Pronunciation of Weaken
/w_ˈiː_k_ə_n/, /wˈiːkən/, /wˈiːkən/

Antonyms for weaken

de tains, call forth, made up for, dis-carding, pats on back, holding up one end, re aching, Agglomerating, plugging into, wise up, carrying off, shore, pre-paring, Re-turn, letted the sun shine in, gather resources, giving a face lift, putting on feet again, Enhearten, touches off, Rallied, do one's bit, praise, knocking one socks off, renders solid, re-integrate, out fits, patting on back, turned up one's nose, beared aloft, Pirating, stopping for, counter poised, be friended, re-vivifies, in-stall, doth one's bit, regroups, sits in on, Copped, snapped up, opening the door, shooting up, keep going, am out of woods, led to, put feet again, turning around, make haste, hooks up with, under writing, clear the way, holds ones end, go get, up bearing, re formed, co operates, be a foundation for, being out of woods, making healthy, uphold, makes sound, fingering in the pie, de fine, regrouped, in flaming, making callous, hast hand in, trussed, case hardened, making complex, wake up, sticking by, jumped up, smiled upon, make ones mind, makes complex, bonds together, re-integrating, holding up to ridicule, art out woods, re-vivify, letted in on, made intricate, fitting out, lets upon, re-duce, dis-mantles, set up, pro-motes, beef, re claim, re habilitated, brought ones feet, doing over, up rearing, doctoring up, comes around, in corporates, holding up end, forging ahead, dis-engaging, support, wert a foundation for, put zip in to, re-pairing, gat back on one feet, re vivify, hold contempt, keeps posted, warmed up, dis-perse, providing for, re-build, pre-served, brings to order, under lined, de-fines, in-nerving, over-draws, turns up one nose, vivificates, makes up one mind, Commoved, over drawn, signs on, sets right, bracing up, side with, re-bounds, re-vitalized, lend a hand, brings to one's feet, re-awakens, dry out, comes from behind, curling ones lip, vitrified, up-grades, snap out of it, in-corporate, clarify, over-rate, re-cover, feels again, payed expenses of, re places, makes ready, re-possess, breathes new life in to, in fixes, prearranged, over-taking, pasteurize, refresh, curls one lip, got back one's feet, picked up the check, up bears, lug iron, sneer, feel oneself again, knocking socks off, trigger, do bit, spake for, mark up, Upheld, re-ached, dis composed, get back shape, in-flames, counter balanced, in cites, cared for, re lease, re-vitalizes, keeping going, art foundation for, funned at, out-fitted, de-rides, calcifies, ex-acerbated, pro duce, laughed away, grew stronger, fingered in pie, gives a leg up, picked up check, piggybacking, re-touch, up-lift, made better, in-graining, sobers up, put order, Hefted, pumped up, opening door, clean act, pre arranging, dost ones bit, densens, came order, be-numb, kept posted, gets hang of, dis-missing, prepared for combat, vitalize, Gels, re-deem, curled one's lip at, de tract, in-spirits, re pulsing, curl lip at, forgathered, puts ease, re coil, over did, restored health, re started, clears way, accroached, gat better, ex acerbated, dis posing, bringing to, holding one end, regain strength, curl ones lip, in-ducting, gotten back on one feet, Counterpoising, make for, overstressed, drew together, brought one's feet, de-ride, made haste, dis patch, gave weight, making a comeback, finger in pie, Accroach, out fit, wakes up, dries out, coarsens, put ease, forgathers, case-hardened, up graded, re-versed, re-kindled, taking turn for better, holds ridicule, re-generating, gets meat, re-commences, putting back together, propping up, pro-vides, compensate for, Sinewing, drew forth, lets in on, pro-vided, sticks for, bringing ones feet, over played, makes right, brace, anesthetizing, makes up one's mind, kissed off, steadied, bringing to one's feet, un folds, make one's mind, doth ones bit, holds end, got the hang of, held up to ridicule, rooted for, zeroed in, getting act together, over charge, indurate, move up, dis carded, cleaning act, re covering, re model, gelling, co oking, re kindled, ex tend, dis-mantling, Reerect, ran off with, up-heaving, un-folded, come order, shape up, carried off, makes haste, dis mantling, in-stalled, dost one's bit, juicing, marking up, does one's bit, activize, smooths the way, bringing one's feet, got back shape, makes provision for, putting in two cents, provide for, callousing, sur-rounded, over charging, curls lip, co ached, mainstayed, re-touches, teaming with, maximizing, quit cold, patted on back, Upbear, over-stated, over-playing, retreading, in flame, re-introducing, in nerve, counter-balancing, in graining, turns nose, bunched up, come life, punches up, gives lift, makes mountain molehill, curl ones lip at, puts on to, happening up on, getting in the act, underpropping, steam up, re doubles, re-fitting, be-friend, gotten meat, fortify, gave a lift, jacking up, kicking the habit, Innerved, re-established, dis burdening, looked after, in cite, re-constitutes, ex-tract, art conducive, being conducive, reintegrating, set off, sticking for, races motor, made mountain of molehill, Toning, called up, Pillowing, gave leg up, actified, de-adens, fetch up, turned ones nose, Climatizing, bring to, ex-cavate, de-lighted, brings one feet, innervate, over rated, keying up, giving lift, under-rate, elevate, sweeping up, getting meat, counter-poise, puts back together, holds up ones end, Casehardened, hold one's end, bring ones feet, counter attacked, re introduce, make easier, gotten ready, wast source of strength, brings back, clear way, gooses up, over comes, made healthy, brought one feet, re cover, re-fits, dis-appearing, cares for, densified, went get, puts to, densifies, ranking out, rising in value, pat the back, case-hardening, re-adies, drops for, fertilize, in spires, arm, sniffing at, pro-positioning, makes up for, re-constructing, curled ones lip, re-called, stand by, coarsened, gotten back feet, Climatize, up-borne, made well, props up, co-operating, re assemble, ranks out, de-fended, sate in on, over states, team with, raises high, win back, sets aside, Spading, recommences, Ladled, up-raise, be-stir, earn one keep, temper, quieting fears, curl lip, comes to order, gives a face lift, over emphasizing, bestirs, innervating, asked for it, happen upon, undergirded, pre-arranges, in spired, shoots up, compensating for, got back one feet, readies, stiffen, under rate, makes comeback, poohpooh, over-coming, turning up one's nose, re awakens, re commence, pre serves, in-forming, make complex, hold ones end, pre pares, tacking on, gat hang of, under pins, pro vide, raced motor, re-builded, dried out, over hauled, up borne, re condition, heft, reassembles, over hauling, firmed up, gotten back ones feet, knocks one's socks off, gotten in act, de bugs, re commences, in-cite, counter-poising, sur-charged, gave a face lift, fires up, livened, ex-tended, moved up, set straight, over-plays, dis engages, are conducive, over stress, takes turn for better, re pulses, finding human resources, knocking ones socks off, making better, holding end, got back on feet, dis-cards, knocked one's socks off, ran interference for, bring to one's feet, Surcharged, de crying, get back on ones feet, dropt in for, ex acerbating, keep alive, is a source of strength, lend hand, doing one bit, happening upon, be-ginning, do ones bit, over emphasize, get act, re-instate, re-plenished, tie in, dis-mantled, in-duct, callusses, Concreted, heat up, counter balancing, calling attention to, snaps out of it, overestimate, re animated, hikes up, making easier, waked up, curl one's lip, goes get, turn one's nose, give a leg up, densening, richen, cleaning up act, piggybacked, re vised, race one's motor, makes up ones mind, made ready, under-propped, in nerved, cleaned up, re-models, making haste, turning one nose, getting better, setting aside, tie up with, augment, put on top of the world, running up, did one bit, reawaken, punched up, re vivifies, PREPS, upbears, de fining, comes order, reimposes, be-little, holds up end, re-touching, keep an eye on, fills up, re-starting, go through roof, under-line, hath hand in, pro tract, rehabilitate, fit out, rebound, bunch up, made a living, tone up, re touch, holds one's end, callouses, going through ceiling, pouring on, is foundation for, made provision, keyed up, gets shape, in stalling, in-ducts, brought to order, re-commenced, wast out of woods, re calling, mend, under writes, be stirs, getting back on ones feet, went over big, fingering in pie, healed, coming together, are a foundation for, pre-serves, tensing, over-drawn, got shape, re-condition, dis-appeared, re-assured, up bore, fossilizes, gat to the meat, re assembles, fleshes out, reintegrated, re-opening, dropped for, patting on the back, over-hauling, picking check, opens door, got in act, counter-balances, feeding fire, Burlesqued, pro positioning, sniffed at, gave shot arm, marks up, touched off, earns one keep, up lift, dis appears, bring one's feet, slapped on, be source of strength, held one end, over-stating, Overdrew, steamed up, got out from under, up hold, throwing in together, in-fix, gotten better, pyramidding, dis-regarding, hold, overemphasize, over haul, kick habit, turns ones nose, getting in shape, gotten in shape, dis posed, pro fit, spoke for, re invigorate, bring feet, being out woods, turning corner, sticks up for, breathing new life into, brought to one's feet, Hefting, dis-tend, making one's mind, rooting for, restoring to health, over taking, raising high, de-cried, keeping from falling, smoothing the way, dis-missed, re habilitates, dis-tending, put top of world, regaining one's health, heeled up, Succoring, re-covered, made comeback, Caricaturing, de legate, wast conducive, de bug, raise high, patted back, congressed, set to rights, felt oneself again, makes callous, energize, return form, charging up, blow away, re commends, co-oked, convalesce, quieted fears, gave a face-lift, regains strength, speeded up, hooks with, pack a rod, goes through roof, pro cure, picking the check, re-couped, regaining one strength, holds up one's end, end owed, re-construct, stacking up, re organize, escalate, firmed, pushed for, gotten back one feet, re-animated, be out woods, dis mantle, being instrumental, re possessed, re ached, thrill, Burlesquing, keeping alive, goes to get, de-bugging, calling up, earn one's keep, under-lining, re assembled, de tain, re generates, Bailed, over stressed, in vest, made one's mind, over stating, pro-fits, pro-tracts, warms up, snapping out of it, starting up, held end, heats up, pre-serving, giving bronx cheer, intensates, paid expenses of, Stabilitate, cincturing, filled up, re-instates, re-vivified, pump up, prepare for combat, re forming, gooses, de-legates, re-generates, prepped, whet, paving way, keeps eye on, getting back on feet, crutching, were instrumental, co-arsen, re-activated, bringing together, lent a hand, re-animate, having hand in, lets the sun shine in, puts in two cents, pumping up, prolong, de fined, re establishes, pro curing, carry off, up rear, pro-create, pre-vailed, doeth one's bit, re moved, under girded, do one bit, putting cloud nine, re-legate, set right, reimposed, punching up, gets to meat, hiking up, pro-longed, gets back in shape, re constructing, made easier, re-double, in fix, hold up ridicule, getting back ones feet, payed for, get going, getting set, made ones mind, reassembling, re-invigorated, re-kindle, take turn for better, livened up, re-awakening, bears aloft, Underprop, turns up nose, clearing way, stopped for, snap up, make sound, re assure, doest one bit, feeds fire, counter-attacks, in creasing, put up to, get back on one's feet, putting zip in to, earned one's keep, undergirding, steel, teams with, pro-cures, making a living, resurrect, Intensate, goes through the ceiling, puts up money for, co-operated, counter attacking, am a source of strength, re legate, dis-regards, looks after, firming up, dis patches, re viewed, Manifolding, happened up on, makes intricate, pre vail, wast out woods, re-organizes, puts top of world, feeds the fire, re calls, make firm, re-call, returns to form, run interference for, sprung back, redouble, turned corner, re invigorating, putting top of the world, under gird, gat act, making ready, packed a rod, update, subscribe to, upborne, gets back ones feet, laid aside, keeps alive, be numbs, re constituted, Overdrawn, swells up, swept away, in creases, dis carding, de-cries, pro cured, dis engaged, put on cloud nine, ex citing, overemphasized, up-date, did over, re-start, reintegrates, in-grain, over-taken, reimpose, re integrate, making mountain molehill, Fleering, refitted, doth one bit, put money for, gotten second wind, attend to, have hand in, in nerving, re imposes, re modelling, rank out, re-doubling, putting ease, be conducive, concentrate, was instrumental, stop for, re-erected, holding ridicule, re constructs, curling one lip, dis burdens, makes for, re paired, re dressing, held ones end, over-stressing, go over big, letted sun shine in, go to get, re-dresses, fetched up, keeping an eye on, getting back shape, heating up, in-corporates, season, out-fit, curled lip at, make strides, gotten shape, dropping in for, dis-engaged, tied with, regained ones strength, sur rounded, ran with, up rears, exhilarate, get act together, make good, forge ahead, re-constituted, going through the roof, made firm, making right, curled lip, sweeping away, commiserate with, caring for, got second wind, send up, up-graded, go through the ceiling, dis-patches, propped up, earned keep, pro-cure, psyched up, re groups, de-lighting, up-bears, sniffs at, gotten back one's feet, minister to, pre arrange, over-hauls, breathing new life in to, intoxicates, dis-regard, kisses off, gotten back shape, sit in on, Widened, puts in order, race motor, ushers in, get with it, triggering, puts on top the world, dis-pose, re-forms, re deem, dis appearing, re-coil, paves way, gotten in the act, fiddles with, re coils, pumps up, dis regarded, re-organize, clears the way, fingers pie, goes through ceiling, regains health, up-lifts, de-fined, get out from under, Underpropped, holding up ones end, hold up end, growing stronger, stacks up, in duce, was out woods, hooking up with, paid dues, de-fends, puts at ease, standing by, Suscitating, under rated, gotten going, picks up the check, Cubed, Dulling, Candying, re-fines, de-bugs, laid groundwork, come around, did ones bit, is source of strength, fed the fire, enrich, dis-burden, re turning, under-girding, re-constructs, holds contempt, enheartened, lets sun shine in, dost bit, in-spired, sustain, sweeps away, up-surges, in grain, de bugging, put top world, up-rearing, up raised, over play, in-vest, re gain, goosing up, re-views, innervated, congressing, laying the groundwork, re plenished, races one motor, re-assembled, over stressing, make up mind, in duces, gives shot in arm, rejuvenate, getting the meat, packs a rod, co-ached, over estimating, signing up, re gaining, stir up, dis tend, de-livering, re-turned, going up, breathes new life into, didst bit, under-girds, re organizing, callus, crown, re-plenishing, sate on, making comeback, reimposing, dis burden, re pair, sweep away, tag on, ministering to, cleaning up, hold end, re claims, over plays, Pillowed, re animating, putting top world, gives weight, gat back feet, lugged iron, re couping, Fleered, turn up one's nose, hold up one end, dis-appears, gets set, stores up, Jellying, got behind, up hove, pro vides, re-impose, giving leg up, clabber, enlarge, re-viewed, sent through roof, leading to, manifolds, Garrisoned, dis-engages, climatizes, case hardening, heel up, stopt for, render solid, tying in, actifies, firm up, re-placed, rally, in-creased, puts money for, hadst hand in, patting back, dis-patch, in spire, hyping, gave a facelift, brought to feet, run with, jazz up, candied, dis-mantle, consolidate, re coups, got the meat, de-tracts, under-pinning, over hauls, goose up, re-constitute, rouse, adds fuel fire, coronating, regains one's strength, over-rating, re form, stir embers, make killing, brought to one feet, make mountain of molehill, re-peats, blowing away, sur charge, steadying, inspirit, reassembled, make a killing, de bugged, calls attention to, re-modeled, cleanse, heighten, put top the world, got well, re-erects, gets behind, puts on top world, re fits, come to life, made higher, coming order, gave lift, making a killing, overstress, re-sting, get shape, re vitalizing, was source strength, being source of strength, jacks up, gotten back on one's feet, lightened burden, tied in, gave facelift, titivates, heaped up, puts feet again, Innerving, retread, in nervate, getting out from under, un folding, shored up, correct, came life, turns up ones nose, in nerves, up-bear, pulled through, de-riding, pro long, re-freshes, under-written, re-vised, gave a leg up, found human resources, re-vamp, over rating, better, renders insensitive, race one motor, re-peat, over-took, over-hauled, re furbishes, de cries, geared up, pre served, commiserates with, making intricate, makes one's mind, case harden, expand, in form, lugging iron, restored to health, drawing forth, lightens burden, gat behind, de fend, curl one lip, jumping up, refitting, re-imposed, teamed with, over coming, speed up, dosed, holds up to ridicule, pro positioned, dis appeared, ready, keeping posted, contribute, grow, turns one's nose, re-commence, getting act, gets with it, is a source strength, counter-poised, up grade, gotten hang of, de-tract, turns the corner, pre-arrange, over emphasizes, free, stabilitated, digged out, hold to ridicule, dis engage, pillaring, multi-plying, swelling up, straightening out, ties with, Casehardening, sobering up, aggravate, set rights, de livers, Ramped, teamed up with, let in on, am conducive, haddest a hand in, co-oking, carries off, rose in value, psyching up, dost over, re-animates, curls lip at, improve, make comeback, make mountain molehill, re-fit, hiked up, packing rod, extend, gets back on feet, gets better, wert out woods, over charged, rendering insensitive, dis-regarded, souping up, turning things around, paved way, dis-appear, poured on, gets back one's feet, ex cites, un-tightening, re models, grit teeth, punch up, get the hang of, happen up on, re-integrates, over-emphasizes, putting top of world, be stir, gets back on ones feet, in-nerves, up-rear, suscitates, quiets fears, up surged, in fixed, making mountain of molehill, Climatized, sat in on, getting shape, snaps up, did bit, under written, re storing, smiling up on, woke up, comfort, re-covers, were source of strength, gat out from under, in vested, pile up, got in the act, springs up, re constitute, returned form, re dress, re-dressed, accroaching, gives a lift, gives face-lift, feels oneself again, holding one's end, raised high, letting in on, drawing together, going through the ceiling, came around, braces up, attending to, slapping on, Intensated, over estimates, usher in, re-model, un-tighten, re-assure, gets the meat, re-conditioned, forgathering, gotten to meat, throw together, ran up, over-doing, in-nerve, made mountain molehill, re placed, pre serve, pro viding, end-owing, re-deems, re introduces, was a source of strength, up-reared, up-surging, earn keep, mainstaying, regains one strength, ex-tends, held to ridicule, provoke, makes up mind, re-calling, paying for, purge, standing up for, pro-viding, kept an eye on, are out woods, pre-vails, made sound, make mind, in spiriting, re sting, over take, liven up, be foundation for, dis-engage, ministers to, putting in order, lift, re-fitted, hearten, re-commended, activate, be out of woods, bringing to one feet, pulled for, letting up on, returns form, pyramidded, got in shape, let upon, giving weight, making over, held to, counter-balance, curls one's lip at, made provision for, rises value, works into lather, picking up the check, in-spire, re opening, putting two cents, Cribbed, smiles upon, pre-pare, recover, re-imposing, multi-plied, gets in act, re-aped, heeling up, feeling again, cleans up, re verse, are out of woods, dis missing, wert source of strength, bore aloft, smoothed the way, brings one's feet, under line, mount, re dresses, upheaved, felt again, re legates, enthroning, coronate, kicked the habit, payed dues, dropt for, making up mind, curl one lip at, go through ceiling, hook up with, agitate, poured it on, in flamed, angeling, de-tains, re-grouped, were conducive, haul in, de cry, tacks on, up heaves, re freshes, intro duce, shoring up, lets up on, packing a rod, Re-open, pro create, juiced, pushing for, mis appropriated, Embattle, over stresses, in-nervate, ex-acerbates, re gained, held up ones end, giving rise to, re-move, putting money for, sweats it out, soup up, over-estimating, putting order, re-grouping, gathered resources, turn the corner, puff up, over-charge, gotten behind, re furbishing, be-littles, regaining ones health, de lighted, was out of woods, prepare, ex-tending, in-spires, blockaded, pre arranges, got back in shape, refits, co-loring, pro-vide, gets back one feet, re-dressing, in-forms, fingers the pie, brought back, restoring health, paves the way, in vests, art source of strength, under-rates, draws forth, rose value, drying out, re introduced, gets back feet, moves forward, ushered in, smoothed way, gat in the act, re-introduced, callused, gotten the meat, pours on, regained one's strength, getting second wind, overdraw, re commencing, make one mind, start up, pro-creating, re imposing, gat going, turns things around, render insensitive, Bestirred, gave bronx cheer, getting well, keeps going, gear up, Bottoming, Starched, pro positions, de cried, de-lights, making higher, picked check, Bailing, re grouped, regained one strength, perked up, Manifolded, in spirited, keep posted, stilts, up dated, race ones motor, straightens out, fiddle with, pillared, up-lifting, re-claimed, kicking habit, re doubled, distill, shaping up, de livering, under write, getting hang of, dis-card, up held, restores to health, re-constituting, Overdrawing, clean up act, lightening burden, opens the door, dis-compose, vitrify, help, overestimates, re habilitate, makes living, tying up with, breathed new life into, put back together, re-commend, in-spirited, bring to one feet, fits out, counter balances, plug into, activized, making firm, grows stronger, de-fending, buttress, breathe new life in to, re-introduce, pro longs, get back in shape, make better, makes a killing, tripling, bonding together, dis-patched, fiddled with, didst one bit, charge up, storing up, clearing the way, ask for it, raced ones motor, breathe new life into, picked the check, re-activating, mis appropriate, Spaded, firms up, turns around, wins back, over state, made a comeback, brings together, re builded, call up, stick by, be-stirs, knock one socks off, didst over, make well, finds human resources, keeps from falling, pulls for, call arms, holding to ridicule, serviced, doeth ones bit, be friends, give shot in arm, re kindle, dis regards, makes killing, calling forth, put at ease, re touches, re new, re viewing, deepen, knocks ones socks off, Ballasting, letted upon, over drew, over come, under-rated, fire, makes healthy, overdraws, snapped back, re-turns, dis-tends, sweep up, dis-tended, re furbished, re grouping, loaded up, finger pie, clear away, bunches up, sends up, am a foundation for, stirred up, cleared the way, re build, looking after, re-invigorates, pro-longing, held up end, intoxicate, upheaves, am source strength, re possesses, re-coiling, supplement, hitched on, re pairing, up-rears, un-fold, give rise to, lead to, marked up, re established, pre vails, vitrifies, re-fresh, sets off, curls one lip at, were a source of strength, gird, counter-poises, puts cloud nine, springing back, tying with, re-assuring, re doubling, signs up, clean up, swept up, comes life, re constitutes, fleshed out, re generate, dis tending, re place, attends to, letting upon, setting rights, working for, be-stirred, re-vitalizing, tacked on, stabilize, make right, juice up, re-modeling, putting to, dis-burdening, snap out it, hyped, optimize, Conglomerating, blew away, bottomed, in ducted, loading up, turned up ones nose, regaining one's strength, stands by, Calcifying, re-groups, promote, re-stores, up lifts, key up, re-conditioning, Resumed, firing up, re-assembling, held up one end, make ready, plug in to, re touched, re claimed, brings to one feet, makes provision, regains ones strength, fingering the pie, densened, dropped in for, sign up, compound, pays expenses of, get well, re introducing, Caked, keeping eye on, give leg up, in-fixes, under-writes, re builds, knocked socks off, un tightened, develop, got the act, gives a facelift, enheartens, put on top world, making good, stuck by, pats on the back, getting to the meat, drop for, Bulwarked, pro vided, re establish, stirred embers, over rates, turns one nose, under girds, gat back in shape, went through the roof, up-dates, turns corner, springs back, fingering pie, re-assembles, making living, re-stored, multi plying, blows away, holds one end, pro cures, puts zip into, getting the hang of, regroup, are a source of strength, regained strength, re versing, brought order, re-new, un-tightens, de fended, de-tain, dost one bit, switching on, fill up, pro-mote, re-bound, in-spirit, re vivifying, earning ones keep, sweating out, re-modelled, put on top the world, finger the pie, clabbered, raced one's motor, dis-composing, hike up, work into lather, sticked by, co arsen, earns one's keep, revive, threw in together, give a face-lift, tensed, make a comeback, go up, races one's motor, calluses, up bear, enthrones, over-play, snapping back, being a source of strength, in spirits, making ones mind, runs interference for, throws in together, innerves, making for, toughen, started anew, gat back on feet, works in to lather, rendered insensitive, flush, de lighting, stir, pave way, art a source of strength, started up, be-gun, gotten act, hem in, hauling in, inspissate, re-moving, wast source strength, give shot arm, held one's end, dis missed, getting back on one's feet, in-grains, digging out, re duce, kick the habit, re commenced, working into lather, over rate, hast a hand in, pro-creates, re-started, juiced up, de-bugged, re-dress, win over, gives bronx cheer, re-erect, in duct, compensates for, sped up, counter poise, ease, stirring embers, ex-cited, goosed, gotten back in shape, shapes up, adjying, re awakened, re bounded, gets the act, re plenish, be stirring, end-owed, holds to ridicule, re views, laugh away, recommencing, picks the check, re invigorated, puts on feet again, wert a source of strength, re-legates, tie with, Quipping, in spiring, re-commends, pays for, pushes for, clear decks, re-tread, up heaved, re-furbishing, turned one's nose, Vitrifying, pre vailing, racing ones motor, pro-duces, juices up, were source strength, bring order, upraise, feeling oneself again, re group, coming around, touching off, entrench, sur rounding, gain, psychs, switch on, re covered, bolster, enthusing, grew thick, come together, puts on cloud nine, makes well, doest ones bit, re-gaining, pro-positioned, make up for, sticked up for, goosed up, re couped, take, quiet fears, end owing, doth over, sprang up, gets second wind, up heave, re-awaken, making strides, succeed, assist, up raising, made a killing, up raise, pro-moting, vivificating, Focalized, made callous, sur charges, pat back, stick for, puts on top of the world, spring back, making mind, forgather, Conglomerated, curled ones lip at, pats the back, re-establish, re double, sends through the roof, am out woods, re-pulses, gets act, re-leased, be littles, lending a hand, making well, makes firm, putting right, holding to, up-raised, pro-created, cleans act, finger in the pie, Ballasted, be friending, being a foundation for, asks for it, re-possessing, pro-tract, regain one health, turning up one nose, over-take, pre-arranged, worked into lather, pay for, get behind, swelled up, re vamps, build, getting back one feet, turn one nose, getting with it, speeding up, up heaving, are source strength, made killing, laughing away, gelled, came together, re instating, pro creates, de light, get second wind, Focalizing, make over, re vamped, tagging on, re-formed, clabbers, re-builds, blockading, Suscitated, mis appropriating, re coiling, makes waves, returned to form, putting on to, re-aching, de-livered, pro created, warm up, re lax, give weight, giving shot in arm, co oked, held ridicule, anesthetized, give a face lift, doing bit, turned nose, get back on one feet, dis tended, be friend, put to, teaming up with, re vitalizes, regain ones health, livening up, put zip into, re peats, de-legate, re-touched, prearranges, intro duces, curled one lip, make up one mind, brought to ones feet, leads to, up surging, is a foundation for, doeth one bit, pay expenses of, earns ones keep, be ginning, sent up, cheer, dulls, re-news, enhance, stand up for, re vitalize, plugs into, holding in contempt, turn nose, pours it on, come to order, snapping up, raced one motor, stood up for, innervates, reinforce, quitted cold, under propping, re-lax, Titivated, giving a facelift, re plenishes, over-stress, prop up, re moving, letted up on, re-lease, holding up one's end, pave the way, in-grained, sur-charge, bringing back, over does, snowball, magnify, hold up ones end, case-harden, re-covering, Disciplining, gets back on one's feet, signed up, lays the groundwork, re starting, Bulwarking, ex cavate, up lifted, put on top of world, sets straight, scoop, dismiss, livens up, coming life, Ladling, re-introduces, souped up, dis composes, out fitted, threw together, coming to life, be-numbing, runs with, get in shape, be instrumental, re-fining, counter poising, hold up to ridicule, dis mantled, gives a face-lift, strengthen, up holds, does over, knocked one socks off, didst one's bit, up-holds, sits on, dis-burdened, hooked with, packed rod, ex cite, upbore, plugging in to, pro position, push for, Sinewed, turned one nose, hold ridicule, raise, jumps up, counter-attacked, gets out from under, sticked for, getting to meat, re animates, comes together, de livered, re erected, hold one end, adjy, goosing, put top of the world, regaining health, dis patched, re-possesses, up grading, re aped, disciplined, dis composing, re fine, holds in contempt, in-duce, adjied, speaking for, goes through the roof, put cloud nine, get better, pick up the check, pro duces, over playing, under rating, re-coiled, animate, actify, refine, re conditioned, hauled in, being foundation for, haddest hand in, bringing to feet, making up one mind, re-moves, worked in to lather, over-comes, jazzes up, provided for, de-fining, making killing, pooh pooh, ex-cites, call attention to, find human resources, give a facelift, made over, over-rated, sticking up for, regained one's health, re-organized, intro-duces, be-numbs, makes good, rendering solid, be-stirring, are foundation for, speaks for, breathed new life in to, undergirt, being a source strength, stirs up, snapping out it, doest bit, re-turning, wast a source of strength, brings ones feet, turn ones nose, refit, brings to ones feet, went through the ceiling, gat ready, re activated, excite, in-flame, re-pulsing, sticks by, straightened out, re-fine, get the meat, running with, over-emphasize, be little, gives rise to, paving the way, psychs up, recommenced, make waves, up-bearing, puts right, intensify, snaps out it, re pairs, ex tract, calls up, re adies, cleaned act, held contempt, sweeps up, gat shape, went to get, pro-positions, regain one strength, re placing, siding with, gets going, held up one's end, commiserating with, co operated, in-vests, stuck up for, Propping, ex tended, revivify, be-numbed, rehabbed, got better, purify, gotten act together, re-conditions, packs rod, getting back on one feet, cleared way, re erecting, stirs embers, co aching, tack on, let the sun shine in, gotten out from under, gat to meat, re tread, plugs in to, dig out, getting in act, Garrisoning, charged up, brings to, re view, earned ones keep, re coup, ex tends, cleans up act, hook with, makes mountain of molehill, recondition, get meat, re forms, Commoving, gathering resources, going through roof, wert instrumental, re-bounded, gave face lift, over-drawing, re construct, servicing, turning nose, re-integrated, up-hove, bring to ones feet, be-friended, reconstitutes, filling up, re imposed, got set, fire up, increase, over draws, intro-duce, ex-tend, does ones bit, over-haul, wert source strength, in-stalling, re-generated, adds fuel, up-held, up dates, giving a lift, being source strength, curls ones lip, Massing, over takes, over estimate, up date, ranked out, counter attacks, bring together, curling one's lip at, de-fine, re vise, re-pairs, clearing away, gave shot in arm, gives shot arm, re modelled, Cinctured, re-starts, re-kindling, putting up to, Tripled, under-lined, up-dating, re awakening, give face lift, re bounding, re-activate, out-fits, re opens, pro-longs, snaps back, multiply, turn around, in corporate, coronates, pro-long, pour on, lay aside, in-spiring, re kindles, came to life, puts top world, pre pare, calls forth, turn things around, shore up, calloused, stabilitates, coming to order, comes to life, gave face-lift, going over big, make higher, re integrates, compliment, made one mind, kissing off, overestimating, bring back, gets in the act, de-fend, speeds up, does bit, doctors up, be source strength, get in the act, build up, work up, puts order, re news, pro-cured, re stored, reintegrate, reerected, overstressing, Trussing, de rides, getting back feet, making up one's mind, re-commending, putting on top world, work for, dis regard, sending up, de fending, re establishing, doctor up, lending hand, gat second wind, turned up nose, gat in shape, made mind, patted the back, prepping, came to order, de legates, under girt, held in contempt, brace up, turn corner, gotten with it, return to form, upheaving, got to the meat, under girding, subscribing to, re-habilitating, up-heaved, de liver, sends through roof, de fines, re-plenishes, amplify, dis-posed, throwing together, went through roof, give lift, de-bug, invigorate, turning up nose, in crease, going to get, counter poises, re duces, came from behind, sober up, un folded, counterpoised, grows thick, regain ones strength, commove, moved forward, vivificated, under wrote, art source strength, start anew, triggers, co operating, gearing up, getting going, curl one's lip at, made living, re-coils, made up one's mind, over-did, smooth way, up-bore, be a source of strength, put in two cents, dis card, exacerbate, puffing up, Surcharging, re conditioning, enthuses, rocket, co-operate, Caking, re-aping, re-gains, getting back in shape, pouring it on, re erects, co operate, wast a foundation for, Bestirring, got back on one's feet, undergirds, re-establishes, re modeled, drops in for, over-drew, incite, re-furbish, juicing up, snapped out of it, come from behind, run up, get the act, re-imposes, commiserated with, win, under lines, quits cold, holding contempt, kicked habit, re stores, anesthetizes, gotten the act, setting straight, heated up, pro-curing, gat back one's feet, sided with, re-instating, fun at, Starching, bringing to order, re commended, dis cards, holds to, pour it on, charges up, counter attack, happens up on, gat the act, regaining strength, re store, adds fuel to fire, agglomerated, reassemble, gets act together, recruit, over-stressed, curls one's lip, draw together, repair, curling lip, lay the groundwork, slap on, re-vamped, mis-appropriating, counter-attacking, re activating, focalize, be-friending, stacked up, in-cited, hold in contempt, send through roof, pre serving, smoothing way, re-assures, re animate, re-vising, soups up, sitting on, be stirred, were out woods, let up on, un tightens, gat with it, art out of woods, paved the way, de aden, in forming, turn up one nose, pro tracts, re-pair, regrouping, snapped out it, gathers resources, re vising, rise, rodded up, re coiled, in vite, keys up, switches on, turned things around, re impose, doctored up, runs up, re-invigorate, look after, toned up, Calcified, sprang back, pull for, re erect, roughens, stops for, got act together, make provision for, runs off with, confirm, Innerve, draws together, pre-arranging, called forth, pre-vail, fingered the pie, re-calls, activizes, clean, care for, dis engaging, subscribed to, re fitted, Pirated, re turn, re invigorates, put on to, winned back, mis-appropriates, dis burdened, starts anew, is conducive, re-group, sur-charges, lugs iron, knock ones socks off, liven, paying dues, re-building, Re-store, makes easier, earns keep, rehabbing, re-coups, dis pose, concretes, Caseharden, gets back shape, re-animating, pre vailed, picked up, feeding the fire, re possessing, racing motor, counter balance, knock one's socks off, sweating it out, sobered up, bringing to ones feet, called attention to, re deemed, getting ready, filter, sets rights, encourage, giving a face-lift, Crutched, gets to the meat, get ready, gets the hang of, laying aside, dropping for, re-generate, holding up ridicule, re-vamping, in flames, was source of strength, open the door, up lifting, restore to health, make callous, maximizes, jump up, aggrandize, makes a comeback, up surge, didst ones bit, smiling upon, re covers, up-raising, commoves, turn up ones nose, regains one health, putting on top the world, counterattacked, braced up, stick up for, ex-cite, regain one's strength, snap back, piles up, psych up, re-gained, un tighten, bring to order, sweat out, goose, dis-carded, pre paring, got ready, ex acerbate, re-verse, preparing for combat, wast foundation for, flesh out, under-writing, shoot up, doth bit, winning back, reconstituting, prep, re organizes, re assured, make whole, shores up, re bounds, pre pared, compact, dis perse, activizing, adjies, de-cry, is source strength, bestir, over-charging, over drawing, am source of strength, art a source strength, under lining, steaming up, has hand in, coming from behind, decontaminate, dis mantles, under pin, be a source strength, livening, re commending, trans ported, work in to lather, brought together, starting anew, are source of strength, re-paired, under-wrote, up surges, brings to feet, has a hand in, un-folds, re vivified, jacked up, re fined, regains ones health, makes strides, holding ones end, be numbed, over estimated, over-does, un-tightened, turned around, up-surge, overemphasizes, turning one's nose, puts zip in to, Suscitate, re opened, psyching, make living, puts top of the world, knocking one's socks off, reanimate, sur-rounding, firming, dis-composes, Girdled, held up ridicule, de-light, under-lines, sent through the roof, grow thick, flowered, Concreting, re gains, rise in value, Coronated, laughs away, clabbering, makes better, get to the meat, Titivating, re commend, dis compose, prop, gets ready, re instate, heap up, re fit, knocks socks off, upbearing, over-estimates, drop in for, re plenishing, under-rating, uphove, in fixing, granting respite, gotten the hang of, took turn for better, wises up, feed fire, knocked ones socks off, was conducive, mis-appropriate, puffs up, putting zip into, attended to, curled one's lip, hefts, returning form, turning ones nose, densen, re turns, angeled, smiles up on, leach, got meat, kept eye on, putting top the world, bringing one feet, makes ones mind, fed fire, hold up one's end, pro longing, keep eye on, reconstituted, dis-burdens, re-vise, made right, root for, heal, counter-balanced, does one bit, re-pulsed, making waves, spring up, re-couping, sur-charging, co loring, paid for, throws together, overestimated, re-erecting, in spirit, gets well, pick up check, curling ones lip at, re fines, de fends, re move, earn ones keep, under pinned, up grades, re-habilitate, overstresses, bonded together, revitalize, refurbished, putting feet again, sending through roof, makes one mind, hauls in, actifying, in-vested, brought to, in-creases, nerve, stood by, setting right, de-aden, up-lifted, had hand in, makes mind, won back, up-hold, re organized, brought feet, over-emphasizing, smiled up on, re claiming, over-estimated, re-kindles, curling one lip at, re fresh, sending through the roof, mis appropriates, counter-attack, happened upon, stack up, re-deeming, let sun shine in, got going, got to meat, fossilized, re-places, smile upon, earned one keep, Intensating, actuate, in-spiriting, moving up, over-takes, fingered pie, wert out of woods, coarsen, bringing order, sweated out, heaping up, re-treads, re deeming, livens, aid, re generated, de ride, calcify, over doing, goes up, lard, switched on, curled one lip at, were out of woods, stored up, over-charged, coarsening, ex-acerbate, re-commencing, in-vesting, over took, running interference for, re pulsed, Caricatured, Re-form, cleared away, over-played, paying expenses of, under pinning, fingers in pie, pre-pared, re-doubles, in ducts, Ramping, de-liver, starts up, digs out, bearing aloft, wert a source strength, ex-acerbating, pay dues, turning the corner, holds up one end, got hang of, ex cited, bare aloft, kicks habit, jellied, re-doubled, forged ahead, art a foundation for, re-view, re-duces, de-livers, dis-posing, zeroing in, re furbish, prearrange, made complex, curdled, over-draw, is out of woods, asking for it, re constructed, sniff at, up dating, did one's bit, reerecting, dis appear, piled up, in stalled, re constituting, pulling for, run off with, ministered to, be numbing, am a source strength, up-holding, makes higher, re-gain, gat back shape, grow stronger, are instrumental, turned the corner, bringing feet, jazzing up, enheartening, re-bounding, re instated, de tracts, be numb, gat back one feet, lends hand, re-organizing, over charges, stuck for, in-nerved, de adens, wast instrumental, re-vivifying, pick up, rise value, are a source strength, lays groundwork, over-rates, put up money for, over draw, giving a leg up, doing ones bit, brings feet, sit on, restores health, beef up, re-coup, quitting cold, wrought into lather, counterattacking, under-pins, bring to feet, regained ones health, kicks the habit, over-stresses, recuperate, putting up money for, over done, make provision, callusing, wrought for, hadst a hand in, ex-tracts, copping, jack up, were foundation for, get back ones feet, fiddling with, is instrumental, dis tends, make up one's mind, turns up one's nose, were a foundation for, making provision for, re conditions, stands up for, earning one keep, ex acerbates, quicken, move forward, under-write, re vitalized, re possess, earning one's keep, lent hand, growing thick, re bound, draw forth, sweat it out, up-heaves, dis patching, be gun, overdo, out fitting, running off with, un fold, lighten burden, bring one feet, tags on, ex tending, gat well, dis regarding, earning keep, step up, straighten out, up holding, funning at, brings order, densifying, Recommence, in forms, doeth over, picks up check, signing on, co-operates, Cribbing, dosing, stabilitating, gat the hang of, gears up, casehardens, making provision, Vivificate, re-habilitated, compensated for, be-friends, re peat, lends a hand, under-propping, re-activates, provides for, case-hardens, up-raises, up-dated, de riding, sweated it out, gotten back on feet, setting off, bunching up, upheave, puts up to, accroaches, in-crease, Re-forming, cure, made up mind, had a hand in, Winging, curling lip at, re-storing, de lights, bond together, re-leases, made strides, in-ducted, rising value, gotten well, happens upon, go through the roof, curling one's lip, gets in shape, densify, re touching, waking up, hitch on, cleaned up act, forges ahead, toned, Cubing, over emphasized, re leases, pro fits, prearranging, pro moting, anesthetize, in-duces, curdling, sides with, boom, over-charges, wrought in to lather, subscribes to, makes over, under-pinned, de-crying, clears away, re-furbishes, soar, zero in, wising up, got back ones feet, dis-patching, up-grading, pick the check, art instrumental, over-estimate, races ones motor, Roughening, regained health, re building, re-vamps, gat act together, under rates, dis-composed, re-invigorating, make intricate, case hardens, hold to, upsurging, in-flamed, send through the roof, lay groundwork, Quipped, un-folding, stirring up, put on feet again, re-furbished, focalizes, rod up, puts top the world, upsurged, doing one's bit, re generating, curls ones lip at, out-fitting, pro creating, co-aching, restore, enthrone, achieve, gat back on one's feet.