Pronunciation of Waver
/w_ˈeɪ_v_ə/, /wˈe͡ɪvə/, /wˈe‍ɪvə/

Antonyms for waver

come to conclusion, cleans ones act, re made, came to conclusion, catch on to, re-fashioning, puzzle out, changed one ways, de-crees, catches to, re-works, cleaned ones act, breaking down, re-viewed, came agreement, opted for, goes down the line, re vise, hadst a mind to, dis-posing, draw a conclusion, haddest final word, gave hearing, picks out, decompounds, de-vise, pre disposing, makes ones mind, pre destines, dis-integrate, changing one ways, arrived at conclusion, Umpiring, re modelled, un raveled, preform, optates, up lifting, cleaned one act, un zip, took a decision, pass sentence, re construct, re questing, decides on, de rive, re-news, de ciphering, worked through, xraying, un tangle, comes agreement, made a point of, came decision, re-model, in-vents, pre pare, casts the die, pro-vides, bring code, putting in order, re modelling, decided on, getting act together, re form, Decompounding, re-forms, dis solved, co ordinates, cleaning up one act, un fold, pre-disposes, re forms, pre-determined, dis-entangled, comes to decision, cleaned one's act, make mind, map out, brought up code, in-tend, optating, pro posed, de limits, going down line, de duces, haddest a hunch, de signing, de rived, in-clines, had final word, takes decision, blueprinting, changing ways, hath view, de creed, hold fast, cast the die, re pairing, gotten act together, made up mind, de vising, cleaning one's act, un-riddles, dis posed, pro moting, goes down line, pro-motes, brings code, un-ravelling, un tangling, pronouncing sentence, trans-forms, re solving, de-ducting, de-signing, puts in order, making ones mind, re pair, puts order, comes conclusion, re-view, have final word, got ready, homogenizing, re-making, made ready, pre ordained, re-paired, bringing up to code, reconstitutes, un-earths, made point of, de-compounding, fixing upon, de crees, hadst final word, in-vented, set stage, having a mind to, dis entangled, doping out, re organized, dis solves, over sees, un folded, wrought through, re arranges, in-tending, pulls wire, re-pairs, clean act, makes up ones mind, committed oneself, dis covers, determine, stick, taking decision, made connection, catches on to, had mind to, boiled down to, cleans act, making a connection, super vising, super intend, single out, Balloted, un earthed, de-code, advance, come to terms, cleaning up act, bringing up code, clean up one's act, over saw, untangle, put order, coming to terms, come conclusion, de sign, making heads tails of, un-tangles, pre dispose, mass produced, passed up on, make up one's mind, figure, dis cover, re-adjust, works out a deal, clean up ones act, clean up one act, de-limiting, de ciphered, change one ways, de-rives, de-signed, dis-integrated, re-deeming, made decision, laying bare, de riving, giving hearing, marking off, deciding on, dis-solves, pass up on, cleans up one act, dis solving, cleaned up act, pre forming, votes for, pre scribing, sware off, caught on, arriving conclusion, Optate, re constitutes, give a hearing, re-organize, cleaned act, pro-moting, preformed, has view, re organize, make a connection, remain firm, de-composes, un ravels, makes decision, pulls a wire, un-folded, went down line, hast view, unscramble, un earth, makes amends, pre-destined, lays down, re-constituting, doped out, hast hunch, come to agreement, de signs, dis solve, pronounces sentence, re habilitates, dopes out, marked off, un-ravels, de-rived, de-ciphered, dis-integrating, de-creed, change ones ways, makes up one mind, makes one mind, re making, de limited, pulls things together, refashioned, cleans up, changes one's ways, stereo typed, re claim, mass produces, de-duce, shapes up, dis cern, broke down, pre pares, had a hunch, super intended, Parsed, over seen, un earthing, puzzles out, fixes up on, de-compound, lay down, comes to terms, quarterbacking, arrives at conclusion, trans forms, made a connection, re adjusted, swears off, cleaning one act, re-work, hammers out deal, decided upon, pro vide, in vent, de-vised, decide upon, re-models, judge, fore ordain, re-generated, sizes up, homogenize, cleaned up ones act, normalize, lines up, works through, re storing, caught on to, de-codes, re works, straightened up, worked out a deal, re-generate, brings to code, taking a stand, made a decision, came conclusion, mass produce, un-earthed, dis-cern, go down line, de-composed, under-takes, deciding up on, bring into line, brought in to line, changed one's ways, trued, super-intends, makes point of, making up one mind, has in view, re habilitate, de code, Dooming, de-signs, voting for, decide up on, turning over new leaf, gets ready, x raying, under taken, working out a deal, dis-covering, re-arranging, passes sentence, re-arranges, had hunch, comes to agreement, Re-forming, decide on, de ducts, de-cipher, pre destined, figure out, made over, pre determine, pre-form, hammering out a deal, trans form, makes up mind, pre-ordained, having a hunch, un-earthing, up lifts, super-vised, commits oneself, form opinion, bring up to code, cleaning up, un-raveled, setting stage, passes upon, made heads tails of, in clines, de-compounded, de-composing, arrive conclusion, Decompounded, hath a hunch, works toward, under-taking, hadst a hunch, un-zip, making point of, pro pose, hammered out a deal, pre-ordaining, work for, re constructed, in duces, laying down, think out, re-builded, dis covered, de rives, over-saw, came to decision, re solves, resolve, had in view, pre-destine, in-tends, pronounce sentence, arrive at conclusion, brake down, de-compose, continue, cleaning up ones act, mapped out, having view, makes heads tails of, deciding upon, casting die, pre paring, re store, has hunch, turns over new leaf, formed opinion, dis covering, trans forming, de compounding, un-scrambles, un scrambled, pre destining, re viewed, de compounds, in tends, unriddling, pre forms, pass upon, hath hunch, line up, pull wire, takes stand, un scrambles, passes up on, parse, wrought toward, hadst view, Co-ordinates, makes ready, changes ones ways, sets stage, picking out, decides up on, gets act together, takes a stand, puzzled out, go down the line, pre form, works out deal, making mind, remained firm, refashions, fore-ordaining, puzzling out, un-raveling, have view, has final word, clean one's act, in tending, super-intending, making up one's mind, re build, gat ready, catching on, un scrambling, fixt upon, trueing, made ones mind, pro-mote, haddest hunch, make ones mind, de-duct, working toward, brought to code, pre scribe, pre-scribe, re-fashion, regulate, making decision, nailing down, cleans up act, un-folding, de-compounds, reconstituted, re-solving, fixt up on, up lifted, un ravelling, passed upon, draws a conclusion, re pairs, pin down, rule, re-deem, dive, figured out, in tended, thought out, re-habilitating, took a stand, de cipher, brought code, re-claimed, hast mind to, un tangles, pre pared, make a point of, remake, came terms, re quested, gat act together, makes a point of, gives hearing, in-cline, fore ordained, breaks down, casting the die, pro viding, make a decision, under takes, pins down, makes up one's mind, in cline, xrayed, has a mind to, re fashioned, wrought out deal, re-deems, pulled things together, sur mise, cleans up ones act, re solve, normalizing, re organizing, calm, pre-disposed, catching to, re-solves, dis-integrates, super vised, dis integrating, sized up, commit oneself, de-coding, re-questing, re working, make heads or tails of, dis-solve, marks off, re-new, blueprinted, drawing a conclusion, take a stand, Valuing, de coding, pronounced sentence, de-coded, clean up act, re-vised, under-taken, haddest a mind to, make one's mind, coming conclusion, over see, has a hunch, re adjusting, dis-entangle, pulling wire, budge, dope out, making up mind, de-sign, re habilitated, pre-forming, pre ordain, size up, under took, homogenizes, re-habilitate, makes heads or tails of, had view, pick out, re forming, re constitute, re-formed, arrange, opting for, re claimed, makes one's mind, making over, up-lifted, work toward, comes terms, pre-determines, Cinching, up lift, pre-paring, un riddled, boil down to, coming to conclusion, decide, lining up, singles out, re claims, re make, de-duces, un raveling, hath a mind to, re generate, un ravelled, sur mises, turns over a new leaf, dis pose, de composing, dis-entangling, came to terms, swore off, un-scrambling, took stand, re models, makes mind, de cree, re builded, steady, persist, settle on, made amends, super vise, unscrambled, de vise, come terms, brought into line, Regimenting, pro-viding, co ordinate, un-riddle, parses, cast die, fore-ordains, coming terms, make decision, dis entangles, cleaned up one act, super-vise, brings up to code, remaining firm, remakes, re generates, have mind to, haddest view, changing ones ways, casts die, having mind to, re builds, take decision, de vised, un-tangling, bringing into line, dis integrated, Unriddle, re-vising, fix upon, bringing to code, makes over, make point of, re new, re-arranged, pre-scribes, pulled a wire, trans formed, Ultimated, un ravel, bid for, boiling down to, over-seen, have a hunch, pull a wire, re-vise, pulling things together, making a decision, in duce, re constituted, clean one act, hast in view, mass producing, working for, draw conclusion, went down the line, caught to, re view, un riddling, brought up to code, re stored, pre-pared, re arranging, make amends, homogenized, un riddle, making a point of, thought to, arrived conclusion, pre-forms, re stores, forming opinion, pre-ordain, change ways, re-generates, up-lifts, catching on to, in-tended, dis-solving, pre ordains, wrought for, electrolyzes, un-zipping, de signed, re-quests, vote for, bring to code, Xray, re-constitute, trues, de-riving, stereo typing, dis-covers, reconstituting, re-building, re-builds, refashioning, make ready, pinning down, making ready, having in view, un earths, having hunch, re-worked, re-wrought, singled out, committing oneself, re arranged, preforms, pre-determine, Electrolyze, pre-dispose, re organizes, made one mind, worked out deal, in vented, re-constructs, gotten ready, re-organizing, under take, reaching decision, de composed, had a mind to, re generating, make over, draws conclusion, have in view, hadst hunch, coming to decision, pro vides, passed sentence, comes to conclusion, up-lift, normalized, cleans one act, pre-formed, re viewing, re vising, clean ones act, re-views, re makes, re-generating, de duce, re views, re-modeling, de-limited, refashion, voted for, in venting, Ultimating, fore-ordain, un-riddled, work out deal, arriving at conclusion, catches on, lay bare, thinking to, cleans one's act, take a decision, re-constitutes, picked out, in-vent, singling out, pre determined, dis-pose, stereo-typing, re-build, going down the line, abide, trans-forming, hammer out deal, plunge, de-limits, reform, de composes, opts for, dis integrate, super intending, de ducted, de-ciphers, up-lifting, made mind, fixed upon, pinned down, brings into line, timing, normalizes, change one's ways, dis posing, Umpired, reached decision, un riddles, timed, quarterback, hammer out a deal, de codes, changes ways, in-duces, pre-destining, re-arrange, re-made, super-intend, pro-vide, un-scrambled, settled on, over seeing, re-organized, re claiming, catch to, turn over a new leaf, re-make, made one's mind, in tend, arrives conclusion, re fashions, re-constructing, reaches decision, take stand, re quests, un-zips, re worked, fating, re-solve, re fashion, over-sees, giving a hearing, adhere, pre-destines, pre-scribing, having final word, brings up code, pro-posing, un folding, quarterbacks, dis entangling, re-storing, unriddles, cleaning ones act, de-ciphering, got act together, re-modelled, coming to agreement, give hearing, make heads tails of, pro-pose, dis-covered, cleaned up, coming decision, re modeled, dis integrates, re vised, passing sentence, un-tangled, co-ordinate, Cinched, de-ducted, mark off, bad for, working out deal, came to agreement, shape up, trans-form, de limit, drew conclusion, come decision, cleans up one's act, bade for, un tangled, fore ordaining, bringing code, dis-entangles, re adjust, pro-vided, figures out, passing upon, swearing off, sur-mises, passing up on, balloting, shaping up, re-working, boils down to, de ciphers, de ducting, re building, settles on, re formed, in-venting, re solved, pre formed, re-constituted, re-adjusts, un-riddling, re deemed, de coded, de-limit, pre disposes, remain, laid down, de limiting, dis entangle, pre-scribed, un-fold, re-habilitated, in vents, have a mind to, remains firm, will, pre destine, decided up on, work out a deal, taking stand, de-rive, ultimates, under taking, de-vising, re-solved, re-organizes, re constituting, super intends, turning over a new leaf, re generated, de-ducts, un-tangle, de-cree, de compound, un-ravel, re-stored, work through, drew a conclusion, bring up code, cleaning up one's act, hath in view, bidding for, come to decision, re-stores, re fashioning, preforming, bids for, re paired, un-ravelled, changed ways, un folds, brings in to line, stand fast, bringing in to line, pre-pare, pre determines, make up mind, trans-formed, make one mind, Parsing, un-zipped, hast final word, settling on, stay, changing one's ways, makes connection, hydrolyze, dis-posed, break down, re news, re-pair, cleaning act, took decision, clean up, re deeming, re-adjusted, in-duce, de compose, hammering out deal, hadst in view, changes one ways, Concerting, made up one's mind, hath final word, think to, making one's mind, make connection, stir, changed ones ways, thinks out, super-intended, un-earth, truing, un zips, putting order, pre ordaining, un zipping, reach decision, dis-cover, de compounded, takes a decision, de duct, gives a hearing, pre-determining, drawing conclusion, making amends, re model, getting ready, re deem, pro posing, comes decision, catch on, come agreement, making connection, re constructs, forms opinion, get ready, made heads or tails of, gave a hearing, re-pairing, coming agreement, un-folds, straightening up, pro vided, mapping out, cleaned up one's act, pre-ordains, sur-mise, decides upon, deal with, x rayed, unscrambling, make up one mind, purpose, re-modeled, dis-solved, laid bare, standardize, call shots, pulling a wire, bring in to line, x-rayed, decompound, makes a connection, swear off, wrought out a deal, thinking out.