Pronunciation of Win
/wˈɪn/, /wˈɪn/, /w_ˈɪ_n/

Antonyms for win

parts with, fall, coming pass, broke one's word, dis advantages, slip away, art ruined, dis-comfort, de vitalizes, all-owed, art vain, goes broke, nose-diving, de classed, are taken the cleaners, goes out business, wert precipitated, going the wagon, dis credit, lose ones shirt, be demoted, de-merit, under mining, de adens, mis-chance, under valued, re-bating, dis-appeared, defaulter, lays back, Insuccess, brings knees, wearing away, dis-satisfactions, wipe off map, buries hatchet, sitting out, disconcertment, de-ceasing, turns back, de-sert, played into, re-lease, passed into enemy hands, forfeit, fall to pieces, am worsted, were lost, showed white flag, come pass, de relicts, wert overcome, mis adventures, letted hang out, be fall, break one word, being found lacking, dittoed, dying vine, dis honor, de livery, nose dove, are in arrears, in efficacies, Dulling, dis illusion, forking out, fall back, sur-render, anti-climax, comes across with, left high and dry, toe line, de creased, closing one's doors, blue ruins, dis rating, de vote, de-mean, dis place, dis-appointments, Funking, un fulfillments, in-solvencies, art killed, de-pressed, brush-off, de-bits, standing down, dis-inherited, wert taken to cleaners, resigned oneself to, sub mission, going up, non success, dis integrates, OUTS, being reduced, re turn, Tendered, Declassing, throws down, dis grades, was outdistanced, put to flight, cleaned on, am careless, kicked around, over-looking, leaving out, under value, were the loser, are servile, Whaling, ill fortune, fall short, hanged it up, flake out, un doings, are taken cleaners, give up, close down, be overcome, goes the dogs, Overdrawing, giving over, write down, dis tribute, going diet, giving slip, torpedoed, lay one out, reeling back in, drawing to a close, is outdistanced, non payments, inadequacy, fading out, use up, coming terms, was destroyed, kiss goodbye, am impoverished, de stroying, wandering from, be-falling, over look, am vain, de-creases, de bit, giving ship, fizzling out, loser, gave into, rolling over, getting the better of, passes in to enemy hands, loss, dis-integrating, retrogrades, broke ones word, funked, ex-pends, nose dive, sign over, over throws, de-class, de scent, loses control, de sert, de-valuing, goes with flow, putting to flight, born loser, de-graded, are submissive, handed in resignation, de-falcate, dis possessing, break word, mis laying, went into chapter 11, be reduced, quieting down, dis-tribute, conquer, re tiring, toss in, closed one's doors, give away store, surrender, be falls, Non-performance, adverse fate, hands resignation, draw close, rout, beats down, letting go, loses status, pay back, become unconscious, burying hatchet, draws to a close, bant, saying uncle, queered, old onetwos, goes out like light, closes one doors, de-cries, fork over, dis-possessed, zero in, be-reft, giving up the ghost, art cleaned out, de fault, blow out water, be careless, whelms, failed, de votes, take the pledge, get the better of, hand over, ex-changed, fall behind, being worsted, dis-solutions, mis-spent, forks over, de-generate, losing value, fags out, be reft, de feasance, art loser, lose shirt, worsted, bow out, going broke, recidivates, de ceases, dropping a bundle, go on the wagon, in competent, falling to pieces, came to nothing, old one twos, lay out, rule over, art stripped of, re-mises, gave the ghost, went to dogs, all-owing, zeroed in, went astray, balmed, dis comforts, dis-satisfaction, over-power, de-voted, pre vail, Declass, shellacks, de ceased, tost in, toes the mark, dis tresses, makes available, pile up, Overdrawn, larrup, dis-integrates, sub-mission, nutshells, tost it in, re bates, dis quiet, dis-appearing, pro vide, over-draw, dis solves, am taken cleaners, submit, signing over, de-vitalize, ex-pending, flaked out, re moved, prang, cut to pieces, dis card, was taken the cleaners, debacle, was taken to cleaners, no-goods, putting up with, was deprived of, de-privation, de means, total losses, de-stroys, reeled back in, lost spirit, slap the face, taking heat, tiein, get better of, re-buff, de feasances, triumph over, are found lacking, shutout, with-draw, wert defeated, closing down, is ruined, ignore, are careless, throwing towel, un-builds, go along with, bag it, brings to knees, de gradation, were taken to cleaners, ease up, dropt like hot potato, go up in smoke, sur-mount, bankrupts, de-scent, be-falls, Creamed, going to the wall, dis-credited, dying out, torpedoing, re legate, dis-rated, quit cold turkey, going a diet, gave up ship, being cleaned out, lays one out, am killed, ill treatment, break down, mis placing, hanging loose, eats humble pie, caved in, lumpies, bringing knees, were arrears, dis rate, in felicity, were taken the cleaners, dis cards, went on diet, rules over, repulse, passing up, was defeated, over rode, takes a header, over-draft, easing up, be fallen, giving the slip, beat down, sub missions, be comes, fades out, dropped a bundle, slacks off, un-made, take place, take a beating, tipped over, melted away, render, are defeated, take care of, de merited, all owing, being impoverished, fell through, over throwing, be reaved, ran aground, lets it all hang out, become poorer, Handing, resigned oneself, miscarriage, sit on, out-rages, takes the sting out, un luck, come to terms, tossing in, pass in to enemy hands, overpast, be taken to cleaners, might-have-beens, in efficacy, is taken cleaners, giving back, lack of success, put up with, de cease, out runs, sate on, close one doors, non-performers, giving way, de solations, hitting skids, breaks word, de-feasance, laying back, re-duces, suffered defeat, takes the count, dynamited, throwing sponge, gives ghost, become insolvent, was servile, hands in resignation, de-means, lost status, wast deprived of, go up, goes up smoke, ceased work, slap in face, de stroyer, breaking one word, are arrears, mis fires, over masters, fiasco, no goods, blew out water, dis-honors, going dogs, de valorizing, de-merits, gives over, de parting, de-valorized, with draws, takes the cure, going smoke, art outdistanced, dis-integrated, dis possession, de-cays, take down a peg, scratches out, over passed, throw in sponge, ex-termination, all owed, in solvent, cooling it, kissed good bye, were loser, be-calming, am cleaned out, beating down, dropt a bundle, left alone, put white flag, unmaking, scratching out, hang it up, total loss, concede, nose-dives, de mote, trample underfoot, art submissive, on vine, die, de meaning, re mises, give to, am taken to the cleaners, be found lacking, over-drawn, de-stroyers, non successes, dropped down, art servile, wert ruined, be-coming, were destroyed, letted all hang out, bagged it, was cleaned out, over-thrown, retire from, coming to terms, be-fell, over rides, am in arrears, spend, lose spirit, dis integrations, came terms, re monstrance, de parts, dis content, mis steps, quiets down, be in vain, ex pend, Whelmed, in-efficacy, hang up, un-lucks, being submissive, mellowed out, re duce, am overtaken, be come, pre vailing, going wrong, defers to, inter rogations, lay down arms, un-makes, taking a beating, pro viding, triumphed over, give ship, bring to heel, de-grading, booboo, aways, wasting away, unmake, lied down, dis-possessing, hurt, re legates, art in arrears, resigning oneself, nosedived, over-ride, trouncings, close ones doors, gotten better of, closed doors, runs aground, succumbings, blew out of water, de stroyers, de voting, burying the hatchet, evanishes, re moving, took down peg, mis carried, takes count, forked over, holding sway, be reaves, comes nothing, with-stands, mis carry, dis-crediting, wert cleaned out, drew to close, upset, crater, dis-credits, downing, de graded, out-fit, Caving, marked down, dis inherit, was precipitated, am demoted, meets with disaster, sits on, going into chapter 11, lacings, goes up, re-moving, went to the wall, wast cleaned out, separates oneself from, takes edge, quitted cold turkey, close doors, am the loser, going pot, was humbled, mis-adventure, takes cure, Disimprove, with-standing, re storing, pre-vails, meltdown, pre vails, Retrograding, break one's word, wert found lacking, brush-offs, de valorizes, cropper, dis improve, Remised, going astray, blows it, uses up, am servile, yes one, de-fiance, ex pire, slump, dis improves, dis inherits, gave way, kissing good-bye, being in arrears, hung easy, unlaxes, insuccesses, drew close, draws close, Torpedoes, is loser, disconcertments, re-mise, re-ceded, wert worsted, unfulfillments, wast careless, hang loose, coming across with, come terms, de stroyed, grinned and bear it, wast casualty, drew a close, own up, de-bit, letting it hang out, dis-place, kissed good-bye, be arrears, be-come, de-vote, de voted, dis-repairs, de grade, cannonaded, art humbled, put with, divorces oneself from, dis composures, implosions, taking sting out, forked up, un-easiness, were taken cleaners, am destroyed, un-doings, wiping off map, over drawing, were worsted, turning back, non feasances, cool off, cleaned up on, am taken to cleaners, de-generations, are taken to cleaners, blowing away, quell, bringing to heel, buries the hatchet, offering up, throwing in sponge, missed boat, pro-vocation, pass up, die on vine, were deprived of, drop down, mis-placements, hard lucks, take the count, being taken cleaners, draw to close, dilapidates, going to dogs, rotten lucks, putting a lid on, being ruined, taking edge, dis-regarded, wast lost, leave out, un eases, came to naught, dis tributes, de ceasing, blowing it, torpedo, go up smoke, divorce oneself from, re-signing, de-solations, dis placing, Remising, over-drafts, comes short, took the count, ill-treatments, render worthless, de valued, art impoverished, went down swinging, cleans up on, flop, grinning bear it, compel, draw to a close, ill-treatment, hold sway, misplacings, de-gradations, un burdening, non-successes, is in vain, mellow out, go belly up, gave up the ghost, buried hatchet, be-fall, de-parts, underachiever, wast humbled, under-mined, laid aside, comes naught, slipped away, de-livered, de valorized, lose weight, giving ghost, breaks one word, mis adventure, bow, dis regarding, capitulate, pro vocation, de generations, eased up, sub-sides, dis-appointment, giving up the ship, non performances, show white flag, take weight, dis-improve, re-monstrance, dis rated, breaks down, became poorer, forks out, goes to wall, giving away store, is deprived of, non performance, go to dogs, knuckle, sub due, mis carriage, re turning, fell to pieces, de-motion, hitting the dirt, dis-advantage, dis-illusions, dis illusions, puts a lid on, blow it, de-values, unburdens, unlucks, over-passes, be-littles, are ruined, went smoke, whelm, re-verse, taking the pledge, knock, miss, taking header, die down, prangs, throws in towel, art careless, were vain, dis grading, giving notice, slap in the face, wert taken cleaners, dis-honored, art worsted, declasses, un-make, takes care of, dis appear, putting flight, defer to, plays in to, take pledge, meet waterloo, come across with, un-easinesses, strafing, napalmed, bad omens, going to the dogs, closing one doors, dies vine, being sunk, de crying, waste away, paying back, Dynamiting, hits the skids, dis-graces, expend, out witting, taking down peg, art overtaken, tough luck, meeting with disaster, drawing a close, re verse, playing into, dis improving, re lease, also ran, cooled off, gives the ship, fail to keep, crack-ups, buckle under, pre sent, de liveries, in-solvents, hanged up, being taken to the cleaners, dittoing, dis-cards, de classing, wert submissive, de-parting, over-rode, be taken to the cleaners, defalcate, dis placed, de falcated, tosses it in, slipt away, hit the dirt, Disrate, dis inherited, disgraded, dis composure, dis-solution, put the lid on, setback, demerited, dis integration, being killed, takes down peg, were casualty, passed on, letted go, in-successes, took cure, de values, come to naught, de-stroyer, meet with disaster, being careless, banting, de-moting, say uncle, dis credited, ex pended, dis comfort, disgrading, took a beating, dis-carded, go bust, re pulse, is sunk, buried the hatchet, un-pleasantnesses, back wrong horse, adverse fates, give out, over coming, throw towel, be casualty, nonsuccesses, destitutenesses, decline, died vine, hits bottom, de-grades, disimproving, de mises, bringing to knees, run low, took out, dis-integration, going out like light, out-fits, dis services, going out of business, queering, re-storing, signs over, took beating, deter, over drafts, turning out badly, dis tress, lead balloons, taking pledge, gives back, mis take, fall victim to, throwing the sponge, went out like light, packed in, give way, gives up the ghost, go out of business, being lost, de-crease, de-mises, un-luck, dis appointment, anti-climaxes, non-performances, passing in to enemy hands, in success, is taken to the cleaners, eased off, go in smoke, re turns, chill, over powers, are precipitated, fold up, disrated, be precipitated, wasted away, take the sting out, going out business, brings heel, going up in smoke, is demoted, failure, de-faults, mis-laying, in-solvency, de aden, losing control, bad omen, throwing in the sponge, takes easy, dis appearing, ex changing, misses boat, goes in smoke, taking off weight, in felicities, owned up, separate oneself from, zeroing in, art in vain, dis repairs, dropping like hot potato, nutshell, washed hands of, un-doing, goes down swinging, art taken to cleaners, wast found lacking, dis-comforts, threw in sponge, crackups, napalms, lost big, smash-ups, ill lucks, in-felicities, came nothing, resign oneself to, brought to heel, re stores, de grades, over drew, tank, turn out badly, took count, gives up the ship, tipping over, blitzing, disaster, was arrears, falls, overpower, flakes out, de-vitalizes, breaks one's word, dis credits, over-draws, takes the heat, ends service, packs it in, abate, ex-terminations, was found lacking, slow down, goes bad, over-throw, de-parted, de-votes, cheapen, under-rates, fall flat, up shot, laid back, slap face, in successes, re-moves, anti climaxes, dis-placing, balming, loses power, mis chance, held sway, be worsted, defalcations, under-mining, disimproves, wane, letted it hang out, brake ones word, ending service, mis-carry, let it all hang out, dis honors, cleaned upon, re-lapsed, hand in resignation, brought knees, wipes map, be deprived of, un-lax, de-generation, pack in, lead balloon, gotten the better of, de-gradation, ex change, throws the sponge, out-rage, took it easy, dis solved, sacrifice, losing weight, gave the slip, un make, clean on, art taken to the cleaners, de livers, tenders, dis regard, rotten luck, swears off, coming up short, dis regards, loses big, with stood, goes to the dogs, whitewashings, going the dogs, Whelming, cleaning on, sur mounts, took place, tossing it in, repel, comes to nothing, dis integrating, downed, goes wrong, got better of, kissing good bye, yieldings, re signing, dis-improving, be came, Evanish, die away, is servile, coming short, pre-sents, am taken the cleaners, pratfalls, mis-places, are destroyed, dis-grade, takes header, wiped off map, go diet, de-valorize, come naught, faded out, took care of, un easiness, mis-fire, pass into enemy hands, mis-steps, dis-possesses, went bust, hits dirt, wert demoted, dis-improved, go broke, dis-illusion, downthrows, hung it up, cools off, dis-grades, pro-viding, underachievers, makes over, take the heat, sub jugate, mis spending, nonperformances, leave behind, went broke, dis counting, slips away, be-came, coerce, went to pot, relentings, stands down, leaving behind, taking out, brushoff, falls through, goes wagon, mis-carriage, bafflements, come nothing, over passes, bagging it, falls flat, Disgrade, giving in to, de vitalizing, the knocks, in-conveniences, re treats, re-turning, mis-spend, is taken the cleaners, was in vain, Worsting, keeping under thumb, boo-boos, are stripped of, de privation, outed, gives away the store, dis-possessions, dis-rate, made available, de-classing, clean upon, were submissive, non performers, de-presses, fails keep, de-cry, throwing the towel, take the cure, be lost, leave holding the bag, went pot, crushing defeats, drop a bundle, bankruptcy, sign off, pile-up, goes in to chapter 11, throw the towel, hang easy, stood down, Downs, got the better of, dilapidate, wast demoted, being outdistanced, dis-counting, am arrears, re bating, succumb, brought to knees, de grading, challenge, thrashing, de motions, de-based, resigns to, died out, de-vitalized, plays dead, rolls over, falls away, fell strokes, making over, going on wagon, rebated, sandbag, letted it all hang out, non payment, went in to chapter 11, took oath, mis spent, play game, take the edge, disenchantments, dis contents, ended service, Defalcating, implosion, leaved high and dry, wert deprived of, atrophied, tears up, fork out, pranged, hung loose, lose big, resigns oneself, de solation, hits skids, dis-inherit, toeing mark, payed back, in jury, defeat, dis-solves, deflation, cuts pieces, retro-grading, over riding, give up the ghost, went bad, black blue, takes heat, taking the oath, re-pays, taking cure, mis-fires, demandings, giving ups, obeys, dis possess, dis possessed, dis honoring, mis-spends, falling short, bowing to, flame-out, be loser, threw towel, mis spends, take the oath, taking the count, lurch, strafed, wast sunk, slowing down, took the oath, in-success, de stroy, fizzle out, throws towel, sag, Re-turn, re pay, is vain, un burden, are humbled, swearing off, was taken, being overcome, drops like hot potato, packing it in, un-burdening, insolvency, dis-regard, re-lapsing, dis-rating, mis fortunes, threw in the sponge, putting lid on, going with the flow, going bankrupt, overdraft, closing doors, dies on vine, ex-pend, tossed in, de feat, nogoods, de-solation, retro-graded, giving away the store, re-treated, eats dirt, re store, art precipitated, dis comfit, clobberings, under-rating, went on wagon, over passing, de generates, were found lacking, scales down, thinning out, crackup, un-eases, bring low, in-jury, hanged loose, re-treat, gave away the store, fell short, being overtaken, dieing away, toes mark, going in smoke, wert loser, retro grading, pro vocations, over draws, non-feasances, de-faulting, fell pieces, over-riding, divorced oneself from, Faulted, dis integrate, scale down, sub-dues, losings, am sunk, backs wrong horse, de-ceases, overmaster, de generating, hasbeens, kissing goodbye, take sting out, fail keep, slip, giving ways, Tendering, delivers up, passed up, mis placed, Defalcated, re-leases, up-shot, de meriting, drives off, be overtaken, owning up, fore going, wast taken, over mastered, eating dirt, re monstrances, clean up on, goes bust, paddlings, goes dogs, grin bear it, de cried, re-paid, being precipitated, sub dues, leave alone, the worst, misadventure, lose status, grinning and bear it, suffers defeat, go the dogs, drive away, takes place, slacked off, was demoted, make, comes terms, ex changes, be-fallen, de-part, dumb tricks, separated oneself from, be sunk, dis enchantment, un-burdens, took pledge, flaking out, dis places, sitting on, deeded, puts white flag, over-sight, wert in vain, were ruined, deliver up, de presses, give up ghost, mislayings, sur mounted, give the ghost, lose out, de-livery, over thrown, goes astray, thins out, taking easy, ate dirt, is found lacking, fitting in, be servile, goes smoke, being in vain, wast taken to the cleaners, met with disaster, Overdrew, went the dogs, sur-rendered, losses, take cure, closes ones doors, grin and bear it, de cays, reel back in, swear off, depart, cooling off, re-bated, dis-improves, stand down, gives away store, tossed it in, was impoverished, took off weight, went on the wagon, leaves holding bag, throw sponge, wert the loser, go on a diet, was submissive, parting with, going wall, handed resignation, unburdening, are casualty, throws the towel, mellowing out, going wagon, non-success, in adequacy, went out of business, has-beens, re leases, de-basing, lets go, fork up, de creases, gave back, dis-rates, leaving alone, hitting the skids, be in arrears, goes with the flow, dis-solving, go the wall, over powered, loses spirit, shelled, go downhill, scaled down, Dilapidating, walked out, dis-integrate, dis-quiets, running aground, renders worthless, kept under thumb, over throw, de classes, de-meriting, scratch out, art taken cleaners, died down, Larruped, dieing on vine, gave notice, goes the wagon, de generate, rains destruction, retro-grades, suffered loss, dis advantage, de-generating, de moting, dissuade, closes doors, slacking off, cave in, under-achiever, dis-inherits, lie down, cut pieces, drop bundle, Larruping, failed to keep, was taken to the cleaners, wast taken to cleaners, go wagon, over-throws, over looked, giving up ship, be taken cleaners, dis-placed, failings, retro graded, wast taken the cleaners, taking the heat, sur-mounts, were sunk, blowing down, crumblings, mis chiefs, blows out of water, under-achievers, play the game, going on diet, draws to close, over powering, taking it easy, sate out, mis-take, delivered up, ease off, lays down arms, re-buffs, subjugations, was killed, sub-due, inter-rogations, taking place, be ruined, kissed goodbye, de-liver, flunk, out fit, re-treats, is in arrears, hanged down, give the ship, give back, art casualty, go out business, traded, mis placements, goes to dogs, re duces, squanderings, un burdens, botched situation, discourage, leaved holding the bag, handed, wert destroyed, re pays, writ down, dis solve, go with flow, sur render, put flight, dis-grace, de based, de mean, neglect, reduce, re buff, went up in smoke, mis-calculation, drops down, be cleaned out, be-calm, be taken, de generation, using up, de-valorizing, leaves behind, lost out, out-wit, with-stand, the knock, slid back, crack ups, took a header, grins bear it, un-fulfillment, penalty, be the loser, blows down, grinned bear it, defalcation, art arrears, pre-vailed, leaves alone, de motion, is destroyed, mis takes, de-press, gives to, laid one out, took the cure, stand aside, sub sided, wast defeated, pro-vide, leave, weaken, go in to chapter 11, re-tiring, hits the dirt, over-looks, packing in, are deprived of, were careless, disenchantment, letting all hang out, bags it, obligate, even game, over draw, bringdowns, de pressing, took header, out witted, art taken the cleaners, was worsted, bad break, am lost, backing wrong horse, de basing, died away, non-payments, recidivate, takes down a peg, inter rogation, comes to naught, dies out, were taken, gave ghost, re-treating, drave off, losing power, mis-carrying, going up smoke, blow away, de moralization, dis honored, disconcertions, de-stroy, am humbled, be little, mis-spending, dis grade, going to pot, is taken, passes into enemy hands, over ride, dying down, bows to, giving ground, leaves holding the bag, nothing doing, was careless, blitzed, mis-takes, act god, de-grade, bafflement, mis-placing, dies down, passed in to enemy hands, blew it, goes to pot, die out, says uncle, misfortune, signing off, croppers, de faulting, scalpings, nutshelled, lies down, under mined, art destroyed, used up, de livering, cede, out-witting, gave in, went wall, dis solution, de creasing, art defeated, dis appearances, laid down arms, cleans upon, re-move, re-bate, over-mastered, alsoran, take a header, re buffs, threw in towel, are outdistanced, un-fulfillments, sit out, pranging, de-fiances, said uncle, awaying, wert sunk, dis carding, unlaxed, de-crying, am defeated, de-cried, dis-counts, sur renders, failing keep, in-convenience, fit in, mis carries, let hang out, mis-carriages, put a lid on, un building, with stands, unbuilds, forked out, un built, kisses good-bye, wast the loser, re-turned, waterloo, cleans on, nonperformance, un doing, puts up white flag, art sunk, dis-contents, are taken, leaving high and dry, hanging easy, out-runs, is killed, de class, de-generated, over-passing, sur-rendering, leaved alone, slipped back, dropt down, de-classed, am casualty, be-calms, being casualty, Swagged, come up short, blow out of water, going in to chapter 11, de vitalized, tie in, drops a bundle, sur-mounted, de-merited, is casualty, de-mise, de moralizations, being taken to cleaners, de privations, Cannonading, slip back, folds up, re tires, playing game, de valorize, mis carriages, retro grade, nogood, napalm, rained destruction, meltdowns, going on a diet, wound down, damp, paid back, end service, breaks ones word, pro vided, let all hang out, fell flat, wipes off map, the ends, took the sting out, de-feats, drawing close, took sting out, dieing out, are cleaned out, be-reaved, being taken the cleaners, was taken cleaners, losing spirit, throws in sponge, be stripped of, fore-went, out rages, is cleaned out, out wits, wert arrears, thwartings, flash in pan, lay aside, dis-comfits, un lucks, being the loser, dis repair, re pulses, ill treatments, take count, de generated, un-building, under achievers, kisses good bye, dis-service, mis place, illtreatments, forks up, draws a close, laying aside, was in arrears, went the wagon, disillusionments, losing big, washes out, ex pends, caving in, gives the slip, zippers, re-monstrances, under rate, go out like light, inter-rogation, in-solvent, brake one's word, breaking down, mis-calculations, going down swinging, taking beating, be impoverished, in-adequacy, melt away, Floundered, go wrong, unbuilding, non performer, tearing up, under-value, ceasing work, bowed to, plays into, old one-twos, re stored, are taken to the cleaners, de crease, dis graded, dis counts, dis comfits, pratfall, be humbled, retired from, blows away, un-burdened, re-pulse, under-valued, un build, separated from, over-pass, abdicate, threw the towel, dis-integrations, overmastering, dumb trick, gat better of, nosediving, wert stripped of, were in arrears, faint, over-powered, came across with, summons contest, toss it in, went up, is arrears, are demoted, de-creasing, non feasance, forking over, dis inheriting, de-voting, nose diving, wast reduced, drops bundle, free, brings to heel, fore-going, wert reduced, dis integrated, mis-place, re-stores, Demised, fade, swore off, threw sponge, was lost, wert lost, wert impoverished, putting white flag, blackjack, lost value, am reduced, vanquish, Demising, buckled under, be fell, dis-appear, bad breaks, old onetwo, going belly up, out-wits, has beens, die vine, deferred to, are vain, separating from, disconcertion, rebating, going to wall, re-stored, un burdened, were in vain, un-burden, broke one word, drove off, Trashed, triumphs over, being humbled, fall through, art overcome, divorce from, go bad, run aground, be-reaving, was loser, playing dead, over-passed, art the loser, was sunk, de-valorizes, be-reaves, in solvents, broke word, cool it, take heat, hanging it up, fall pieces, washout, be outdistanced, in juries, over-drawing, nothing doings, Retrograded, was stripped of, de-feasances, went to wall, knuckles, give in, smash ups, losing status, leave lurch, smash up, being taken, lose, over drawn, were cleaned out, dying on vine, loses out, de-falcated, passes up, flag, am stripped of, drew to a close, made over, goes belly up, drive off, de faulted, be calmed, dis appeared, Caved, brake word, re lapse, dis quiets, be-comes, de-clines, un made, sinking ships, disrates, turned back, Bankrupting, un pleasantnesses, were reduced, deeding, re-turns, was reduced, de-faulted, hitting bottom, coming to nothing, goes bankrupt, brake one word, black blues, bomb, dis solutions, de motes, wert taken the cleaners, easing off, went a diet, wast vain, sub sides, be-calmed, be calming, de-moralization, wastes away, banted, fagged out, quits cold turkey, defaulters, am overcome, dies away, disillusionment, took the heat, bringing low, divorces from, re lax, summons to contest, devalorizing, strafe, wander from, becomes insolvent, winded down, blows out water, driving off, re move, de-generates, throwing down, sinking ship, go on wagon, wipe map, sub-missions, hit the skids, bringdown, putting with, pauperisms, de-liveries, over sights, re-lapse, wert vain, wast servile, re paying, mis chances, come to nothing, de press, suffering loss, are in vain, gave over, softpedal, dis-appears, left high dry, retiring from, goes the wall, slowed down, smash-up, shatterings, playing in to, take header, being loser, quieted down, spurnings, dis graces, pro-vides, over sight, am taken, died on vine, being defeated, with-drew, sur rendering, thinned out, dis satisfactions, re-versal, fell away, bringing heel, make over, falling flat, release, misunderstand, over-sights, de-value, gave to, dis satisfaction, took the edge, disimproved, kisses goodbye, threw in the towel, misses the boat, played dead, were servile, overdraw, cleaning up on, Creaming, with drawing, torn up, larrups, de liver, dis-inheriting, give up the ship, nosedove, wert humbled, slows down, ruling over, threw down, sub side, buckling under, Remise, is worsted, re mise, crushing defeat, incompetents, under rated, puts to flight, go astray, overthrow, is lost, played in to, quiet down, cooled it, kicking around, was casualty, atrophying, retro grades, mis placement, give ground, sur mount, wast killed, art taken, triumphing over, with-drawn, under-valuing, pro-vided, were overcome, de stroys, letting hang out, passes on, quitting cold turkey, eat humble pie, sits out, taking the edge, re lapses, dis appointments, takes it easy, un lax, toed mark, falls short, rendered worthless, dis-regarding, miscarry, wast destroyed, gave up ghost, de faults, divorcing from, Overpassed, defalcates, over-master, dis crediting, close one's doors, signed off, wast outdistanced, went wrong, suffer defeat, coming nothing, miss the boat, de feats, dis-quiet, being stripped of, falling through, put lid on, dropt bundle, dis-appearances, were precipitated, unfulfillment, the worsts, eases up, drawn battles, demeriting, threw the sponge, ruled over, disgrades, were impoverished, Unbuild, under achiever, broke down, lost control, aliening, winding down, handing resignation, sub version, takes a beating, de valuing, gives up ship, are worsted, tear up, dropping down, taking the sting out, were killed, is humbled, are sunk, brush offs, queers, no good, wiped map, with drawn, brushoffs, Knuckling, becoming insolvent, re-cede, unbuilt, cleaning upon, art reduced, pre-vail, dragoon, goes pot, re-sign, is overtaken, melts away, took edge, throws in the towel, wrote down, hit bottom, break ones word, dis-composures, eases off, is defeated, insolvents, up shots, sware off, gives ground, de-livering, humoring, took weight, were stripped of, folding up, pro vides, throws in the sponge, slips back, re lapsing, de-base, brought heel, is the loser, throw in the sponge, washed out, are overtaken, closed down, fail, over-powering, un-built, de-motes, shows white flag, nonperformers, ran low, forfeiture, gat the better of, went out business, played ball with, forgo, sub-version, toe the mark, in adequacies, de-fault, dis rates, fore-gone, falling victim to, gave away store, de-mote, be-reave, packed it in, were defeated, subjugation, the end, dis appearance, wert taken, kos, going bad, leaving holding the bag, hangs down, ko's, de-stroying, raze, sur-mounting, plays ball with, went up smoke, signs off, plays game, play in to, rain destruction, resign to, be killed, giving to, comes up short, came naught, deferring to, walks out, ill fortunes, put up white flag, wast submissive, de-vitalizing, be defeated, re lapsed, tuckering out, sur mounting, anti climax, brought low, old one two, is taken to cleaners, de livered, bants, dropping bundle, mis calculation, am loser, dis-tress, am outdistanced, dis-solve, hangs easy, nose-dove, lay down, breaking ones word, are overcome, in conveniences, has been, give ghost, closes one's doors, brings low, re-duce, disburse, re-leased, Knuckled, cutting to pieces, de-relicts, fade away, dis-advantages, re signs, being servile, undoing, resigned to, over comes, under rating, falls pieces, de merit, flash the pan, re signed, black and blue, mis spend, going downhill, dis-carding, un making, be reave, napalming, give over, coming to pass, breaking one's word, fagging out, being vain, smash, de parted, over-look, un-build, dis perse, dis-perse, waxings, taking care of, comes to pass, Overpassing, Bankrupted, wast stripped of, goes to the wall, go down swinging, de-moralizations, took heat, de-privations, over looks, nose-dive, was the loser, became insolvent, re-signed, went in smoke, let go, takes weight, top pled, re-legate, wert taken to the cleaners, de falcate, de cry, fore gone, part with, de gradations, becomes poorer, shelling, takes beating, cools it, blowing out of water, lets it hang out, wast taken cleaners, giving the ship, de-cline, putting up white flag, yessed one, fade out, go on diet, go with the flow, dis regarded, re-signs, devalorize, with standing, come short, slidden back, de part, toe mark, de-livers, caves in, puts flight, go a diet, de cline, sur-renders, throwing in towel, resign oneself, was overcome, pauperism, un-ease, tosses in, buckles under, are reduced, folded up, gets the better of, unburdened, re ceding, re-pulses, came pass, take off weight, draw a close, resign, constrain, hard luck, mark down, left holding bag, dis solving, was overtaken, dis-places, going on the wagon, goes on wagon, are impoverished, mis fire, taking a header, hang down, cutting pieces, takes pledge, takes sting out, with stand, comes pass, recidivating, bring to knees, gets better of, giving into, leaving high dry, wast ruined, scaling down, de-pressing, might have been, went wagon, dis-credit, un makes, gives ship, Dedition, gave slip, with drew, over-throwing, becomes unconscious, over master, de cries, under values, backed wrong horse, be coming, de-cay, came to pass, wind down, over-drew, be calms, catastrophe, boo-boo, drawing to close, under rates, go to wall, rolled over, going with flow, make available, winds down, ate humble pie, loses weight, dis-graded, give, goes up in smoke, booboos, lost power, mis carrying, dis counted, be-little, became unconscious, re-ceding, came up short, separates from, re bated, stands aside, tucker out, de-relict, go the wagon, take oath, raining destruction, playing ball with, closed one doors, brake down, is precipitated, un-pleasantness, dis-solved, wast worsted, shutouts, turns out badly, dis-enchantments, up-shots, laying one out, dis-honoring, mis-fortunes, tieup, deflations, dis improved, reels back in, hanging down, coming naught, in solvency, dieing down, go smoke, fore went, devalorizes, de mise, wert careless, oblige, come to pass, over ridden, crack-up, botched situations, re-cedes, de-classes, over draft, over mastering, were humbled, born losers, with-drawing, lack success, go to the wall, gives notice, takes the pledge, go bankrupt, thin out, de-motions, go to pot, Downthrow, dis-counted, de vitalize, de-feat, giving up ghost, in-adequacies, lying down, out fits, throw the sponge, beating, un pleasantness, goes into chapter 11, disappointment, ex-pended, showing white flag, nutshelling, re versal, blowing out water, were taken to the cleaners, are killed, takes off weight, dis-possess, went the wall, be vain, divorcing oneself from, art demoted, am precipitated, dis-tributes, de pressed, came short, relinquish, are the loser, Non-feasance, overmasters, Destituteness, retires from, closed ones doors, de-stroyed, pre vailed, went on a diet, melting away, fizzled out, yield, throw in the towel, goes a diet, discomfiture, hangs loose, under-rated, hasbeen, dropped bundle, mis-adventures, dis-content, de merits, dis grace, dieing vine, sur rendered, letting it all hang out, over come, dis-enchantment, dis possesses, out wit, give slip, re tire, went dogs, folding, might-have-been, ex-changing, dis enchantments, goes on a diet, toeing the mark, out-running, mis chief, re-pay, fag out, subjugate, taking oath, sub-versions, pass, over pass, passing into enemy hands, dis-grading, suffering defeat, ill luck, tips over, turned out badly, gives up ghost, over-mastering, art found lacking, gives slip, re paid, being arrears, drop like hot potato, aliened, ex-pire, de-scents, went with flow, take edge, gives in to, going the wall, gave in to, dying away, being demoted, were demoted, eating humble pie, pre-sent, has-been, depreciate, am submissive, gave ship, becoming unconscious, lost weight, wert killed, playing the game, hand resignation, be calm, re bate, am deprived of, closes down, mis-chances, eat dirt, missed the boat, hanging up, good for nothing, gives into, taking count, missing boat, stood aside, roll over, unmakes, packs in, writes down, warn, leaves out, offered up, running low, is impoverished, sliding back, shellackings, blow down, re cedes, de relict, bring knees, goes out of business, throws sponge, art deprived of, was vain, disrating, gave ground, under-rate, play dead, yeses one, whalings, overdrafts, wert overtaken, lose control, went with the flow, bow to, dis-composure, went bankrupt, went to the dogs, re treating, coming to naught, taking weight, ceases work, be destroyed, slide back, strafes, obey, keep under thumb, blew down, lay back, throw away, leaving holding bag, is overcome, dis-appearance, closing ones doors, nonsuccess, wiping map, was ruined, handing in resignation, be littles, failed keep, lullabying, de-aden, go wall, played the game, give notice, pass on, black and blues, am ruined, divorced from, going bust, out-run, leave holding bag, wert in arrears, de cay, over-ridden, remises, pro-vocations, dis-honor, wast arrears, wast loser, give up ship, dis appears, hit skids, de-adens, mis fortune, breaking word, goes on the wagon, fell stroke, be submissive, take easy, fizzles out, giving the ghost, tore up, losing out, dis possessions, claimings, take beating, goes downhill, pack it in, de-ceased, lets all hang out, de-cease, evanished, dulls, out run, in-competent, came to terms, re-lax, de clines, de-creased, de value, slides back, miss boat, de base, give in to, ex terminations, throw in towel, de bits, delivering up, holds sway, dis carded, dis-comfit, nonfeasance, yesses one, shellack, cease work, wert outdistanced, comedown, passing on, nose dives, over-coming, de fiance, taking the cure, dis-regards, with draw, fell victim to, deditions, suffers loss, over-rides, dumb thing do, comes to terms, re tired, being destroyed, wast in arrears, turn back, pile ups, re-tire, nonperformer, is submissive, fails to keep, takes the edge, blew away, re-paying, tuckers out, re-lapses, were outdistanced, wast in vain, washing out, re-legates, under-values, kicks around, were overtaken, de-meaning, lullabied, over-comes, signed over, dis-tresses, dis-repair, wert casualty, being deprived of, art lost, is stripped of, cuts to pieces, dis-possession, resigns oneself to, parted with, took the pledge, falls victim to, wash out, fits in, missing the boat, be taken the cleaners, devalorized, gave the ship, bury hatchet, dis service, goes wall, de scents, be reaving, taking down a peg, roughs, play into, de fiances, went belly up, Re sign, went downhill, in-efficacies, be falling, go dogs, left behind, dis-card, misplacement, lull, gives the ghost, dis-services, drawn battle, bring heel, kick around, making available, puts the lid on, becoming poorer, sub versions, overdraws, ex pending, owns up, de-valued, blue ruin, suffer loss, leave high dry, dropped like hot potato.