Pronunciation of Wise
/wˈa͡ɪz/, /wˈa‍ɪz/, /w_ˈaɪ_z/

Antonyms for wise

in sanest, out ones mind, in-apposite, in accurate, more off base, more light minded, over-venturesome, most quickfix, in-noxious, well meant, more ill-judged, most hurtless, off top ones head, most unskeptical, in-credible, un-profoundest, x rated, nonsensical, most sheepheaded, impetuous, cockamamy, led up the garden path, like babe in the woods, in consistent, gloppiest, un-fairest, most side-splitting, in considerate, thick headed, un advisable, more unreflective, illconsidered, poorly planned, in comprehensible, inopportune, most unwarned, Unhurtful, most compressed, un desirable, thick, unprepared, jumping conclusions, most off the wall, in-saner, in consequent, unknowing, campier, un-malicious, most nothing, unprovoked, out mind, innocent, tip iceberg, in vicious circle, uncool, un-justified, off the top of one head, ropy, un safest, most boneheaded, shy, more cockamamie, most out of season, most misinformed, head long, un proved, Thick-headed, un-serviceable, more unmeditated, without foundation, unreasoning, chop chop, Insuppressible, more insuppressible, more unconversant, more unadvisable, most uncareful, un-offensive, knee-slapper, won't fly, Hot-headed, slow witted, chopchop, un-hinged, un thinking, most consolidated, in-nocuous, in-sanest, Purportless, out of ones mind, uneducated, idiotic, knee slapper, un-availing, un-jaded, un-scrupulous, on double, far fetched, un-cool, more wideeyed, Unsensible, unmindful, un considered, more gummous, mild, most slambang, off top of ones head, untaught, half witted, un wariest, backward, led up garden path, xrated, in effectual, most double talk, more fool-headed, most chop-chop, onedimensional, dull, in sensible, faked out, most bedlamite, in-consequent, more illjudged, untimely, most disinformed, brutish, mis-informed, un suspicious, nongermane, un-feasible, un-meditated, nerdier, in-nocent, unreflecting, sur-face, no go, thoughtless, most unread, fool-headed, feebleminded, illadvised, un warned, vitrified, bum-steer, not pertinent, most hot headed, ill-judged, blushing, most hot and cold, more unsensible, most quick fix, most irreflective, in-valid, pottier, more astigmatic, jokiest, un-prompted, more vitrified, more hot-headed, most illjudged, in noxious, wont fly, most out-of-season, in harmonious, in apposite, more unfitting, wellmeant, most double crossing, chock full, un premeditated, unsophisticated, more well-intentioned, feeble minded, over priced, Gelastic, more off the wall, un-stabler, most unsensible, most unpurposed, more fakedout, in-harmonious, insensitive, un-fair, more cockamamy, most stonewalled, hot and cold, dis-jointed, unfeasible, in voluntary, unreasonable, more good for nothing, more disinformed, more unartificial, more wellmeant, in significant, shortsighted, more joshing, most unmeditated, un-premeditated, de voted, Gummous, more nitwitted, most smattery, needle haystack, more thick headed, playful, most unsuspicious, over hasty, astigmatic, un cultured, illconceived, un scientific, un-reflecting, un duest, in-coherent, most killing, un timeliest, un artificial, un workable, more curdled, starryeyed, tip of iceberg, hasty, un interesting, non-viable, more hot and cold, unsound, like sardines, in valid, most unintellectual, like babe the woods, more unknowledgeable, in correct, retiring, comical, un-profound, most chopchop, more brutish, un-timelier, imprudent, loco, off top of head, disinformed, out-of-place, more self-contradictory, un formed, more nongermane, fooler, un-discerning, undiscriminating, more trustful, un educated, more self contradictory, un informed, un malicious, more nothing, harum scarum, un-proved, farout, bumsteer, inconvenient, more solidified, unwise, in experienced, overpriced, more ivorytower, fooling around, most unlettered, un-conversant, in-efficacious, un thinkable, un earthliest, un intelligent, un-productive, gloppy, un expected, dis informed, in nocuous, Imperceptive, un-businesslike, most daydreaming, more daredevil, more lamebrained, taking cake, dim witted, un-studied, polite, unlettered, in congruous, impolitic, un principled, un profounder, Subitaneous, un-reasonable, off the top of one's head, un seemliest, most caked, curdled, misguided, Depthless, un-warned, mannerly, unprofitable, numbskulled, in-sensate, most depthless, more apprenticed, innoxious, most bumsteer, illogical, gone off deep end, most brutish, wacky, head-strong, most unmalicious, most unreasoning, more inoperable, un reflecting, pre maturer, nonfunctional, in-conceivable, ashamed, in consequential, mis guided, un-suspicious, more quickie, most lamebrained, more purportless, lamber, un profound, abashed, taken in, un aware, more fluctuating, un intellectual, more imperceptive, nerdy, more feather brained, boffo, un-fortunate, in-apter, shamefaced, un-fettered, most syrupy, most doublespeak, most jellied, tongue in cheek, more populated, pre mature, un due, ridiculous, gunkier, un fettered, in-cautious, most nonfunctional, most cockamamy, Gump, un aptest, more bumsteer, most bum-steer, off top of one's head, off wall, un-just, starry eyed, quickfix, inadvisable, un provoked, jokier, more side-splitting, unprofoundest, most unmeaning, un earthlier, humble, headlong, simple minded, more inapposite, off top one's head, in-congruous, unwary, Uninjurious, non-functional, most unconversant, un-duer, in-sane, more wellintentioned, most motiveless, more reasonless, mindless, un-planned, more double crossing, more overventuresome, more subitaneous, gentle, most harefooted, more goofus, un justified, impulsive, un availing, un planned, off the top of head, more uncool, more unjaded, foolish, more nonviable, demure, in efficacious, most nonserious, unaware, un earthly, offenseless, un-reserved, gasser, more lightminded, most goofus, un conversant, more smattery, most congealed, de-ranged, most antic, light-minded, ill judged, un-thinkable, off top head, un-witting, squirrelly, un-seemly, most off-base, sur face, more jellied, respectful, in saner, most hare brained, most doublecrossing, more unskeptical, most light minded, fool headed, more wide eyed, more uncareful, most inapposite, out of reason, most ivory-tower, lightminded, un-intelligent, un-objectionable, like a babe in woods, un-predictable, unmeaning, hot headed, potty, like a babe in the woods, embarrassed, un-considered, undiscerning, most ill conceived, de ranged, un wiser, unprofounder, un sound, un-profounder, un-fitting, off the top of ones head, ill conceived, solemn, more unintellectual, under-developed, nerdiest, beyond all reason, un-restrained, un sensible, un-trained, more offbase, in nocent, off-base, nitwitted, off rocker, Hurtless, in-effective, most numbskulled, un-purposed, more out-of-place, most wellmeant, most vitrified, riotest, more clabbered, un suspecting, un safe, ill advised, unintelligent, funny, un knowing, over-priced, most wide-eyed, un-informed, most thick headed, mis-guided, like a babe woods, un familiar, in-expedient, un wary, silly, crazy shtick, un stable, good for nothing, un stabler, out of place, chop-chop, modest, more hot headed, un-suitable, ignorant, mis placed, moronic, off deep end, un-juster, pre maturest, more doublespeak, more thriftless, slowwitted, most unhurtful, more unpurposed, un-usable, more motiveless, heedless, in-appropriate, un-timely, unsuitable, in-feasible, leaving self wide open, un fairest, un-reflective, more selfcontradictory, most ill-conceived, in sane, un worldlier, off the top one's head, nonserious, imbecile, most quickened, loopy, unwitting, unintellectual, blind to, in-suppressible, unserviceable, bedlamite, like a babe the woods, wide-eyed, most ivorytower, un-sensible, un usual, un acquainted, quixotic, Unmeditated, more illconceived, dis jointed, rash, most unserviceable, crawling with, in-applicable, more bristling, cretinous, most unfitting, being a sucker, on surface, un-wary, half-baked, more unreflecting, un asked, un taught, more unsuspicious, more unprovoked, wanton, oblivious, more bedlamite, most inoperable, out of all reason, on good terms, boneheaded, un-earthlier, shoaler, more unwarned, un hurtful, unknowledgeable, more quickened, un-wariest, childish, un-safe, purblind, un meditated, thriftless, un enlightened, un-timeliest, feather brained, up down, un-meaning, unready, campy, apprenticed, dizzy, un-apter, green, un befitting, most boffo, in expedient, most well intentioned, most subitaneous, more knee slapper, out question, off one's rocker, empty headed, off ones rocker, un initiated, unadvisable, most ivory tower, more blubbery, reasonless, in-felicitous, tumbling for, un scrupulous, un trained, un-suited, pro fuse, rioter, most knee slapper, woodenheaded, un-worldly, un jaded, most clabbered, in-sensitive, un-formed, skindeep, un fairer, more undiscerning, devil may care, more hare brained, un heeding, most warped, unrealistic, dummiest, GUNKY, un timely, most self-contradictory, un careful, un convincing, ivory-tower, ADLIB, in-conclusive, most double-talk, out one's mind, kneeslapper, crazy, non-serious, un juster, most gummous, un sagacious, un hinged, over-hasty, gloppier, in appropriate, most unprovoked, most thick-headed, helterskelter, un-wiser, in distinct, in-obnoxious, unadvised, mad, most apprenticed, most swarming, flashest, for grins, more chop-chop, in feasible, offbase, un timelier, most astigmatic, profitless, in-advisable, taking bait, cockamamie, gone deep end, most reasonless, un bridled, un-attainable, more off-the-wall, irrational, campiest, most undiscerning, non germane, most crammed, more clotted, clabbered, un learned, frivolous, pro-fuse, un-scientific, most knee-slapper, mis taken, more nonserious, off one rocker, un guarded, un advised, un critical, in-effectual, genteel, out of it, more thickened, off the deep end, tip of the iceberg, un-workable, most ill judged, absurd, shallow, more nonfunctional, un-read, more infantine, like babe in woods, in-considerate, most quick-fix, more syrupy, going off deep end, on treadmill, more caked, in credible, side splitting, inconspicuous, more boffo, un-seemliest, un-fairer, un-convincing, un-duest, proper, un-tenable, without basis, reckless, unwarned, more unsagacious, dis connected, indiscreet, un seasonable, un-safer, most purportless, most nongermane, in applicable, well-intentioned, in-voluntary, in separable, taking the bait, re-mote, un-befitting, most sportive, un feasible, un schooled, un-substantial, falling hook line sinker, un-stablest, most unreflecting, pre-maturer, emptyheaded, markest, unskeptical, most thriftless, more bum-steer, most overhasty, un-cultivated, un-provoked, swallowing whole, un fitting, syrupy, overhasty, in-experienced, un-worldlier, more bovine, dis-informed, gagged up, one dimensional, off the top head, most bum steer, lambest, in-discreet, off top of one head, most faked-out, un-fit, out all reason, patsier, chockfull, ill-conceived, un-skeptical, in-distinct, un-conscious, most unreflective, un serviceable, taking the cake, smattery, in-consistent, derisory, un-asked, more inobnoxious, un seemlier, sheepheaded, more slambang, un-stable, un wisest, most cretinous, doublespeak, helter skelter, muddle headed, gullible, un cultivated, lamebrained, zany, most sucker, in convenient, flighty, like babe woods, non functional, un-usual, most double-crossing, naive, gassest, un tenable, un studied, most fool headed, most faked out, most kneeslapper, un lettered, in operable, un-warranted, most quickie, most doubletalk, more congealed, un injurious, hare brained, un skeptical, illjudged, out it, un reasoning, in sensitive, un discerning, most off base, most wellintentioned, more antic, more irreflective, in advertent, in-ordinate, out of question, in-sensible, un-safest, un wise, ad lib, un read, un-comely, not serious, un reasonable, off the top one head, in dark, thick witted, in-temperate, around circles, doubletalk, more sucker, un-reasoned, un-important, without rhyme reason, un businesslike, sottish, foolest, unjaded, most uninjurious, un-due, more unmalicious, un-advisable, in-consequential, grave, most wideeyed, un-conscionable, extravagant, more quick-fix, jellied, un-artificial, ivorytower, un-thinking, more humdinger, ludicrous, unperceptive, self-contradictory, in-operable, misinformed, off the top ones head, un-enlightened, un conscionable, in-judicious, un-mindful, more jelled, most illconceived, ropier, un seemly, un-justest, un fortunate, un predictable, un-wisest, more quickfix, most out of place, more infeasible, most unsagacious, halfwitted, un knowledgeable, more screaming, un-heeding, pottiest, in substantial, un conscious, more consolidated, in-admissible, most ill-judged, un-critical, un reasoned, hot-and-cold, superficial, stupid, un-familiar, most side splitting, out of mind, un stablest, sportive, more double-talk, fakedout, un-schooled, in-convenient, more side splitting, sober, un substantial, in suppressible, most unknowledgeable, of unsound mind, mis informed, gumpest, un suitable, more spendthrift, in-substantial, in judicious, Unconversant, unobtrusive, more mooning, more unserviceable, serious, un apter, un worldly, senseless, Unbusinesslike, non serious, more faked out, un safer, tip the iceberg, un justest, uncareful, more off-base, un mindful, unmalicious, un-principled, needle in haystack, un usable, more hot-and-cold, most screaming, impractical, gumper, unsuspicious, un-educated, Caked, in sensate, more fool headed, unseasonable, Infantine, un reflective, light minded, more sheepheaded, more well intentioned, easily taken in, in-separable, un-connected, full of hot air, sincere, ill-advised, more chop chop, most unjaded, not following, blubbery, out lunch, over venturesome, in-opportune, wide eyed, more knee-slapper, un necessary, in-attentive, more unprompted, most nitwitted, out of season, un-sagacious, wellintentioned, more out of season, un profoundest, most fakedout, more unbusinesslike, unprofound, un-lettered, un sophisticated, facetious, un-sound, un worldliest, most trustful, motiveless, un-seasonable, well-meant, more unreasoning, un-wise, most well-intentioned, un-knowledgeable, Irreflective, un-worldliest, un affected, un-cultured, more innoxious, un-justifiable, beyond reason, un fair, most joshing, self contradictory, Unpurposed, most good-for-nothing, shoalest, most inobnoxious, most infantine, somber, un productive, more unmeaning, more confiding, most spendthrift, un-acquainted, in cautious, un-earthly, doesnt cut it, most innoxious, at odds, un sounder, most uncool, more gelastic, more ill judged, most derisory, un-knowing, un-believable, un-reasoning, de-voted, laughable, un-initiated, playing with fire, more foolheaded, un-diplomatic, most hot-headed, un-guarded, more wide-eyed, most insuppressible, un witting, most clotted, vacuous, more harefooted, un-injurious, half baked, un offensive, un meaning, going deep end, futile, more kneeslapper, in conceivable, un justifiable, un-seemlier, most bovine, in temperate, most self contradictory, off-the-wall, earnest, most good for nothing, well intentioned, more daydreaming, uncalledfor, un-sounder, un-necessary, nutty, un-earthliest, timid, most hot-and-cold, patsiest, un-balanced, un-learned, jokey, more quick fix, in apter, improper, being sucker, unprompted, inexperienced, more sophistical, un-suspecting, un important, un prompted, Sophomoric, thickwitted, meek, un-expected, more hare-brained, nonviable, blunt, around in circles, pointless, sophistical, most unprompted, more double-crossing, un-bridled, inapposite, un profitable, goofus, hot cold, trustful, without rhyme or reason, in-constant, un-sophisticated, in advisable, most confiding, un-real, on the surface, more feather-brained, in conclusive, more faked-out, un-advised, more depthless, in discreet, more crammed, most hare-brained, incautious, non-germane, light headed, unsagacious, un warier, more boneheaded, un believable, most jelled, more ill conceived, mousy, un attainable, uninformed, in opportune, in effective, dis-connected, more misinformed, kidding oneself, kind, most infeasible, unreflective, most fool-headed, off top one head, most offenseless, inexpedient, most casuistic, most imperceptive, most light-minded, more compressed, out the question, un-pretentious, un-soundest, Unartificial, more chopchop, inattentive, deferential, most loser, flippest, more loser, in-advertent, preposterous, more stonewalled, more overhasty, most out-of-place, most feather brained, more swarming, unfitting, courteous, goodhumored, casuistic, un-intellectual, gunkiest, birdbrained, inoperable, led garden path, most overpriced, ill timed, more warped, more squirrelly, un-desirable, halfbaked, un-warier, inobnoxious, more ivory-tower, most selfcontradictory, careless, head-long, under developed, most overventuresome, out one mind, dummier, un cool, unconscious, skin deep, falling hook line and sinker, most lightminded, selfcontradictory, un just, un suited, flipper, obtuse, all wet, most unadvisable, un-aware, more derisory, shallower, tomfool, un realistic, more unread, more light-minded, more ill-conceived, most off-the-wall, most wide eyed, un-taught.