liquid, gets a move on, out-stripped, bi cycling, lying still, opens up, bestirs, ride, taking it on the lam, hightails it, being driver seat, co ordinates, jet out, wert driver seat, wast seated on, hightailing it, ran like wind, wast upheld, are charge, refresh oneself, being charge, jet over, winds down, wound down, take a nap, moving past, speeds away, boogies, dis charged, art current, dart, gets under way, be dazzled, bottomed, out-stripping, cut and run, dis-solves, be supported, cramps style, was supported, runs like the wind, gat away with, made scarce, smooths along, scuttered, hanging up, wast in charge, gives the slip, goes scot-free, zip, whishing, ducked out, was current, makes a quick exit, torpedo, Sheered, ex press, go scot-free, are based, cramp ones style, takes the lam, wast saddle, sit down, taking a powder, Piloted, shook hands, re-ached, be-stirred, taking a break, stealing away, going like bat out hell, de camping, go like wind, dis-patched, catapulting, make snappy, whooshed, pulling the trigger, works out of, hippety-hop, bulleted, lies still, de-scended, whacking, made quick exit, flathat, sets off, burnt the road, pro-mote, making haste, Skirr, jetting out, are in drivers seat, wast in driver seat, burnt up road, amusement, hastens away, pull the trigger, skirred, opens throttle, opening up throttle, tare along, gotten cracking, made oneself scarce, jackhammered, shakes hands, stepping gas, re pose, wast at ease, puts crimp in, steps it, went top speed, un bending, spritz, goes soft, rushing headlong, takes a nap, get moving, cuts along, hasten away, burning up the road, de-parted, bi cycled, barraged, dis appear, running, ex pressed, be in drivers seat, steps on the gas, being comfortable, smoking, art in drivers seat, shake a leg, lay still, take powder, re sided, is drivers seat, stepping the gas, lying by, skirring, cramped one's style, be dazzle, flying coop, art supported, are in driver seat, hippetyhopped, sail, are comfortable, dis-patching, de parting, gotten under way, is at ease, vehiculated, took a hop, skippered, refreshing oneself, wert in drivers seat, drowses, take five, dropt the hammer, getting on it, being in driver seat, went like the wind, am contingent, de camps, pull strings, be comfortable, is dependent, takes flight, pro-moting, cramps one's style, poured on, gets cracking, was founded, hopping along, dis solves, stepped gas, gunned, art quick, going like the wind, is in charge, ringed doorbells, art a candidate, pulled trigger, hippety-hops, whipt around, traveled, un wound, gallop, gat a move on, be seated on, dis-appear, goes like the wind, drop hammer, run its course, ex-pose, skyed out, gets on it, taking easy, stepped the gas, Winging, being seated on, are in charge, Drowsed, not lose a minute, art saddle, be stir, GIMPS, de-clines, motored, fires up, dis appears, was upheld, casts anchor, plunges ahead, stop, make time, loses no time, stay, takes a powder, gimped, cramped one style, spiralling, burns up the road, stepped it, dis-appearing, wert candidate, burn the road, whistlestop, steps on it, eases off, moving fast, shot out, dis-charges, tearing along, whooshes, hastening away, being a candidate, art quiet, heading up, wast comfortable, ex-tending, is quick, getting it, making time, be founded, over-saw, were saddle, Idled, dis-patches, making run for it, moves fast, presses on, dis-charging, poured it on, giving slip, go scot free, took a nap, cut along, give slip, work out of, ex tend, cuts and run, took powder, hurtle, hit campaign trail, step on the gas, taking the lam, boogied, super-intends, moves past, am saddle, went scot-free, re siding, wast driver seat, de scends, gotten away, make run for it, whipped around, move quickly, is a candidate, with-drawing, dis-appears, am at ease, bends the throttle, are candidate, festinate, turning on steam, not lose a minuted, took break, dis-charged, smooth along, made it snappy, wert at ease, skying out, ducks out, putting to sea, dis-appeared, are contingent, Hasting, cramp style, eased up, am in driver's seat, escape, de part, going top speed, re posed, wast charge, cutting along, de camp, ran from, tore along, dogs it, making a getaway, bursts out, take it the lam, skies out, step on it, tear along, were current, takes it on lam, opened up throttle, lied by, piloting, hogtie, steps along, cramping ones style, get a move on, gotten moving, gat it, move fast, scoot, re-sting, Sallying, is driver seat, looks after, drop the hammer, easing up, made haste, being in drivers seat, burst out, opening up, tear, be driver's seat, run for it, flat hats, lie down, are drivers seat, de-camp, dis-charge, tiptoeing, wert comfortable, being at ease, Bestirred, flew the coop, got it, shake hands, diffusing, Fleeted, leaned it, stepping on gas, beelining, ex-tend, was a candidate, opens up throttle, shagged, goes around, went like a bat out hell, getting away with, cut run, dropped hammer, be driver seat, catapulted, un wind, are supported, rush at, lit out, geared up, Disporting, art in driver seat, gave someone the slip, gives someone slip, losing no time, with draws, went like lightning, bicycled, cramps one style, de scend, wrought out of, hurry, cramped style, over sees, Lasted, gat move on, taking ten, go scotfree, leant it, de camped, make it snappy, seagulling, looking after, takes on the lam, dis porting, pour on, took a break, are a candidate, ran away, dis-patch, with drawing, get move on, Sallied, Cycled, made a quick exit, ignore, un bended, spiraling, dis charges, be ease, bi cycle, composes oneself, gat cracking, super-intending, going fast, be drivers seat, stole away, throws lead, is in driver's seat, go fast, burn road, de scending, run out on, hitting the campaign trail, step along, lie still, dis solved, out-strips, take easy, dropped the hammer, rushed at, speed, makes it snappy, art comfortable, unbent, opened up, making tracks, is founded, are driver's seat, un-winding, goes scotfree, super intended, gat under way, turns liquid, winding down, going like a bat out of hell, makes a getaway, be-dazzle, got moving, twacking, art contingent, rushes off, stood still, goes like bat out hell, ease off, cramp one's style, Glinted, putting feet up, ex tending, being founded, with-drawn, ex tended, jackhammering, stretching out, smoothing along, hitting campaign trail, re-side, speeding away, art candidate, runs its course, gusting, look after, be-dazzled, dropping the hammer, wert contingent, making scarce, cramp one style, re aching, be stirred, go all out, hog tie, pulls strings, make break, bicycling, ex tends, burns road, flies the coop, hippetyhops, gathers momentum, took the lam, skippering, plays hooky, sprint, take wing, getting a move on, de-part, gets it, hop along, throwing lead, run like the wind, Barrelling, burned up the road, speeded away, Gunning, gotten a move on, be based, phosphoresces, pulled the strings, am supported, was at ease, glissade, tearing out, diffuses, eases up, zoom, sped away, ex posed, pouring it on, wert supported, were contingent, making a run for it, ring doorbells, co-ordinate, leaned on it, dis charging, Slumbered, be-stirring, flat hatted, running for it, gets away with, slumbering, Co-ordinates, kissing babies, sate down, dis solve, twacked, rushing at, over seeing, super-intend, de-parting, bent the throttle, steals away, wast based, puts feet up, gathered momentum, shakes leg, bending throttle, avocation, de-sert, turn steam, pro moting, re clines, skirrs, vehiculating, composing oneself, being current, going at top speed, run off, takes it the lam, Soared, leaning it, seagulled, being upheld, re-siding, shagging, burns the road, takes it easy, Fluxing, burning up road, cuts run, wriggled out, kisses babies, took hop, tare out, cutting run, burn up the road, getting moving, took care of, took lam, race, pour it on, going like a bat out hell, bended throttle, re-pose, gears up, re sting, be stirs, takes it lam, ex-press, being quiet, runs away, runs like wind, step it, flies coop, tooled, taking on the lam, takes care of, go like a bat out of hell, remains aloft, running off, politicking, with-draw, jackhammer, speed away, rush off, Disported, move past, taking wing, puts sea, picks off, politick, taking powder, hotfoot, hippety-hopping, am dependent, being quick, is based, get under way, de-scend, was charge, put a crimp in, ex-tended, makes time, putting sea, takes it on the lam, pours on, make headway, takes time out, is seated on, slip away, wert dependent, put feet up, remain aloft, goes like a bat out of hell, entrammels, de-cline, turn liquid, goes like wind, being saddle, cutting and run, art in saddle, smoothed along, de-parts, over see, hasten, picked off, am quiet, runs for it, am driver's seat, bi-cycling, hits campaign trail, are at ease, art seated on, was based, is quiet, goes like lightning, makes getaway, were in saddle, running like the wind, co ordinate, was comfortable, flat hat, headed up, jets out, drops the hammer, stepping it, stand still, leans it, are in driver's seat, took nap, went soft, taking five, being in charge, super-intended, shoot up, ex-posed, moved past, unbend, took it the lam, jetted over, Careered, wert drivers seat, shag, was in charge, tooling, took it on the lam, unlaxed, slacked off, were in charge, running like wind, bi-cycles, make scarce, let go with, taking hop, made time, stepped on it, letting go with, were in driver's seat, were quick, makes break, were a candidate, over saw, super intend, wind down, wert founded, drowsing, went scot free, dis-porting, gives someone the slip, drive, went like wind, hippety hops, ease up, shoots out, opening throttle, wert based, un bend, Bottoming, went at top speed, made short work of, dash, dis-ported, dis patches, tore out, stepping on the gas, makes snappy, being ease, Careering, wast dependent, went all out, bi-cycled, take the lam, hippety-hopped, fly coop, got a move on, kiss babies, hurries up, turn on steam, turning steam, setting off, take time out, letted fly, goes all out, making short work of, am quick, de-camps, open fire, was quiet, takes hop, not lose minute, stretched out, were comfortable, make tracks, ex-posing, flathats, going soft, taking life easy, give someone the slip, get on it, gearing up, scurry, seagulls, letted go with, flying the coop, whisk, was seated on, taking flight, be-dazzling, leant on it, unlaxes, go like the wind, gets away, art in charge, ran its course, wast founded, Sheering, ran like the wind, making headway, not lose minuted, legged it, going around, be stirring, shaking leg, taking a hop, makes sparks fly, barreled, wriggling out, takes easy, flew coop, was in drivers seat, sped up, make a break, flat-hatting, wert saddle, was drivers seat, shook a leg, jet, being dependent, re-aching, flat-hat, wert charge, pulling the strings, fly, gives slip, jetting over, diffused, scud, being drivers seat, bursting out, pressed on, lay by, winged in, going like wind, out strips, take flight, hobble, playing hooky, dancing, were drivers seat, re-posed, hightailed it, be a candidate, be-stirs, are current, take a hop, Phosphoresced, obey, lied still, dropt hammer, moved quickly, lose, un winding, Torpedoes, shoot out, are ease, pouring on, got away, opened throttle, rushed headlong, legs it, makes a break, over-seen, tiptoed, dis patch, burned up road, am charge, turned steam, whistlestopping, open throttle, Phosphorescing, was contingent, wast quick, be dazzles, glide, wast a candidate, remained aloft, stepping along, run, art in driver's seat, speeds up, be in charge, tear out, being candidate, un-bended, spritzing, dis appeared, be-dazzles, un-winds, Vehiculate, am based, flathatting, were in driver seat, Tiptoes, whacked, is current, re side, being based, took on lam, pro-motes, am a candidate, was quick, opens fire, take nap, were dependent, hang up, rush headlong, un winds, made a getaway, de parts, gotten it, turning to liquid, lam, un-bends, eased off, stepped on gas, be current, re lax, takes life easy, make sparks fly, pick off, taking a nap, are driver seat, art dependent, barrelled, whip around, fire up, Waltzed, skim, wert current, lay down, skedaddle, de parted, dis patched, out strip, taking it easy, takes wing, were founded, making quick exit, goes fast, bi-cycle, takes a hop, motoring, letting fly, going all out, takes powder, made run for it, makes short work of, captaining, putting a crimp in, sits down, got away with, go at top speed, makes a run for it, cramping one style, re ached, pull trigger, scuttering, shake leg, giving the slip, bursted out, casting anchor, skied out, be dependent, am driver seat, re-lied, shakes a leg, dis-solving, make a getaway, remaining aloft, hurrying up, taking on lam, Hasted, wast quiet, cramps ones style, torn along, un-lax, flathatted, flat-hatted, leans on it, spiraled, wert quiet, running its course, unbended, wast driver's seat, made sparks fly, spritzed, politicks, opened fire, legging it, got under way, be upheld, wing in, take on the lam, bends throttle, barraging, run away, bending the throttle, step on gas, was driver seat, scuttle, shoots up, be dazzling, stands still, whooshing, spiralled, am in driver seat, were seated on, dogging it, looked after, wasted no time, open up, be quick, take hop, took ten, made getaway, turns to liquid, be contingent, make haste, refreshed oneself, are upheld, out-strip, entertainment, am seated on, not lose minuting, hanged up, Scutter, turn to liquid, threw lead, are in saddle, firing up, makes tracks, fun, am comfortable, throw lead, wert in saddle, Roosted, picking off, goes scot free, took five, fleet, got on it, go soft, went like a bat out of hell, hops along, get away with, running out on, un-bent, being supported, waste no time, bend throttle, re sides, going like lightning, wastes no time, are founded, put sea, was in driver seat, wast in drivers seat, am upheld, de-camped, bulleting, be in driver's seat, Boated, be charge, Waltzing, play hooky, plunge ahead, hippety hopping, took on the lam, am ease, entrammeling, whistlestops, art at ease, bi cycles, whishes, were candidate, is in saddle, am candidate, takes five, Barreling, step the gas, flit, lean on it, turned to liquid, is comfortable, getting cracking, being contingent, hightail it, easing off, dis-solved, re-lax, dis charge, with drew, taking lam, are seated on, Roosting, was in driver's seat, making snappy, skitter, was dependent, with drawn, de cline, lying down, art founded, be-stir, wast in driver's seat, flash, lies down, lied down, ex pressing, rang doorbells, scutters, seagull, played hooky, burnt road, wast contingent, with draw, rest, takes on lam, hurried up, runs from, make getaway, de-scending, wert seated on, am in drivers seat, whipping around, de scended, be in driver seat, step gas, drowse, re-clines, spritzes, cast anchor, take lam, whips around, un-bend, turns steam, taking care of, boogieing, captained, get cracking, is charge, burn up road, shaking a leg, take on lam, bent throttle, be saddle, gimping, is supported, refreshes oneself, cramping one's style, boogie, un-wound, torpedoed, wings in, wert a candidate, re-sided, tiptoe, re-lying, made tracks, turns on steam, was candidate, dis ported, are quiet, set off, bestir, tailgate, wast current, jackhammers, wert quick, open up throttle, glinting, hit the campaign trail, hits the campaign trail, phosphoresce, not lose a minuting, is ease, un-bending, taking it lam, go like bat out hell, goes at top speed, hippetyhop, heads up, Voyaged, making a quick exit, shoot, are quick, am current, pastime, made a break, worked out of, stretch out, taking break, super intends, de-camping, torpedoing, lie by, bend the throttle, go like bat out of hell, Helming, making a break, gets moving, plunged ahead, was saddle, Fluxed, over seen, rushes at, makes haste, over-sees, get it, ex pose, giving someone slip, taking nap, hastened away, run from, de-scends, went scotfree, gave slip, flat hatting, re-sides, lost no time, beelined, be quiet, wast supported, slacks off, wast drivers seat, jets over, ringing doorbells, ex-pressing, gusted, Helmed, gets move on, flat-hats, winded down, is in drivers seat, gear up, slipt away, put crimp in, cramping style, wert ease, ran out on, un bends, sat down, burns up road, is driver's seat, burning road, slips away, pulling trigger, dis solving, burned road, slacking off, wert in driver seat, cycling, hippety hopped, shooting up, taking time out, being in saddle, getting away, ex-tends, burnt up the road, going scotfree, un lax, pulls the trigger, tears out, de clines, take a break, pulling strings, fly the coop, standing still, takes a break, burned the road, making it snappy, moving quickly, gave the slip, cramped ones style, being in driver's seat, took it on lam, super intending, stepped along, re lying, went like bat out of hell, hopped along, hobby, sky out, re-cline, gat away, re cline, bended the throttle, hippetyhopping, shags, is candidate, slipped away, put to sea, speeding up, wert in charge, tailgating, let fly, took it lam, rush, art based, opening fire, compose oneself, be at ease, were quiet, runs off, were supported, Danced, are dependent, wast candidate, are saddle, took flight, whoosh, am in charge, go like lightning, entrammeled, speeded up, whished, made snappy, art charge, scamper, Entrammel, drops hammer, lets fly, duck out, makes oneself scarce, trans ported, ducking out, makes headway, press on, lean it, get away, gather momentum, make quick exit, dog it, dis appearing, shaking hands, speed up, dis patching.