Pronunciation of Wane
/w_ˈeɪ_n/, /wˈe͡ɪn/, /wˈe‍ɪn/

Antonyms for wane:

Replevied, show up, comes around, wast out woods, re-gained, regains one strength, was out of woods, gat out from under, ascend, forging ahead, regains health, felt again, snap back, enhance, reacquiring, art out woods, re-gaining, re cover, re bounds, re coup, gets better, re freshes, re taken, re deeming, wins back, feeling oneself again, catch up, strengthen, re deemed, recover, make a comeback, am out woods, Replevying, enlarge, feeling again, snaps back, gets in shape, re capturing, extend, re-paired, caught up, replevined, regain ones strength, re-bounded, re stored, be out of woods, re captures, replevining, got well, re-freshes, over comes, re acquiring, re-covering, re occupies, getting back feet, re possess, make comeback, in-crease, feel again, get in shape, return form, re-deeming, regained one's health, re new, regaining ones strength, blow up, gets back on feet, returning form, re-cover, getting in shape, return to form, forge ahead, snapping back, gat better, got out from under, re occupying, re-captures, re acquire, re took, re acquires, making a comeback, soar, gat back on feet, made a comeback, re-coup, re-takes, build, re take, gets out from under, gat well, making good, reacquire, regained strength, recuperate, coming around, were out woods, re possessing, are out of woods, catching up, gotten better, reacquires, re-possessing, get out from under, distend, re bounding, regained one strength, Replevy, re-acquire, grow, re paired, regains strength, returned to form, forged ahead, gotten in shape, re-capturing, re claim, sobering up, in creases, regaining ones health, re-pairs, making comeback, re occupied, getting out from under, regain strength, gat shape, victory, makes a comeback, feels again, re captured, develop, gets well, re bound, re claims, be out woods, sobered up, took turn for better, makes good, re discover, re gain, regains one's strength, full, over-coming, wert out woods, in crease, re deem, obtained again, re-discover, regains ones health, Replevin, re covering, replevins, re-took, gotten back on feet, regain one's strength, re-captured, get better, returned form, bring back, over coming, getting well, winned back, sobers up, regain ones health, got back on feet, art out of woods, increase, re discovering, in-creased, re-news, regains ones strength, regain health, re coups, re-acquired, re-occupies, re-occupy, re-deems, re-discovered, re covered, pulled through, re-take, re possesses, brings back, rediscovered, re store, reach, getting better, gat back feet, make good, obtains again, re-discovers, re-acquires, start anew, re-fresh, raise, take turn for better, re storing, rise, regaining strength, sober up, re-possesses, catches up, made comeback, re pairing, regaining one's health, gotten well, re-storing, emerge, over come, re-stored, were out of woods, re-deem, regaining health, returns to form, re-bounding, feel oneself again, re-pair, is out woods, starts anew, re capture, re gaining, being out woods, returns form, gotten out from under, reacquired, gotten shape, re-stores, re-new, re-possess, is out of woods, re couped, being out of woods, re possessed, regain one strength, re taking, regained one's strength, re occupy, was out woods, over-comes, climb, obtaining again, re covers, replevies, came around, elongate, takes turn for better, re-coups, taking turn for better, re-taking, regaining one's strength, re-couping, re-occupying, re-taken, wax, won back, snapped back, starting anew, gat in shape, re discovered, bringing back, re stores, regains one health, gets shape, re-covered, re gained, regained ones strength, get well, makes comeback, brought back, re pairs, re-gain, got better, are out woods, re-discovering, brighten, re-capture, regaining one strength, rediscover, get back on feet, regain one health, come around, expand, re-covers, forges ahead, re news, winning back, re discovers, gotten back feet, got shape, re-pairing, felt oneself again, win back, go up, regained health, win, started anew, re-couped, in creasing, lengthen, wast out of woods, triumph, getting shape, re-claimed, re pair, appear, re takes, regained ones health, re-gains, gets back feet, in-creases, rediscovers, getting back on feet, re couping, re-bounds, swell, re bounded, am out of woods, got in shape, feels oneself again, wert out of woods, re gains, re-occupied, re claiming, re claimed, re-bound, get shape.

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