Was Careless

Pronunciation of Was Careless
/wɒz kˈe͡ələs/, /wɒz kˈe‍ələs/, /w_ɒ_z k_ˈeə_l_ə_s/

Synonyms for was careless:

endanger (verb)

chance, expose, hazard, imperil, lay on the line, menace, peril, risk, threaten, venture, lay open, leave defenseless, leave in the middle, put at risk, put in danger, put on the spot, subject to loss, be careless, chance it, make liable, play into one's hands, stick one's neck out.

jeopardize (verb)

gamble, stake, subject to, put in jeopardy, tempt fate.

lose (verb)

bereave, capitulate, consume, default, deplete, disinherit, displace, dispossess, dissipate, divest, drain, drop, exhaust, expend, fail, fall short, forfeit, forget, give up, lavish, misplace, miss, misspend, oust, pass up, relinquish, rob, sacrifice, squander, suffer, surrender, use up, waste, yield, suffer loss, be impoverished, be reduced, become poorer, fail to keep.

neglect (verb)

bypass, defer, discard, dismiss, disregard, elide, evade, gloss over, omit, overleap, overlook, overpass, pass over, postpone, procrastinate, shirk, skimp, skip, suspend, trifle, be remiss, look the other way, lose sight of, be derelict, be irresponsible, be negligent, let pass, let slide, not trouble oneself, think little of.

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